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  1. Mine would have to be.... Parry & Riposte: When this unit dodges an attack, it gets 1 extra attack. Not abusable with brave weapons. I.E. You can't turn your one extra attack into 2. And yes, this is inspired by Dark Souls.
  2. Anyone have a female Corrin with Amaterasu? Been looking for a week. :(
  3. Does anyone have a female Corrin with Amaterasu? I've been looking for weeks. :(
  4. So it turns out Subaki doesn't inherit wyvern rider, he inherits Troubadour.
  5. Thanks a ton. I was under the impression that since dancer is a special class, she would check his sky knight against her secondary. Hmm, that sucks. So I'm guessing the only way to give her samurai is by marrying ryoma or Hinata?
  6. So I married Azura off to Subaki, and everything I've read says I should be able to partner seal her over to a Samurai, but both the heart ant partner seals reclass her to Sky Knight. Am I missing something here, or does this just not work?
  7. So doing a revelations lunatic run. MU is +str/-HP and final class will be nohr/hoshidan noble. Intended to marry valouria. So the advice I need is: Mozu or Effie for Val's mother. Recommendations for kana build. Recommendations for talent. Any advice or constructive criticism would be appreciated.
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