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    Hey there! I've been a Fire Emblem fan since I first played Awakening a month after it came out in the U.S.
    Since then, I went back and played as many of the Fire Emblem games as I could, whilst watching those I didn't have access to.
    While Fire Emblem Awakening is currently my favorite in the series, I am fully aware its story is not the best and it could've been better in some areas.
    Fire Emblem Fates is the game I've been most hyped about for the past year or two and I cannot wait to devote a large amount of my free time to it!
    UPDATE: So after pouring nearly 100 hours into Fates, I can safely say I've enjoyed it way more than Awakening. Although FEA will always hold a special place in my heart as my first Fire Emblem game, Fates is now my absolute favorite in the series!
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    The Kingdom of Hoshido

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  1. Here's My Castle! It's Revelations so it has twice the usual resources.
  2. Thank you very much! I've been enjoying it a lot so far! It's nice being able to meet fellow FE fans :D I hope you have an awesome day as well!
  3. Hey there! I just joined up today as well! Hope we both enjoy our time here ^^
  4. Hello and thank you, Deviddo! :D I actually purchased nearly all the DLC maps as a matter of fact ^^; It'd be easier to list the very few I didn't end up buying but anyways XD I actually am not 100% sure which DLC map would be my fav cuz I do really love the Future Past ones because they're like a sub story in ways. But I also adore the Scramble maps because they explore character/unit interactions more. So between those 6, I'll admit it's hard to figure out which is my most preferred!
  5. I like the set up of your team! :D I admit Azura's sing command is very useful though I'm planning on using the DLC map that rewards the Dark Falcon wing over and over until I can get all my units the move Galeforce so they can automatically move twice in one turn provided they kill their initial target! I will admit it's already a bit weird that the child units return but aren't even relevant or important to the plot from what I've heard. Then again I wasn't even sure marriage was going to return but I do agree it's weird that there's not even an "adopted child from the future" or something for the same-sex options.
  6. Oh that's a good choice! :D I personally have been getting so excited over it too! So far I think my main team will probably consist of my Avatar, Azura, Ryoma, Sakura, and Hana but we'll see how it goes when the time comes!
  7. Thank you very much! And honestly? I'm at a 100/10 with how much I'm looking forward to and feeling it for Fates :D
  8. I've seen this site around here and there as I've gotten more into Fire Emblem and I felt like it'd be a nice idea to make a profile here since I come here so often as is! Nice to meet you all!
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