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  1. Some of us are guessing that the new Heroes Relics will be for the crests that were lost to history. IE Ernest, Aubin, Chevalier, Noa, and/or Timotheos. I'm guessing that Ernest Crest Bearer will be Anna and the other 4 new charcters will have the remaining Crest. We don't know when the new Relics were created, they could have been created in the past along with the other Relics or more recently like the Aymr. If it's the former maybe the other past Relics holders decided they did not want to slaughter any more Nabateans and went into hiding or possibly the other "Elite Candidates" never manifested a Crest so they didn't fault in the war.
  2. If we assume that each of the DLC Character will have 1 of the Remaining Crests (Anna gets Ernest) and be in one of the new Classes, I'm going to predict that we will have two new Physical Class and two Magical Class based on Crest effect. Aubin (prevents counters) and Chevalier (HP Drain) Crest holders will be two new physical classes, I want to guess Chevalier will be a Mounted Class. Noa (conserve attack magic) Crest Bearer will be the Magical Damage Class Timotheos (conserve healing magic) Crest Bearer will be the Healer Class Hoping for magical flyers.
  3. For the Crest Stones, does anyone know the activation rate for "frequently", "occasionally" and "sometimes"? "Frequently" of course probably has the highest activation rate, but does "occasionally" activate more or does "sometimes"? I want to say "sometimes" activates more than "occasionally" Ice and Thorn both occasionally stop counters with Weapon Attacks, while Kalpa and Earth sometimes stop counters with Weapon arts. I want to assume weapon attacks will trigger the effect less often since its cost less (weapon durability wise)
  4. I actually made a list of all the classes where the characters will stay in their default outfits during phase 2 of the game, so "canon class". The default outfit only goes up to Advance level, non of them have their default outfits for Master Classes (so it's up to you how you want to do it)Hubert = Dark Mage / Dark Bishop Dorothea = Mage / Warlock / DancerPetra = Thief / Assassin / Wyvern RiderIngrid = Pegasus Knight / CavalierFelix = Myrmidon / SwordmasterRaphael = Brawler / GrapplerFerdinand / Sylvain / Lorenz / Leonie = Cavalier / PaladinBernadetta / Ashe / Ignatz = Archer / SniperCaspar / Hilda? = Brigand / Warrior Linhardt / Mercedes / Marianne = Monk / Priest / BishopAnnette / Lysithea = Mage / WarlockManuela = PriestHanneman = WarlockAlois = WarriorShamir = SniperI picked Edelgard route so I don't have half the church people and the other lords lists / retainer, but I'm assuming the unique classes for each lord is obviously their Canon Class.Church people seem to only have 1 class in default outfit. Dedue = Armored Knight / Fortress Knight?Seteth = Wyvern RiderFlayn = Priest?Cyril = Wyvern Rider?Catherine = SwordmasterGilbert = Fortress Knight?
  5. It's says that you unlock more free Crest Stones based on your past playthroughs, how does this work exactly? On my current NG+ I got the Ice, Snow, Thorn, Bloom and Dark (AKA the lost Crests) Light, Earth, Water, and Wind (4 Saints) Sky - Crest of Seiros, I'm guessing because I finished Edelgard's route the first time through. Do you get Grim for doing BL and Star for doing GD?
  6. Marriage Chart For my Revelation playthrough I pretty much did a complete mix marriage thing with the Nohr and Hoshido Characters. I actually just started a new playthrough last night.
  7. The main issue is that the game gives you 5 Magical Moms - Elise, Orochi, Nyx, Sakura and Felicia, but only 3 Magical Dads - Odin, Leo and Hayato. Arguably the best Pairings on a Revelations run is Odin X Elise, Leo X Sakura, and Hayato X Nyx This leaves 2 magical moms that people have to pair and they are usually paired with Saizo - Saizo and Asugi both have great magical stats surprisingly, so he can use Flame Shurikens well Niles - Nina makes a great Shining Bow Adventurer Jakob - Dwyer usually gets the leftover mom, and with a magical mom he will be able to heal decently Azama - He is suppose to be a magical dad (based off his class), but he is more suited for Physical classes, but Mitama can be decent Magical Unit with the right mom.
