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  1. Hi Tangerine!

    I know you haven't logged on forever, but just in case you do I wanted to drop by and say hello.

  2. Users in the New Member group won't be able to join the Discord until they've posted enough on the forum to be automatically promoted to the Member group. It's in the FAQ in the announcements section.
  3. I was away for most of Christmas holidays so I didn't even get to do the forum colors :'(((. Hope everyone had a good Christmas!
  4. Have a Die Hard Christmas, you awful, awful person.

  5. We didn't used to have CAPTCHA or other more intrusive security settings enabled, but we've been getting DDOSed and spammed a lot the past year, as our site continues to grow, and it became necessary to enable these security features for the time being. Several of our forum sections were being spammed by bots for weeks at a time, and as you can tell, CAPTCHA has prevented that. Apologies for the inconvenience, but your ire should instead be directed at those that force those features into use. I'm hopeful that we'll be able to relax things over time.
  6. ID finished the preliminary threads we decided on making and the section is up. Enjoy! Sorry that it took so long, that app bug really delayed it lol.
  7. I made the section and permissions should be in line now, maybe make a questions thread in case people have anything to ask, but your thread linked in the OP should work too. Note to users: Ice Dragon will effectively be in charge of the management of this section, but you can message me if there are any technical issues you notice. Have fun guys!
  8. Ice Dragon is currently drafting his initial threads and we'll be putting the section up when he lets me know he's done. Just updating!
  9. GUYS THE DISCORD BUG WAS FIXED. I can finally make forum sections again, so I will be getting on this pending Ice Dragon's response lol.
  10. We won't be doing one this year because it's unlikely that I'll be able to be active enough to run it at the times I typically host the event, and I know Vincent has some cool stuff planned so I don't want to risk community exhaustion lol! We'll most likely have another creative event at some point in 2018. Plus coming up with cool and interesting prizes is tough year after year! I'm unnecessarily picky about it probably; we hadn't decided completely on what prizes to get until a day before the event was announced this year lol! I bought a Fates 3DS immediately following the previous event that we didn't end up using because the community wanted to split the categories and it wasn't budget-friendly to get three of them. I still plan to use it for a future event of some kind (spoilers!).
  11. Have fun on vacation!

  12. Just a heads up for anyone still curious, but all prizes that had not already been shipped have been shipped as of Friday, so people should be receiving them soon. Sorry for the delay, our event staff had a lot of personal set backs this year unfortunately, on no fault of their own. Send me a message if you have any issues; I'll be unpinning this thread within the week. Thanks again for participating!
  13. Sorry for the late response. To my knowledge, all second and third place prizes have been shipped out now, and the first place prizes had not been because we were turned away at the post office for not having a user's name for international shipping; presumably the user isn't a super regular, so they just got back to us a couple days ago with the info we needed and will be shipping them out soon :P. I'll ask our mailman just to confirm!
  14. No, the people behind the Discord app are looking into it, we haven't gotten an update from them yet. I still have this in mind, don't worry!
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