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  1. If this works, think how many blocks it would be to update the game, doubling the amount of voice-acted content. If a single DLC map hovers around 150 blocks, I shudder to think where in the 2000s this update could be. As nice as dual audio would be, since the game's already out, I don't think there's really anything we can do. Hopefully future FE games have the audio in advance, so this doesn't have to happen again.
  2. Huh... I never once saw her mention a name for her mount. Could you cite what support it's from?
  3. And dracoshields. In early game Revelations, there's a level that hands out promotion items like there's no tomorrow, so I had Azura with way too much defense, and now I'm on chapter 19 and she has 15 defense (better than endgame Elise, I guess...) but has 34 speed. Yeah. She's level 20-something at already capped.
  4. <3 Thank you so much for making this. This looks very clean, too. Nice work.
  5. [spoiler=Conquest Chapter 23]When you kill Oboro, as she dies, she says she never got to tell Takumi that she always loved him. Luckily, their S rank support is adorable.
  6. [groans of increasing discomfort] Guy Pieri Niles Edgeworth Azama Bin Laden Miley Silas Forrest Gump
  7. Reinforcements don't attack on the same turn. Creative map design, especially in Revelations. Even better than Conquest's maps. Buying skills from My Castle PVP. Festals having a range of 1-2. Shuriken. Petting faces for support ranks. New weapon triangle. (DUAL WEAPONS!!!)
  8. You said Silas x Azura as well as Azura x Silas. Not sure if that was intentional. I'm playing revelations now, and am also getting Benny and Camilla together, as well as Hayato and Nyx. I got Ryoma and Rinkah together in my run of birthright, and it was really meh. I wouldn't marry Keaton to Charlotte, but rather to a tanky character for an insane Velouria. I'm pairing him with Peri for the unusually high resistance for a cavalier while still keeping decent growths. Good luck with certain paralogues. 7 can be a massive pain if you do it too late and forget to bring rescues.
  9. Bow Knights are still better than the mages we got in fates, though. *AHEM* NYX *AHEM*
  10. Okay, I finished Birthright and Conquest, and now I'm starting a playthrough of Revelations. I didn't get a lot of units married in my playthrough of Conquest, but in Birthright, Azura married Kaden. Shigure was pretty great, but Azura turned Selkie from tanky to trashy. I'm wondering which child wouldn't get completely ruined by Azura's terrible HP and Defense growths for this playthrough. Right now I'm thinking her and Hayato might work, but I'm really not sure, since Rhajat was a decent Res-Tank for me in Birthright.
  11. I just beat Conquest last night, and I suggest using non-magic ranged attacks. The lancers can't counter stuff like Siegfried or javelins, they can't even counter arrows. Now, if you sent Niles in there to kill one, he might not come out alive, but it depends on your setup and pairings. Oh, and enemies can't counter if they're dead. It sounds obvious, but it's always nice to remember that if the attack you made kills the enemy, they won't be able to counter, so if you've got your attack stat high enough on Corrin or Keaton or whoever you please, then go ahead and one-shot to your heart's content. I wasn't able to one-shot these guys, since they were pretty tanky, though.
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