  8. In the US you had to buy this theme (along with the Nohr / Hoshido ones), didn't come free with preorders sadly. Gamestop (EBgames) did give us Xander, Ryoma and Azura keychains though.
  9. Corrin(m) vs Corrin(f) (avatar) - Male Avatar, but Female is nice too. Kana(m) vs Kana(f) (avatar child) - Tie, both are cute Felicia vs Jakob vs Flora (maid/butler) - Flora Silas vs Sophie vs Xander vs Gunter vs Seigbert vs Peri (cavalier/great knight) - Silas Hinoka vs Shigure vs Caeldori vs Subaki vs Reina (pegasus/kinshii) - Caeldori Takumi vs Kiragi vs Setsuna (archer) - Kiragi Niles vs Nina vs Shura (outlaw) - Nina Forrest vs Elise vs Dwyver (troubadour) - Elise Sakura vs Mitama vs Azama (cleric) - Sakura Saizo vs Kagero vs Kaze vs Asugi (ninja) - Asugi Midori vs Mozu vs Yukimura vs Azura (etc group) - Azura Fuga vs Ryoma vs Hinata vs Hana vs Hisame (swordmasters) - Ryoma Rhajat vs Hayato vs Orochi vs Izana (mages) - Orochi Odin vs Nyx vs Ophelia (dark mages) - Odin Arthur vs Charlotte vs Rinkah (axe users) - Charlotte Percy vs Beruka vs Camilla vs Scarlet (wyverns) - Camilla Oboro vs Shiro (lancers) - Shiro Effie vs Benny vs Ignatius (knights) - Benny Soliel vs Lazlow vs Selena (mercenaries) - Selena Kaden vs Selkie vs Veloruia vs Keaton (shifters) - Velouria Marth vs Ike vs Lucina vs Robin vs Anna (amiibo/dlc) - Lucina
  10. Partner and Friendship seal normally give base class to the characters, unless the two characters share a base class then they give each other their secondary class. So if you A+ someone whose base class is your secondary class, you don't get any extra classes. There were a few special exceptions though** But for people with unique base classes, they count their secondary class as the base and add a secret third class as the secondary to what they give people, but sadly they won't get a class back. Azura - Gives Troubadour to Sky Knights (Hinoka / Subaki) Keaton - Gives Outlaw to Fighters (Arthur / Charlotte) Kaden - Gives Apothecary to Diviners (Hayato, but not Orochi since its her Secondary, supposedly he gets it from her though which is weird) Mozu - Gives Apothecary to Archers (Takumi) Selkie - Gives Apothecary to Diviners (Rhajat) Velouria - I'm assuming she gives Outlaw to Fighters like her dad, but there are no 2nd gen Fighters. Avatar & Kana - Gives the Avatar's Talent Class The Avatar only gives his/her class to his/her spouse, no one can Friendship Seal the Avatar to get his/her Talent Class, but he/she can Friendship seal anyone of the same gender to get their base class. I think Niles and Rhajat were the exception to this cause they will always have S rank available no matter the Avatar's Gender. Kana can marry anyone from Gen 2 of the opposite gender and give them the Talent Class, M!Kana can buddy Shiro, Siegbert and Percy, while F!Kana can buddy, Midori, Selkie, Mitama and Velouria to give them the Talent Class
  11. Nope you can't inherit DLC classes even if you have that DLC unlocked its just the way the game was coded, just wait a few more weeks for the Witch DLC to be available. Galeforce you can farm now from the Royal DLC, but that thing is a Royal Pain in the Arse (see what i did there )
  12. Dwyer and Rhajat actually makes a very cute awkward couple. I originally planned to pair Rhajat with Asugi so their kids can learn galeforce, but ended up doing Dwyer X Rhajat instead.
  13. Like others have said, it scales so its up to you. But seeing that Anna joins at level 10 in her Base class, I think you should do it as early as possible.
  14. Can you use a unit with Lunge to switch places with them, (I'm assuming this guy is on Hold on the throne) I haven't tried it myself yet though.
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