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  1. Yeah this is an issue I dont know how to resolve but the fix is to just hit the key mapped for the b button and it will continue forward.
  2. So it’s sadly not an update to the base game but it is something that might tide some people over. Since the team hasn’t been able to work on it for a bit, we decided to compile most of what we have support wise and post it here. It may not be in game but it is a hefty number of supports. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yDlDd0B2PK9LrTBcEZo9p_NsscVQ1nVv0QPuJNRbuvc/edit?usp=sharing
  3. Some people have had this issue but restarting the emulator(not the chapter) seems to fix this. I've personally never run into it though and I've tested that chapter quite a bit. So I'm not sure as to what the exact cause is.
  4. If the Longbow is the Stl Longbow and light magic gives some minor stat buffs then it is the correct patch.
  5. There is and probably no on the 2nd gen question. 1. nope just those 3 2.I haven't touched the tactics rankings or augury if it wasn't clear by the seemingly random ranks.
  6. Would you ever want to make a second gen for Crimson Arm.

  7. First post has been updated with a Final 1.0 version yes it is supposed to be like that.
  8. He was on an older build that didn’t have that fixed. He has since then updated to the latest patch build.
  9. To beat 19 just rout the enemy units, as for katarina that's a larger problem that isn't easily fixed.
  10. So minor updates, I've got the dialogue for the final chapter complete but watching some people play there were some major bugs that affect the roster so I'm working through those and as many typos/wrong objectives/house dialogue as I can right now on a debug playthrough. We've also boosted all promoted units weapon ranks to d on gained weapons except staff ranks. other updates include an upgrade to ayrlyns portrait and chang e in her battle sprites palette. Other than that finishing up character endings and the epilogue. This is all stuff that'll be the next patch, following that is support insertion which I will unlock the support room for.
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