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  1. Whoa there, that red text in your latest topic... I thought I was the only one.

  2. So I'm planning to marry Inigo because he is a flirt and I love flirts, and I was wondering who is the best father for him? Please help, thanks! xxx
  3. Lon'qu is Noire's Father..So Astra or Lethality?
  4. So, I'm Making Gregor Nah's Father, And I was wondering whether I should reclass him into a Myrmidon or straight up to hero. Which would be better for Nah?
  5. Alright, Thank You! https://40.media.tumblr.com/ab30d8a450e9a5c576af2c0961671197/tumblr_inline_nq7oyw7RIB1tsmk19_540.png ~~~~~ ^^ My Face When I Saw Charlotte for the first time
  6. Hey, So I was wondering something. If I were to play Hoshido, would I be able to Marry Charlotte? I know she is part of Nohr so that would dictate I can't. But I was wondering if there was anyway to play 'the easier mode' and being able to marry Charlotte. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ^^ Maribelle, what happened to you? Did you have a Libra Moment?
  7. And, Sev and Brady? I never tried that one. I'll give it a go :} Thank you.
  8. So I wanted to know what the best husbands for all of the females are in fire emblem awakening, or your favourites!
  9. I have indeed done the donnel Paralouge, and got a rescue staff too, I know how to save them too
  10. Sooo, I am stuck again with Fire Emblem Awakening...Hard mode......yeh. So, It is Chapter 5- The Exalt and The King and I was Wondering if you have any strategies to share. Thanks for the help, everyone. I wish you a good Morning, Afternoon or Evening where ever you may be ;D <33
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