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  1. Happy birthday Haze

  2. Panicking because I need to head out to work and shit and didn't think I'd be back before deadline, turns out I will so okay I'll clarify some shit before I do, and assuming we haven't hammered or something, spend some time on ISOs when I get back, I promise. Should have plenty of time. Blitz is right, though a bit over dramatic about it, my saying I was blue then voting j00 wasn't a slip. #115, I case j00 #273, I mention I have reasons for not believing both vanilla claims, Snike's #288 mentions that he finds it unlikely/convenient that we stumbled on three vanillas on day/night 1, I was already iffy on the claims when I was a third, making me a fourth cranked that up further, especially with a relatively strange role like Dormio's.in the setup. My #315 was meant as an attempt to push this and lynch j00, I backed off of it in in #393 because like I said, I hadn't had time to follow up on it and didn't see it happening last minute yesterday. ##Vote: j00 Oh and Elie, Snike was directed to track me by Refa, so unless someone wants to CC that, I was sleeping soundly night 1. Lynching me because I'm playing terribly is retarded. Back in 12 hours or so.
  3. Were I at home right now I'd quote every instance of people doing this during this game and yell STOP. Explain why something bothers you, don't try to make other people do it for you. I'd honestly call it a scumtell but bloody everyone is doing it this game.[/rant] Brad I think the question is more what do you think the intent behind Blitz' queations arem I've not been the biggest fan of some of his posts because some of his attempts to direct conversation feel like timewasters, that's just my being suspicious though. Unrelated note, I feel like I recognize this style of mafia kills. Need to rack my brain on it. On phone at work so can't really make in depth posts atm.
  4. Dear Mafia, stop killing off my town reads.
  5. Haze

    The Well

    1. I like solving puzzles, that's really about it. 2. The Cheshire Cat, for being an enormous dick. 3. A few, most of them have been in the vein of 'so bad it's funny' like Valvrave and Aldnoah Zero, but some have been good. Log Horizon's a good one. 4. Roger Federer is shit.
  6. My activity would have spiked since I have today and tomorrow off, but we're about to hit a night phase, and then I'm working Thursday ~ Saturday, hooray. My reason is literally in the gods damn post. If you'll recall one of my issues with j00 day one, I don't tiptoe around calling out bullshit.
  7. Haze

    The Well

    @Prims: There's going to be quite a bit of overlap I feel, but; 1. You, Paperblade, Balcerzak, Weapons of Mass Construction, Clipsey, Snike, Kaoz, Psych for comedy and drama, Levity, Shark Bait, Kay and Proto so I can accuse them of being scumbuddies. 2. Life, Balcerzak, Weapons, Clipsey, Snike, Shark Bait, Kaoz, Psych for more comedy and drama, Reinfleche, You, Excellen and Obviam. 3. I dunno, the librarian? 4. Will, Neil and Tahli on rare occasions. 5. They're both fun, but yeah, OC lets me do more stupid crazy shit. 6. Probably. 7. I should probably just forward or publish the mafia greatist hits group pm, there's so many. @Kirsche 1. Yes. 2. No 3. Yes. 4. No. 5. Yes, Cromartie High. @Excellen: J, Z, Z2. @j00: 1.It's mostly food colouring, yes. I'd love to try making one the old fashioned way once, but finding cocoa powder without alkali is it is a pain in the ass. 2/3.No preference, and wolf/arsonist. @Blitz: 1. Met him on a forum about 10 or 11 years ago. we started talking and eventually added eachother on msn but his mum (who was a moderator on said forum,) had to talk to me first to make sure I wasn't a paedo. 2. I think I prefaced this earlier, but Duel Terminal. Close second is the game I was part of a mason trio that lead the town, even though I have a distate for 'town leaders,' now. 3. OC, I explained this in my answers to Prims. 4. Find a buddy, lie to everyone else. Or sometimes just exclusively tell the truth, just to throw people off. 5. Multifaction tends to lead to frustrating amounts of stupidity, Magic the Gathering Mafia is a good example of this, my team damn near got ganged up on by everyone because our two potential 'ally' factions were being idiots. 6. Just a nice variety is fine. It gets boring if it's all one way or another. 7. Multifaction. 8. I've done them on epicmafia, they're good for a quick laugh. 9.I think actually hosting one is a bit of a waste of time to be honest, like I say they're funny on epicmafia but that's a small dose, dealing with it over an extended time might get boring.
  8. [spoiler=excuses] 15 hour shifts do stifle my activity a bit. I tried to catch up on the game yesterday during my break but fell asleep logging into wifi. Let's address some shit to start off. @Blitz: I didn't. I was agreeing with Snike, and explaining why, but apparently it's flown over everyone's head and I haven't had time to follow up, so I doubt it's happening today. ##Unvote Regarding SB and I bussing eachother, Brad is correct, that started with SB bussing me and I was fuming over it. Onto lynching. What, like you? Fuck off I'm not letting you get away with trying to deflect to me while I've been busy. Dormio was my second choice of lynch so my swapping to him was a frivolous matter, unlike you. You said in your #199 that you didn't understand it and had said all day that Elieson was your strongest scumread, yet you flippantly swapped to Dormio without explanation and handwaved it day 2 by saying you did it because you didn't want to lynch Elieson, but now that Manix and Dormio are dead you're happy to park yourself on Elieson again. ##Vote: Iris No, you didn't. Address it now. All you've done both days is park on one person and flip flop more than pancakes on fucking pancake day on everyone else.
  9. I'm blue. ##Vote: j00 Actual content in a bit.
  10. Haze

