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  1. ... to click on it, read the response carefully, then create an elaborate response to that response in another quote to make yourself look smarter and level-headed to trick yourself into thinking you're having an intelligent discussion when really your just writing runoff sentences about complete nonsense like hidden the meaning of a Fire Emblem character's personality quirk, the plausibility of a fictional comic book superpower or sci-fi phenomenon in real life, last week's episode of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, or how the Myers Briggs test secretly contains information on the location of the Illuminati's base of operations. The proper way to spend your time at a geek convention is...
  2. ...When using harsher words would be indecent to whomever you are addressing. The proper way to build a house is...
  3. Have these adolescent anime brats no shame?! Such talk is unbecoming of them! Do parents not teach their children manners in Fodlan?
  4. Something tells me that the antagonist shifts depending on which house you choose so that your house is always the good guys no matter what. For instance in the Black Eagles story the church is corrupt and becomes the antagonist, but in the Blue Lions story the church is not corrupt and the Nightcrawlers are given more focus as the antagonist. Not that I think this is a particularly good set up(in fact I personally think it's lazy writing), but it's just my gut feeling. Why come to a conclusion based on actual evidence when you can just spew out crazy nonsensical conspiracy theories am I right?
  5. If I'm pretty sure Gremlins, along with Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, is the reason they introduced PG-13 to the age ratings. Both are movies that aren't gratuitous enough to be rated R, but also don't quite fit into what classifies as a PG movie. I'm sure plenty of kids went through many of the same phobias you did watching Gremlins because its PG rating didn't properly inform parents of the accessibility of the movie's content. There were a lot of weirdly dark kids movies back in the 80's and Gremlins was definitely among them.
  6. It certainly sounds like Yuri Lowenthal, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's not him. There are definitely some cheaper actors out there that sound similar to him that I've fallen for on multiple occasions.
  7. Several centuries seems like a generous guesstimate for Fire Emblem, if I were a betting man I'd put Sothis at one millennium at least.
  8. I would totally wear that shirt as well. Ever since we learned more about each house back in February I've found the Blue Lions to be the most appealing, mostly because the characters seem the most orthodox compared to the other houses which seem to have more gimmick personalities among their ranks, but that's just my opinion.
  9. I'm not say she has to be a perfect Disney princess to be the main character. I'm just not optimistic that she'll grow in any meaningful way by the end of the story considering that's what happened last time in FE Fates. So if Edelgard turns out to be a self-righteous control freak who's unapologetic in her actions like I'm predicting, I don't think shes going to be the the most likable character unless she goes through an arc to temper those traits with humility or justice or something along those lines to make her a better leader and person. I am aware that this is all purely based off of my own personal assumptions from information released in promotional material that doesn't always give full context, but until the game is in our hands I can't really do much better.
  10. From everything I've seen Edelgard seems very self-righteous in the worst way possible, the kind of character that thinks they always know best and that the ends justify the means. I don't think this makes for an inherently bad character, but I have a feeling since she's being pushed as the game's main protagonist she'll never face any lasting consequences that force her grow and change because God forbid we suggest our hot wifu heroine is anything less than perfection. Maybe I'm just overthinking it, but I wouldn't be surprised if things pan out that way. I love seeing the responses to FE Tweets, it's just a bunch of Animal Crossing and/or Smash Bros. fans complaining that Nintendo's not showing anything new for Animal Crossing and/or Smash Bros. and then everybody else makes fun of them because they're being ridiculous.
  11. Man, I really need to get Bloodstained sometime soon, Curse of the Moon was great and Ritual of the Night looks pretty darn fantastic. 8/10 The Tiger Warrior(Jago's Theme) - Killer Instinct
  12. If I may be so bold, how often is a moderator expected to check in on the forums? Is it once a day? A few times thought the day? Or is it just based on the moderator's availability?
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