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  1. I have BBQ Sauce with just about any kind of beef or chicken so probably that.
  2. Pretty much any sort of fighting game I can get my hands on. It's just a genre that I've found a strong fondness for in recent years, probably because there's very little luck involved. Street Fighter is currently my favorite, but I'm always on the lookout for new games as well.
  3. I got the lord of the Blue Lions himself Dimitri! Though I'd say that the description provided by the quiz only fits me to a certain extent, but that's how most of these quizzes turn out. I wonder if Dimitri is also an ENFJ? You always seem to know how to act in any given situation — polite around elders and witty around your friends. However, you don’t feel like anyone truly understands you. For one reason or the other it’s incredibly difficult for you to open up and you often question if your social endeavours are just an act. Due to this, you can often spiral into episodes and disappear from your social circles for weeks at a time. However, when you’re able to talk things out, you feel as if you can take on the world. It’s difficult to hate someone like you.
  4. I have already watched this trailer too many times today! The game looks incredible in motion and I NEED the full version of that song!
  5. https://twitter.com/dimitri_etext/status/1168896190831894533?s=20
  6. I recently picked up the Garou: Mark of the Wolves port for Switch just to hype myself up for November(and because I've never played Garou before) and boy oh boy is it ever a good time. It's kinda weird playing Terry without his Rising Tackle, but Power Dunk gets the job done, plus it's very similar to Sol Badguy's Bandit Bringer which is good because I've play a lot of Guilty Gear in my day. With so many games to pull from I think we can safely say that Terry's in good hands. Also speaking of Garou... SNK bring back Hotaru you cowards! She is so much fun to play as, how has she not been playable in a game since 2007?!
  7. The best Tsunderes are the ones who are attracted to other Tsunderes. Don't believe me? Watch "Kagua-Sama: Love is War" and you will understand.
  8. I suppose the phrase "Want's to push more collaborations with DLC" all but confirms that wave 2 will most likely also be dominated by third party characters. It feels kinda weird that Nintendo wouldn't want to step in and promote their other games with DLC, not that I find that upsetting or anything like that. So far, going all in on third parties has been a net positive in my book. The only real misstep in my opinion was The Hero since it was really easy to predict and it didn't really appeal to me personally, but even so I'm still really happy for all the dragon quest fans out there because who am I to complain when I've got Terry Bogard, a character I really love, coming to the game.
  9. I remember that fiasco all too well. It's pretty much the point in the Smash community where it all went from bad to worse in terms of character obsession. Also thanks for clarifying that comment for me, I am most appreciative.
  10. HA! Anyone who thinks history is boring never studied the Punic Wars!⚔️🏛️ I highly doubt it's the Waluigi fans, they seem like the type that would be furious if another fire emblem character made the roster. However, I do think that this is a small minority of Edelgard fans not representative of the larger fanbase. It happens all the time.
  11. I agree completely that this is just the machinations of a very small group of people. I found out about this while I was browsing for reactions to the last Smash Bros. updates on different gaming forums and social media sites. Though most of what I've seen about this crazy operation is people reacting to how stupid it is rather than acting in support of it. Still, I feel that talking about this kind of stuff helps keeps normal fans like us grounded in reality. You have to be able to recognize unrealistic fan behavior to better avoid falling into it yourself.
  12. With an additional wave of DLC fighters on it's way, it's safe to assume that we have at least 6 more characters to go before we have our finalized roster, leaving the gates wide open for speculation on who we'll be seeing next. However, you can never truly satisfy everyone and fan outcry over the current DLC offerings is probably worse now than it ever has been in previous games. I bring this up because I recently discovered an insane plot started by a group of upset Edelgard fans to attack SNK for the inclusion of Terry Bogard as the fourth DLC fighter using the following tactics: Disliking all videos on the SNK official youtube channel. Review bombing SNK games on MetaCritic and other review sites. Disconnecting from online matches against anyone playing as Terry. Sending SNK's official Twitter angry messages disapproving of their "shilling" towards Nintendo. Words can not describe just how sad and pathetic I find this behavior. I get that Smash Bros. has a very passionate fan base, but this kind of outcry over a character's inclusion even though there's still plenty of time for other characters to make the roster is just baffling.
  13. I think I would teach Axes, Brawling, and Faith. Not for any particular reason, I just would. As for the students, I'll take Dimitri, Dedue, Mercedes, Ashe, Annette, Ferdinand, Bernadetta, and Caspar.
  14. I have a feeling Nintendo will want more first party characters as a means of cross promoting their other titles. It's just good business.
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