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  1. SMT and Persona are completely different games, so it kinda depends on which game you played.
  2. Here's the problem though: If you're only playing for the battle system then you're probably better off just playing Persona or SMT. Even P5 Scramble looks to be incorporating some of the JRPG elements from the series. As far as story changes go I'm only expecting chapter 2 to be changed. Nintendo isn't advertising TMS the same way as Atlus are with Persona 5 Royal.
  3. Nintendo should look back to 2017, they were hungry and thirsty back then for Switch sales.
  4. They would have shown it if it was something substantial. During the announcement they showed the 3 playable characters, bits of the new song and two new costumes for Kiria and Tsubasa from the new song. Again, I don't think Nintendo is hiding any major surprises.
  5. No worries for you, but to the Japanese people having their culture shamed it is. And again, I wouldn't expect anything past the one new song they announced.
  6. The second dungeon will be different in the Japanese version now. We also don't know how the new content will be applied in Encore. Since they're only adding one song I wouldn't expect Persona levels of change to the base game or story.
  7. False advertising the game. Since the initial reveal this game has been nothing but a lie.
  8. >Kiriya's outfit is still censored >Aversa's boobs are covered. Still censored.
  9. I'm not really feeling those two. I also think Female Byleth is more fanservice due to her tight shorts and fishnet stockings.
  10. So what is the consensus on this rumor? Has it been debunked or are people still believing Nintendo would pass up on the Camilla/Tharja money.
  11. No Tharja/Camilla fanservice character is a no go for me. Nintendo needs to work harder for that $100 dollars.
  12. My castle face touching with HD rumble. Maybe this is why we haven't seen FE yet.
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