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  1. I believe that what constitutes as cute is mostly subjective, but in this case I must stand with the toaster ovens definitively.
  2. My assumptions are based in the previously observed patters between previous releases. The Super Smash Bros. DLC has historically been fighters, stages, music, and Mii costumes ever since it was introduced in Smash 4 and Smash Ultimate has not broken this trend. I'm not saying new Assist Trophies couldn't be DLC, but according to these past trends it's safer to assume that it won't happen.
  3. I want Elma to be playable in this game so badly, but I don't think it's going to happen. She's already appears in the game as a spirit which at this point I think is a deconfirmation since some of the new spirits added to the game through the events are from high profile franchises like Resident Evil and Astral Chain. If either of those franchises were supposed to be given a spot on the main roster(like many have predicted), why wouldn't they save those spirits to be released as part of an associated challenger pack? I also don't think she's going to be an assist trophy since there's no historical precedent for it, there has never been a new assist trophy added to a Smash Bros game post launch before so why assume they'll start now? I hate to sound so pessimistic about a character I love from a game I love, but that's just my honest assessment of the situation.
  4. One of my most unpopular video game opinions is my love of Star Wars: The Old Republic. I know the KOTOR fans here are probably going to eat me alive for saying that, but the great thing about SWTOR is that the base game without any subscriptions is far more generous than any MMO I've ever seen and if you do subscribe you get to keep all the expansions forever even after unsubscribing. Also the LEGO Star Wars games are always a treat, I'm a big fan of 3:The Clone Wars in particular for having tons of variety while never straying too far from the core appeal.
  5. I forgot to mention this in my original post, but the last game I played was Devil May Cry on Switch. In that case I guess were getting a fire emblem in a gothic horror settings filled with demonic adversaries and a collection of playable characters who throw out witty one-lines like it's going out of style. Gameplay wise I don't think the two mesh very well together, but a fire emblem tile that experiments with mechanics from character action games would be kinda interesting none the less.
  6. Are you saying Mario's Time Machine doesn't count? How dare you! Jokes aside I think taking Mario through time would be an excellent idea since there's so many time periods with fascinating cultures to draw from.
  7. Well happy birthday! Have a good time celebrating the occasion, it only comes once a year so make the most of it.
  8. Tingle would probably get the best reaction from Nintendo fans. "Oh? You want a new Zelda character? Ok! Here's the most controversial recurring character in the series!"
  9. Congrats on beating all the routes pal! Your particular insights in to the story of 3 Houses have been very interesting to read. I don't know if I'll ever beat all 4 routes myself, but now I have an idea of which ones I should prioritize in the long haul.
  10. The first two season of the show are easily the weakest, season 3 and onward are the real reasons everyone loves the show. If you're a big Star Wars fan I high recommend giving it a second chance starting from that point. Darth Maul's return from the grave does admittedly require some suspension of disbelief on the viewer's part, but once you get past it he's a really great archenemy to Obi-Wan, driven by an obsessive personal vendetta against Kenobi. But don't let me pressure you into watching if you really don't think it's worth it, I just wanted to share my opinion.
  11. If there's one thing that tempts me to get Disney+ it's being able to rewatch The Clone Wars. It's the show that justifies the prequel's existence ten fold in so many ways, especially with it's characters, both new and old. I'm a particularly big fan of seasons 3 and 4 where there were these big epic 4 episode arcs that left me dying to know what would happen next week in and week out when it was still airing. I cannot tell you how many times I watched my DVR recordings of the Darkened World of Umbara arc. That was all long time ago, but it certainly had a lasting impact on me as a Star Wars fan, I just hope Disney let's Dave Filoni and the rest of the Clone Wars team make season 7 just as awesome.
  12. They got a full trailer with the redesign done this quickly? Knowing the amount of effort it takes to produce movie quality CGI this trailer is astonishingly impressive, the animators who made this must have had God on their side or something like that. Still not sure if it's something I really want to see, but it's still a huge turnaround that I have the utmost respect for nonetheless.
  13. Considering the fact that I've got both college and a job to worry about, 2019 as a whole is just kinda a big blur in my memory, but I try to play games when I can. Supergiant Games's Hades is one of their best works yet despite it still being an early access title, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's DLC has been absolutely brilliant, Lucia got me playing Street Fighter 5 again, Fire Emblem 3 Houses is an interesting change of pace for our mutually beloved series, Astral Chain is another smash hit for Platinum Games, River City Girls has reinvigorated my love of couch co-op arcade-style beat'em ups, and Link's Awakening has been a very pleasant experience so far. Overall I've played a good selection of titles, some of them the best I've played in years, but I can't say it's really been a good year for games because of the industry at large having massive issues. Predatory microtransactions and lootboxes plague $60 AAA releases causing world governments to take notice, more and more games are trying to force political agendas onto their players, multiple industry leading corporations like EA, Bethesda, and Blizzard have lost all integrity at this point, and there's just not a lot of lasting excitement for anything among the gaming community because we're just being drowned in mediocre releases and scummy business models.
  14. 5:00 Pacific? Well darn, I'll be at work that hour! It's still great to know that Terry's just around the corner.
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