    The Well

    I'll get back to Prims when I can brainstorm his first and second questions. I used to be called Vaka, until I joined kind of a silly group called the Kaosu Buntai that would steal invisionfree boards from assholes, I needed a codename, if you will, the two options at the time were Kaosu Thorn and Kaosu Haze, I went with Haze, then when I joined another community I used a different name entirely. I eventually settled on Haze as it was a midpoint between both of the main communities I'd been part of. I'd have to get back into the scene for that. SFMM is as much about the flavour as it is the game itself, so without that insight it can't really happen. On that note Loli maids vs. deadly monsters remains in development hell. Hard, stressful. Long hours and all you ever hear are the complaints. Did have a nice moment a few weeks back where the host brought a customer over to me because she was praising a steak I'd cooked so that was nice. I was also considering leaving the place I currently work because it had been perpetually undermanned and no one else seemed to care, but we've got new management and they like me and I might be getting a promotion to second chef, so it's not all bad. No joke, chicken soup to eat. I like baking a lot to be honest, the most fun I've had was probably when I made a red velvet cake, it's not exactly hard, but there's something to be said of the spectacle of it. 1) I've had a great many over the years. For some reason that fucking cat I had when we were all kitties stands out, just because of what Hazuki and I did with it. 2) Favourite role in general is Tailor, it fits me perfectly. Favourite role I've ever played was the wolf in Duel Terminal, though that had less to do with the role and more to do with how that game played out. Duel Terminal 10/10 best game. 3) I'd hardly call it my favourite role, in fact, I hate it with a passion, and I'd have been a complete bastard with it. Bomb Cop. 4) I don't really have any of these, if I wanted to join something, I would have, and I tend not to read games I'm not in.
  11. Haze

    The Well

    I got home from work like 10 minutes ago. I'm Haze, I'm a 23 year old line chef from Wales. Joined SF originally for Fire Emblem, stayed for mafia, drifted away when I had less time for mafia. That hasn't stopped you lot from dragging me back every few months for a game, but there we go. Ask away.
  12. Alright, I skimmed like crazy but I saw two vanilla claims. Not entirely willing to believe both of them but that's a subject for another time. I'll swing Dormio, I've no objections to killing him and my vote on j00 is wasted at the moment. ##Unvote ##Vote: Dormio
  13. Managed to get home before deadline, not sure if it matters because I apparently have 6 pages to read. I'll try to go fast.
  14. I'm on a 10 minute break at work, will not be here for deadline, I won't lie I'm basically posting to be seen. We seem to be narrowing it down to j00 or Elie, unfortunately I've not really read into Elie enough to post thoughts on him, so my vote's staying on j00, best of luck.
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