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    FYI lizards are not supposed to bark like that
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    Fire Emblem, Zelda, The Elder Scrolls (Morrowind :3) Fighting games, Camping, Hammocks, Dogs, Dinosaurs, Mythologies, awesome 90's cartoons, SCIEEEEEEENCE, WHAT IS IT ALL ABOUT?
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    Jurassic Park

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  1. 82 I have come here to document the Counting Tribe in its natural habitat
  2. Smash 64 Aaaaalll of'em sans Ultimate Melee Captain Falcon/Ganondorf/Ganondorf/Ganondorf Kirby/Sheik/Meta Knight/Bayonetta Dreamland/Battlefield/Battlefield/Battlefield ALL SCROLLING STAGES Zelda theme/Fountain of Dreams/King DeDeDe Theme/Megaman 2 Medley Besides VS, Subspace was awesome SmashBall Captain Falcon's SHOW ME YOUR MOVES is amazing and the only taunt in these games. Friends Stock Not memeing, Fox v Fox in Battlefield with no items is peak Smash No 100 man is dumb Yes KEN. MASTERS, Oh and the Infinity War campaign K E N - M A S T E R S I guess Wolf is cool Ganondorf with a SWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORD Awesome. Always liked clones. Crash Bandicoot, but that will never happen Fire Emblem and F-Zero! Yes but they are trash Yeah but that ain't happening. Maybe not directed by sakurai, but Zelda didn't stop cranking out games when Miyamoto dropped development Yes With anyone? Not sure what this means. It sucks for Ganondorf in Melee because you NEED platforms but it ain't that bad Yes but oh well. I happen to like low tiers. Carry on Tons of fun
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