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  1. So I've got some ideas in the works for some FE-esque SRPGs, though no SRPG engine in existence can do what I want, so my plan is to build a few SRPGs in GameMaker 2 by simply making a few changes in the directions given in a couple of different SRPG tutorials I found for GameMaker (as neither really gets to exactly what I'm aiming for, but together they come really close). I'm starting with something about as basic as it can get (really simple graphics that likely will not use more than 6 or 8 colors, and a maximum 10 classes with no promotions, no skills, and maybe some implementation of a Weapon Triangle mechanic . . . maybe), but eventually going to build a much more in-depth game (something with around 8 different races, 3 different possible racial skills per race, some form of My Unit, a detailed class tree, an overworld that can be explored in great detail--think more like Legend of Zelda than typical FE--a choice-affected storyline, online interactions, and a great deal more). Gotta start small before I get to that, though. Of course, it'd be nice if I could get GameMaker to install correctly, first. Tried twice now, and while the second attempt actually allowed me to enter the engine, it's only working for about 2 minutes before it freezes. Maybe third time will be the charm . . .
  2. I'm rather sad that I got too busy this year to submit unless I can somehow finish what I was going to do within the next week, which is doubtful. Still may give it a shot. Just gotta figure out how to get things done in that time frame.
  3. I arranged an orchestral medley last year, so, as long as the arrangement is your own, you could probably do that if you wanted.
  4. 10/10 would vote for this if you actually pull it off lol
  5. I think I've come to a decision on what I'm going to do. I'm excited, and I really hope that--even if I don't win--that whoever listens to the piece I arrange will enjoy it. I've got a lot of work ahead of me over the next couple of months, but I think I can make this better than last year. Of course, it may sound similar in some ways to my sub from last year simply because I have a certain style about my music that makes everything start blending together after a while lol
  6. Oh, man. I knew this would be coming. I've been trying to think of an entry for this since the end of the last contest. I wanted to make sure it was done in plenty of time. But I have yet to make a decision. My goal this year is less to "win" and more to improve from where I stood last year, which, in my own eyes, was still a fairly good placement, making it into the second round and all, even if I was severely outmatched there. Hmm . . . I'll likely keep it musical in some form, like an arrangement or composition of some sort, but I need to up my game somehow. Time to tighten down on brainstorming, I suppose :)
  7. Had to be one epic dream lol And sticking with Rowlet first playthrough, and likely Popplio the second. Litten kinda gives me the creeps (I don't know why), so it gets last turn.
  8. Mewtwo more or less needed it, mostly to cease flamewars between fans about Arceus vs Mewtwo. Not trying to start one here. Just saying, I think part of their goal was to put Mewtwo and Rayquaza on top.
  9. Speaking of Zora Armor, I'm looking forward to seeing what they do for that, assuming they actually use it in BotW.
  10. @ Zera: Well the lava can't be more damage dealing than King Bulblin lol Of course if I remember correctly, most other games when Link falls into something that creates a half-Game-Over scenario, I think he only loses 1 heart. Correct me if I'm wrong? Then again, back in OoT, we had Link walking on lava O_O Now that's hardcore XD
  11. The first game's map was inside the second game's map. southwest portion. But if this map were to have the second game's map inside it somewhere it would likely be a minuscule portion. Honestly, though, the only maps I've seen for Breath of the Wild have been such low quality it's impossible to truly tell what's what.
  12. I'm personally hoping the game falls in the Majora's Mask timeline. The only way it could fit into WW is through Glaceon's theory, which is the most sound idea for it going there I've seen yet. As for it going in the Downfall timeline, the issue is Hyrule is FAAAAR too big for a timeline in which Hyrule is dwindling so much. At least IMO. IDK about anyone else, but I've felt before like FSA was thrown in the MM timeline just because they didn't really know where else to put it. I feel like with the way TP ended, this could very well be a fitting sequel. Ganon did kind of blow up Hyrule Castle in the end of it, and considering how desolate Hyrule Castle looked in the trailer, not to mention the fact that Castle Town looked obliterated, it makes sense, at least in my head, for Ganon's spirit to have been sealed inside this now-ruined castle. Of course, this is just theory. But I would still be willing to say either a TP sequel, or TWW alternate timeline where Ganondorf actually got his Triforce wish, as Glaceon said.
  13. Just because it's related to a witch doesn't mean it's the same as Delphox. Delphox is not a cat of any form. It's more closely related to a fox, which is in its name. (Fennekin was a Fennec, as well, which is related to the Fox). Especially if the Dark-Type is used instead of Psychic, Litten's full evo could turn out rather different from Delphox. If it does become Psychic, then I might have issues, because then we'd be starting a new trend in Fire-Type starters. Rather than the Fire Fighters, we'd have the PK Fire starters. Needs to remain exclusive to Fennekin's family, IMO. But then again, it wouldn't have to become a witch. If these truly are alchemically-related starters, it'd be neat, but one could go a number of different ways. I personally am kind of excited to see if they continue with this trend. Guess only time will tell, huh?
  14. Honestly, I don't see them changing the mechanics of the move. The three opposing Pokemon would likely count just the same as, say, a horde battle. Changing multi-target moves just for one multiplayer function seems rather out of the way. Unless they revamp the move completely through the game. And again, no real reason. And in the case of the above post: Why would they give these moves a 100% recoil just for multiplayer Battle Royal. Why would you conjuring a giant wave of water hurt the one doing it? Doesn't really make much logical sense. These things aren't guaranteed OHKOs, either, so I don't get all the fuss over it being overpowered. Train your Pokemon well enough and you don't have to worry about it. Fussing like this is like fussing over Razor Leaf (or some similar move) in a double battle, at least in my eyes. Not to mention, most Pokemon have access to at least one multi-target move. Be it Discharge, Boomburst, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Surf, etc. So things are still relatively even ground. Not to mention, there are things that can resist moves like Earthquake and Surf, so if that's really such a big concern to you and you're going to complain about it being "broken", find yourself a good Dragon-Type that can resist most of these moves, or simply don't do Battle Royal. It is an optional style of multiplayer battle after all (at least from all we've seen so far)
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