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  1. Sorry for reviving a 5 year old thread but there seems to be a problem with this. I repointed the support table starting at 0xC9F9F4 to free space, and changed all the pointers (initially with FE Builder but then again manually following the item array guide). The example I chose was Eliwood and Raven. The problem is, it just won't read any convo data after Legault/Isadora (the final support in the vanilla data). Is there an extra step that needs to be done here? Some sort of byte indicating size of the table or something of the like? If anyone has an idea that'd really help.
  2. Mmm, I see. You're talking about within the save file, right? Is this for reading in the conversation gallery, or actually during the gameplay? If the latter, that would be a struggle... I just feel like it shouldn't be impossible given FE6, though I know the games may be structured differently. Plus, regardless of how it's saved I don't think that should affect the questions I'm trying to answer now--that might be a bit more down the road.
  3. Thanks to the ease of FEBuilder (and its wonderful repointing abilities) I've been looking into slightly more complex FE7 hacking than what I've tried before. Right now, I'm experimenting with trying to add more things like support conversations and paired endings. Adding the conversations themselves and new endings is extremely easy with FEBuilder, as is giving units with less than 7 support partners up to 7. What I'm struggling with, though, is trying to push that upper limit for units that already have 7. The structure of the support blocks is extremely simple (Character IDs of partners-->base values-->growth rates-->number of supports plus 2 0x00's), so first I just tried to change Eliwood's 'number of supports' byte to 0x08. The results were pretty straightforward. The game read the 0x48 that indicates Hector and Eliwood's support value as referring to an 8th support with Bernard (character ID 0x48), and it didn't disrupt anything else. So next, I tried to add data for an 8th support with Raven in the places they'd logically be corresponding: 0x04 for his character ID, 0x09 for his starting value, 0x02 for his growth rate. Unfortunately that did not work in game the way I'd hoped. Not only did it not read Eliwood as having an 8th support w/ Raven, it also threw off everyone else. After more digging and experimenting, (and if anyone knows I'm wrong here please correct me), I inferred that even if you change the number of supports to something above 0x07, the game still only reads in sets of 0x7 ahead in looking for the data. That is, when looking for the starting value for Hector and Eliwood's support, instead of reading 8 bytes ahead of Hector's character ID to the new location of the 0x48, it instead reads what was supposed to be Raven's character ID of 0x04. And continuing on like that it makes sense why only 3 of Eliwood's supports appear; it reads a 0x03 where it expected the 'number of supports' byte to be. I briefly looked at FE6, since I know there's a cap of 10 supports in that game rather than 7, and the support blocks seem to be structured in quite the same way. It would seem that if the game knew to read 0x8 bytes ahead instead of 7, (and possibly 0x1B instead of 0x18 to the next character's support block, not sure how that works), it would work fine. Since the same system seems to be compatible with different numbers of supports, does anyone know if this is a matter of (a) value(s) that I could change somewhere? Namely a 0x07, and/or a 0x18, or something like that? I don't have the knowledge of where that kind of thing would be located, but if anyone knew its location or could point me in the right direction, that'd greatly be appreciated! Or possibly there's a different solution to my problem entirely that I'm not aware of. Thank you!
  4. FINALLY, I've gotten a new update out for this hack! It adds in a lot, lot, LOT more support options while circumventing the need to remove any, and even adds quite a few new support conversations. Here's the new download link! View all the changes here.
  5. Hmm, I haven't heard of that problem before. Maybe try again?
  6. Yeah, you need to use homebrew every time. So you might want to install another backup entry point like menuhax, oothax, or ironhax
  7. You can extract arc's using FEAT and the ctpk's inside using ctpk tool.
  8. Yeah, I... have no idea on that one. You'd have to decompress the .ctpk's in the arc, replace the pngs, rebuild the .ctpk, and somehow repackage the whole file back into .arc... but i don't know how to do that last part. Edit: Now I'm a little curious if it would be possible to add in entirely new sprites for characters, if we set up their files in face the same way the other sprites are set up.
  9. I can help a little with this, since I looked through face briefly when I was trying to find the confession mages (still haven't found them actually). Most of the fles seem to be repeated twice, with one saying "bu" at the end and the other saying "fc." I don't know what the significance of this is. Also, and example of a file with owain's sprites is ウード_bu_通常 That file includes his hair, but so does the fc version of that file. ウード正体不明_bu_通常 and its fc counterpart seem to be largely similar to the previous file as well, and the file with his critical hit image and hair is ウード正体不明_ct_pose0 I don't believe that file has a counterpart.
  10. Hee hee, I was in the middle of typing a reply when you posted this! Once I finish repointing all the mystery pointers to the end of the file I'll probably release the file to allow others to work on it (edit: here it is! ), and then like triple Chrom's support pool size. And then work on the other characters!
  11. I'm only doing what needs to be done to satisfy my gay little heart.
  12. That was also on the list to be added, alongside Henry, Laurent, Panne, and Cynthia.
  13. I'm actually going to add that one in on my next update (I've had multiple requests), so stay tuned!
  14. I'm actually working on this too, so maybe it would be better if we collaborated some?
  15. Same-sex couples still have kids, and the game treats the 2nd mom as the child's "father" in terms of inheritance, hair color, etc. I've actually paired Cordelia and Sully before, which gives Severa Sully's red hair and Kjelle Cordelia's slightly brighter red hair. The easiest way to edit static.bin.lz is to use Character Editor, which is linked in the initial post of this topic. Beware, though, that changing a character's overall number of supports with this method will cause the game to freeze. Someone much smarter than me recently figured out a way to get around this, but... it's technical. If you get it, though, go for it.
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