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  1. Fine, my bad. I misunderstood your point. Still don't see how this makes a game bad, though. But that's just me. Don't get me wrong, I am probably the person on this thread who hates Fates the most. I absolutely DESPISE that game. And you should know this if you ever read any post about it that I made. I mean no offense, just pointing out that modern FE is far from the only culprit in this case. And I feel like more people should finally start to acknowledge it. I myself have no horse in that fanservice race.
  2. Professional little sister Hiori Everyone's Onee-san Mio The Hirahara sisters are memes now. XD
  3. Why would I not be surprised if that was an actual thing?
  4. Oooh! Awesome!~ The first picture shows the Happiness Zone of the Common from Blue Reflection, and the second is Eurulm, the second area you visit (and revist the most) in Nights of Azure 2! It even has the broken fountain and the church (incidentally also the area where you fight the boss that took me like 40 tries on Extreme difficulty)! Neat!~ So they picked the hardest boss in Blue Reflection for this? Yeah, superboss checks out. XD Incidentally, what music played when you fought it? Was it this? Because that's that thing's battle theme from the game!
  5. Don't worry, I'll do it instead. Jokes aside, I get it. That type of literature isn't for everyone. And translations of the Odyssey in particular (as well as the Iliad) have the baffling habit of trying to keep the hexameter metric intact, which works... literally never in any language that isn't Latin or Greek, making it incredibly hard to read.
  6. Hiori, not you too! How did this game go from tear-jerking to side-splittingly hilarious? I have no idea. XD
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