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  1. Nintendo Vs. Capcom. Two companies with fantastic IPs overflowing with beloved characters clashing with flashy super moves and crazy tag/assist combos, whats not to love?
  2. Bastion/Transistor/Pyre/Hades - All developed by acclaimed indie developer Supergiant Games. I recommend playing them in the order of release, but they're all pretty different from one another so choosing the one that interests you the most is fine as well. The TakeOver - A fantastic homage to arcade beat 'em up classics like Final Fight and Streets of Rage. If you like couch co-op games, this one is a must have in my book. Killer Instinct - A fantastic fighting game with one of the most unique roster of characters in any fighting game, easy to understand fighting mechanics, and absolute banger of a soundtrack. At only $9.99 there's no reason not to pick it up. Soulcalibur VI - The latest in the long running Soulcalibur series that lives up to the excellence of it's predecessors. If you've never dived into this series before, this game is one of the best places to start.
  3. Alright guys, I won't use those terms anymore. Just don't tell your friends I'm some crazy racist or anything like that. I just wanted to point out an interesting trend in advertisements for the products of a multi-billion dollar corporation. I just don't perfectly fall on either side on the political spectrum is all I was trying to say. I probably lean a little more towards the left on most political issues, but there are some issues I'll lean towards the right.
  4. If you're trying to say I'm a bigot, just stop yourself right there dude. I do not identify as alt-right at all, I consider myself politically neutral. I admit I had chosen my words poorly, but otherwise I was trying to give a neutral perspective when I was making my Disney comments. I based my comments on observations I had made about the company's marketing, not on any personal opinions.
  5. To be brutally honest the proper term for the "political correctness crowd" I was referring to is probably better known these days as the Social Justice Warriors, but I know that the term SJW also lights a fire under a lot of people out there so I was trying to use something I though might be less flame inducing, clearly I must have chosen poorly. Though I was never intending to promote one side of the political spectrum or the other with my comments about Disney. I just wanted to point out that Disney's marketing is clearly pandering to a particular political demographic, but will just as easily do the exact opposite if it makes them more money.
  6. I didn't say the riots were the majority of the protests. I am perfectly fine with peaceful protests. I am not in any way trying to say I am against wanting justice for what happened to George Floyd. The political correctness pandering was relevant for discussing Disney's response to the situation because it's clearly just a money making tactic for them.
  7. @Anacybele I know I'm a little late to the discussion here, but I just wanted to mention many of your thoughts are actually quite similar to my own. What happened to George Floyd is absolutely terrible, but these riots are going way to far especially the madness happening in Seattle. However, I wanted to quickly touch on the Disney situation since I don't see many people talking about it. Obviously the riots are the more important topic of discussion, but I've been keeping a close eye on the entertainment industry's agenda for years now so I definitely know a thing or two about it by now. Dinsey's reaction over this public out cry doesn't surprise me one bit, they've been pandering to the political correctness crowd for a long time. Over around the past 5 years or so there's been a big push for female and minority leading roles in their movies which isn't a bad thing by itself, but they only do it because they think it will boost profits by drawing in those politically correct crowds, not an earnest desire to write good stories about minorities. For example, the Star Wars sequels prominently advertised the character Finn played by John Boyega which makes sense for one of the stories central characters, but when advertising the film in China, Finn's role was downplayed because of pressure from the Chinese government who didn't want a black character featured so prominently on the posters. Situations like this reveal exactly what Disney's goal is with this pandering, to turn out profits, but as soon as it might effect ticket sales they'll double it back just as quickly. So the re-branding of splash mountain is just another empty gesture aimed at bringing in more money, they announced at a time where political discourse over race is at an all time high and garner loads of positive public attention which they hope will create an increased interest in visiting their theme parks. Also here's a quick side by side comparison of an American poster and Chinese poster for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Notice how Finn(John Boyega, British-Nigerian) is made smaller in the Chinese poster as well as the removal of Poe Dameron(played by Oscar Isaac, Guatemalan-American) and Maz Kanata(played by Lupita Nyong'o, Kenyan-Mexican). Heck, I guess the Chinese government is racist against Wookiees now for some reason because Chewbacca was removed as well.
  8. Personally I'm holding out for a fully fledged Tekken rep, but a Tales Of character would be just as cool. I imagine they'd pick Lloyd because he's the fan favorite, but I wouldn't be surprised if it ended up being Yuri or Velvet.
  9. I haven't cut my hair at all since this whole mess started and so far the only real trouble I've had with it is my bangs getting into my eyes. It's annoying, but I've tolerated it so far.
  10. I'm no Tekken expert, but I do think that Asuka had a lot of fans intrigued when she was introduced because she was a Kazama, but in subsequent games where her story when absolutely nowhere fast people got just as upset as you are about all the wasted storytelling potential she could have had for the Mishima saga. However, the story of Tekken has gotten pretty divisive overtime, but when Heihachi, Kazuya, and Jin have all been protagonists and antagonists at various points in the series history it makes them all look like a bunch of assholes with no central hero or villain to give the story a clear direction. Also, caring about the story in a fighting game is perfectly fine. Knowing the character backstories goes a long way in broadening each character's appeal beyond just their visual design and mechanics. Plus it can give the cast interesting dynamics that make fights between certain characters feel special even if it's outside of story mode.
  11. In most circumstances I tend to be very neutral on characters I don't like because most of the time it's not worth expending the energy for it. I guess I just prefer celebrating characters I do enjoy rather than complaining about the ones I don't. One popular character type that's always baffled me is the sadistic girl. An example from Fire Emblem would be Tharja, I will never understand why people think she's top tier waifu material when shes so cruel to everyone around her, would anyone honestly what to be friends with a person like that in real life? I think her appearances in fates, heroes and warriors definitely make thinks worse for me because I think there are better characters out there that deserve more attention. Another good example would be Juri from Street Fighter, she doesn't bother me as much as Tharja, but many of my criticisms still stand.
  12. Sakurai did mention he started working on Byleth long before Three Houses was even released so there was no way for him to know if they were going to be more or less popular than the house lords. I'm sure his intentions were to use the avatar as a middle ground between fans of all three routes.
  13. Same here. What ever happens next, I'm all for it because Sakurai will make these characters awesome no matter what game they're from. However, if we do get another Xenoblade rep I expect the hardcore Smash Bros. community will probably get super salty about another sword fighter in the game, but I guess that's just life when you love both Smash and RPGS.
  14. I don't have much personal investment in ARMS, but if there's one thing I can say it's that Sakurai's passion for each and every character he puts in smash always shines through in every presentation. I am completely a-okay with Min Min because the creativity of her moveset oozes with personality that gels with the Super Smash Bros. series perfectly.
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