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  1. So it's the 8th of june, I live in Spain, and I'm still waiting for my special edition to get to the shop (which is MediaMarkt) so they can deliver it to me... Is any European here struggling with this issue? I have been told that Nintendo hasn't delivered the games to the shop, but "I ain't buyin' it". So if you happen to be in this situation let me know, because I'm a little too triggered about this. Thank you for reading me.
  2. Well I got a Rom which had that translation patch, but I repatched it with anpther translation and it works just fine. Some numbers and stats are wierd with this new patch, but at least my game isn't broken. Thanks for your concern. ^^
  3. So I was playing Gaiden and some things happened. On chapter 3 I was playing a skirmish with Alm's party. I was going to attack with Cliff, my mage, and instead of the spell selection menu, some glitchy text appeard and Cliff vanished. Afer some waiting he reappeared, but the same thing happened when I tried to attack once again. I decided not to use him and let my turn be over. But as soon as the enemy phase begun... the AI did nothing and the phase wasn't ending... It softlocked. I decided to try a battle with Celica's party and the same happened to Sonia. It even got worse, at her map sprite got to look like this. So if anyone knows what's happening here I'd be glad to get an answer. Thanks for reading.
  4. So I want to play my FE7 rom in hard mode, which would only be possible if I played the tutorial, then ENM, and then HNM... Is this doable via Nightmare? Is there any patch you guys know about? Is there any other solution or do I have to play all the easy modes? Thank you :)
  5. DaveLeon

    Hi ~

    Hello and welcome Elena! Just one question. I always feel the need to ask. Is CS something like computer science or something like that? English isn't my first language so I don't know stuff like that. And so you like hacking... If you start doing something please tell me :) I'd like to be into that but hadn't had the time (and lazyness has always been there) to really do anything. So yeah, welcome!
  6. Then you could save the witch's mark for Ophelia if you want her to be your main glass cannon. She can be recluitable in the mid-game. So wasting such valuable items on Nyx knowing that she is going to become obsolete really soon isn't the best idea. You could use the cantine to improve speed if you want. And tonics won't hurt either. So yeah, happy gaming!
  7. Well, you can always make her your witch via Anna's gift. That's a +6 in speed. And the class fit the glass cannon she is.
  8. Odin as a swordmaster... Is that class useful in a lunatic Conquest run? I mean, that class isn't meant to always be behind the front lines. And front lines in Conquest are mainly always Effie, Benny and Xander. A swordmaster would be useful to strike without getting hit, and this situation is barely seen throughout the game without having to retaliate in the enemy's phase. And isn't Leo great for her magic and defence. And he is also a good husband, as Forrest would be quite broken. I'm not trying to point out that you're wrong or anything like that. I'm just trying to learn, because I'm planning my own lunatic run. :D
  9. Yes, thank you. I was so shocked I didn't even pay attention to that. I have just have found out it's because of that. But thanks anyway. :)
  10. Well, I think this image is self-explainatory. Is this a mistake in the translation? Does Catria have 40 luck due to this? I'm so confused. But hey, It was a good laugh when I saw it. Man, if only it was 40 power... OK. Edit: I know why this happens. So I'll report myself to eliminate the topic I guess...
  11. I found a mistake where all the FE Gaiden info is. It's in the Base Stats of Classes page. http://serenesforest.net/gaiden/classes/base-stats/ The class Fighter (Alm) has the same base stats as the Dark God.
  12. Hey there, I am looking for Elise with Tomebreaker. If you have it, please tell me. I can pay yo back with my skills. Castle code: 13707-04126-77120-10477 I'm playing Conquest. MU: Hoshidan unity, Pavise. Female Kana: Hoshidan unity, Luna. Odin: Death blow. Kaze: Astra. Xander: Replicate. Percy: Pavise, Rally strength. Nina: Astra, Pass, Shurikenbreaker. Shigure: Hoshidan unity, Luna.
  13. Now that I've seen this topic I have to ask. I'm right now trying this chapter and I remember that when you aproach the sniper tower thing that is in the outside reinforcements come from the four forts that are a few tiles down from Takumi. My idea is to block these forts as I aproach the sniper tower. I can have Effie, Xander and My Unit blocking incoming attacks from the main enemy forces. The thing is, blocking this forts won't allow enemy units to spawn, right? In that case this trategy can make this chapter way easier, but I just wasn't sure about this, since I have used this strategy in many othe FE games, but not this one yet. I have already beaten Hinata and his men and I don't want to lose that progress. If the info is needed, I'm playing Classic Hard. Thanks a lot :) Edit: ok, never mind. I've just read somewhere else that they do not spawn. So if this is of use for anyone here it is. Since this is the last reinforcement wave and that enemy units cannot usa stairs the rest is quite simple.
  14. Yeah, ok. So these class growths are used to create enemy units, but they have a maximum depending on the level I assume. Because it would be awkward if an enemy got extremely lucky with its level-ups and got massively good stats.
  15. If it helps, I usually focus on only one early healer, since staff exp gains are screwed. If I split the healing to two healers then they will be low leveled even if I spam the staffs. So it is really up to you to choose which healer to use, but use one!
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