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  1. I must admit I found myself inspired by your work. Behold the fruits of my labor. Don't touch his mutton please.
  2. My only question is why did you stop at just Itsuki?
  3. You certainly wouldn't get any complaints from me. From the iconic themes of Street Fighter 2 to the grandiose orchestrations of Final Fantasy 15, Yoko Shimomura is easily one of my favorite video game composers and her particular style would be a nice fit for the Fire Emblem series.
  4. I'm sticking to my assertion that assist trophies won't be upgraded into full-fledged fighters so I think we can all forget about Spring Man this time around. Though most of the popular characters from ARMS are also already in the game as spirits so whoever it is that they pick is really anyone's guess. I know a lot of people give me grief when I say that spirit characters can't become fighters, but I'm choosing to remain consistent on that topic until proven otherwise.
  5. I really don't think Nintendo would make a special edition since there's too much money to be made keeping the game's base content and dlc separate from one another. Smash Bros. is just one of those game series that people will buy again and again because it's freaking Smash Bros. However, if they did release a special edition I would like to see them add on the fly style switching as well as local co-op to the bloody palace.... Wait that's Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition, oops!
  6. Long hair is the more feminine style so I'd argue it's the better choice for women. Not that women can't rock short hair, it's just my opinion.
  7. My life's been so crazy as of late that video games have become more of an escape than a hobby if I'm being completely honest. Multiplayer also been a big motivator since I love playing with my brother. Story is my only point of disinterest because I can get much better stories from movies and books, game try their best, but in my experience they've never reached the narrative highs of other mediums.
  8. Story & World: Story should be simple, but well written. I know stopping the evil empire from resurrecting the demon dragon using the magic sword blessed by the god of justice sounds really generic, but when tropes are utilized well they can make some incredibly compelling tales, especially when paired with relatable, interesting characters(The Lord of the Rings anyone? Star Wars perhaps?). Flesh out the world by creating multiple kingdoms and factions each with their own unique identity. Not just in terms of political ideology, but visually as well. Draw inspiration from other medieval period cultures we're not used to seeing in Fire Emblem like the Byzantines or the Vikings(but not the FE:Heroes's wack Norse Mythology). Gameplay: Focus in on the core turn based combat at the heart of the series. Give every class clear strengths and weaknesses that encourages a diverse roster with every unit fulfilling a particular role in your army's composition. Keep unit micromanaging to a minimum, the less time spent scrolling through menus to equip the things you need for the next battle the better. Make the dating sim elements affinity and support systems secondary to the core gameplay, these sorts of side actives should short, simple, and never overshadow the tactical grid-based combat.
  9. Ah yes, adapting characters into Dungeons & Dragons, the pastime all tabletop gamers inevitably engage in. I've though about how to adapt Fire Emblem characters into D&D 5e before, but because FE puts so much emphasis on weapons most attempts to translate it's mechanics end up as a variation on the Fighter. Since Dimitri and Claude aren't inherently skilled at magic they're probably best represented in the mechanics as Battle Masters, Combat Maneuvers like Commanding Strike and Rally are great for making them feel like they are leaders of armies and not just another fighter.
  10. Being the sort of person who respects order and authority it'd be uncharacteristic of me not to pay my respects for a superior in our little social hierarchy. I tip my hat to you Ghast, the efforts you put towards our community will not be forgotten.
  11. Ferdinand Von Aegir of course! Memes aside he's a genuinely cool character when you get to know him better. It also doesn't hurt that he's voiced by Billy Kametz who is one of my favorite actors in the business right now.
  12. The whole point of my list was choosing characters that I think have the best chances of getting in, not my personal desires. I've never played a No More Heroes game before, but I wouldn't take any issue with Travis in Smash since I think he would fit in very well. I have similar feelings about Banjo & Kazooie, I haven't played any of their games, but they feel so at home in Smash that I ended up liking them regardless of my lack of familiarity.
  13. I took me a long time to come up with a predictions list since the pool of likely candidates becomes ever murkier with each passing day, but I eventually came up with a list I feel confident betting on. New Nintendo Rep- There has to been a least one first party character in the fighters pass, but all the obvious choices are already spirits so call this a wild card slot. Monster Hunter(Monster Hunter)- Even though Rathalos is already a boss/assist trophy, the lack of any other Monster Hunter content like music and spirits feels pretty suspicious. Kazuya Mishima(Tekken)- Namco hasn't had a single character inclusion since Pac-Man and Tekken is probably the biggest fighting game in the world behind Street Fighter. Arle(Puyo Puyo)- Mascot of a classic series that's super popular in Japan, clearly one of the safest picks for Smash Bros out there. 2B(Neir)- Neir: Automata is easily one of the biggest RPG success stories of the past decade with lots of appeal in both Japan and abroad. Travis Touchdown(No More Heroes)- Every game in the No More Heroes franchise has had exclusivity with Nintendo and NMH3 is just on the horizon, easy marketing opportunity.
  14. I believe that what constitutes as cute is mostly subjective, but in this case I must stand with the toaster ovens definitively.
  15. My assumptions are based in the previously observed patters between previous releases. The Super Smash Bros. DLC has historically been fighters, stages, music, and Mii costumes ever since it was introduced in Smash 4 and Smash Ultimate has not broken this trend. I'm not saying new Assist Trophies couldn't be DLC, but according to these past trends it's safer to assume that it won't happen.
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