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  1. Ok so I usually don't post stuff like this on the forums but this idea just went into my head so I had to get other people's thought's on the matter. Since were getting Three House's later this month and since this month we're getting a Mythic Hero, could we be getting Sothis as a Mythic Hero? I'm thinking this because she could be considered to be a Dark Mythic Hero and were getting a Three House's Banner later this month so it would make sense to get a Mythic Hero from Three Houses. Also, it would be a good way for promotion and all that.
  2. Do you plan to include an Avatar system into Sanctaea Chronicles? Or do you plan to make a standalone type of thing?
  3. I meant to ask when do you also get the gaiden chapter. my bad
  4. What are the gaiden chapter requirements to get the gaiden chapter where you face Magnus and get Danica? And when do you get the also?
  5. I'm doing a draft for the The Last Promise hack with The Last Promise 2 being made in development at the time of writing this. Here is a strawpoll for The Last Promise. https://strawpoll.com/9af2zkhg You can vote as many times as you want so go and vote for your favorite character. P.S. This LP will begin after my FE8 PME. Also, if you want to be a Co-Host for this hack, just D.M. All you need is have a Skype and have entensive knowledge on The Last Promise itself
  6. I'm looking for a Co-Host for the next LP on my channel which will be The Last Promise Hard Mode. Plz read the guidelines before you reply in on the forum If your interested, then you must: 1. Have a somewhat open schedule 2. Know The Last Promise hack and what it contains 3.Able to stay on topic 4.Able to provide helpful if not just advice for the game in general. When it comes down to it, this part mainly pertains towards advice 5.Not shy and able to talk. If you can follow these guidelines for my Co-Host requirement, then reply in this forum and I'll send you a dm about being a Co-Host
  7. If my version of the ROM use's the new soldier models, am I using the newest verison of the ROM?
  8. Again great work @Waleed. Could you just add talking and blinking frames for her?
  9. @Waleed If its not too much trouble, I was wondering if you could make a recreation portrait of a GBA-style Ayra?
  10. HOLY CRAP! THAT IS A REALLY GOOD LOOKING PORTRAT! That is amazing @Waleed. You completely blew me away. I was not expecting the portrait to look that good. Thanx a lot for this. This will really be good for my hack.
  11. @Waleed I was wondering if you could do another portrait of a women that has long white hair and is dressed like a Mercenary/Hero.
  12. @Waleed Thnx a lot for the portraits. I will for sure credit you in my video and when I make my hack available to the public.
  13. Oh god. Mine would have to be the famous +RES -ATK or +DEF -ATK. And this is on units that don't have really good DEF or RES. Perfect Examples of +DEF -ATK: Legault, Julia, Azura, Ishtar, Linde, Deirdre, WoT Olwen, Brave Lyn, and Legendary Lucina. Lot of Women for some reason.
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