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  1. They got a full trailer with the redesign done this quickly? Knowing the amount of effort it takes to produce movie quality CGI this trailer is astonishingly impressive, the animators who made this must have had God on their side or something like that. Still not sure if it's something I really want to see, but it's still a huge turnaround that I have the utmost respect for nonetheless.
  2. Considering the fact that I've got both college and a job to worry about, 2019 as a whole is just kinda a big blur in my memory, but I try to play games when I can. Supergiant Games's Hades is one of their best works yet despite it still being an early access title, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's DLC has been absolutely brilliant, Lucia got me playing Street Fighter 5 again, Fire Emblem 3 Houses is an interesting change of pace for our mutually beloved series, Astral Chain is another smash hit for Platinum Games, River City Girls has reinvigorated my love of couch co-op arcade-style beat'em ups, and Link's Awakening has been a very pleasant experience so far. Overall I've played a good selection of titles, some of them the best I've played in years, but I can't say it's really been a good year for games because of the industry at large having massive issues. Predatory microtransactions and lootboxes plague $60 AAA releases causing world governments to take notice, more and more games are trying to force political agendas onto their players, multiple industry leading corporations like EA, Bethesda, and Blizzard have lost all integrity at this point, and there's just not a lot of lasting excitement for anything among the gaming community because we're just being drowned in mediocre releases and scummy business models.
  3. 5:00 Pacific? Well darn, I'll be at work that hour! It's still great to know that Terry's just around the corner.
  4. They're going to announce the next game in the series, then immediately delay it to 2027.
  5. Both Byleth variations are in the top 20, but Dedue isn't?! This is a crime against humanity.
  6. Haggar would absolutely be the best choice for a Final Fight character in Smash since he's the only character to appear in all three games in the Final Fight trilogy, making him the face of the franchise pretty much by default. It's probably not a surprise coming from the guy with a Lucia profile picture, but Haggar getting into Smash Bros would probably send me over the freaking moon.
  7. Fantastic beat'em up for sure, but probably not going to happen. Arcade-style brawlers like the River City games don't really have a wide appeal in the modern gaming landscape, so it's safe to assume whatever characters they bring in next will be from more popular franchises.
  8. Pixar's Up was released. Go watch the first 10 minutes of the movie if you need a refresher on why that's a big deal.
  9. Guilty Gear or Blazblue for sure, Daisuke Ishiwatari has created some of the absolute best music in the fighting game genre to date. Plenty of headbangers in both series that would rock so hard in Smash Bros. And on the subject of hard rock/heavy metal soundtracks, Devil May Cry's legacy of songs with smoking sick style cannot be understated either. Though they would be forced to tone down the lyrics to fit the Smash Bros. E10+ rating since most of the songs are pretty on the nose about the whole killing demons angle, but it's still great stuff either way.
  10. Would definitely say that Fredrick probably wouldn't obey a blatantly immoral command from Chrom since there are moments in the story where he essentially protects Chrom from himself, such as the end of chapter 9 and chapter 10 where he insists on Chrom fleeing for his life to fight another day rather than throwing it away pointlessly trying to take revenge for Emmeryn's death in a battle he had no chance of wining.
  11. It's exactly as the title say, have fun kids, I'll start us off...
  12. Assuming Native American legends count, I'm picking the Wendigo. Edit: Regarding the previous question I missed out on, Action movies are really hard to pick from since there's just too much overlap with sci-fi, fantasy, and a whole bunch of other genres. So in terms of which films I watch specifically because I love the action, I think my favorite would be either Pacific Rim or Mission Impossible - Fallout.
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