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  1. Shura: Wayward Arrow "A refugee from a small, now-destroyed country south of Hoshido. Did cruel deeds to survive, but has a golden heart. He follows the Avatar to further his goals. Appears in Fire Emblem Fates." *Type: Green Bow *Stats: **HP: 38/41/44 **Atk: 32/35/38 **Spd: 34/37/40 **Def: 14/17/20 **Res:25/28/31 *Weapon: Marauder's Bow = Mt 13. Effective against Flying Infantry units. If unit initiated combat, deals 7 damage to foe after combat. **Marauder's Bow+ (Weapon Refinery Special Skill) = Mt 16. Effective against Flying Infantry units. If unit initiated combat, deals 7 damage to foe after combat. If foe's HP is 50% or less after inflicting damage, inflict 5 more damage to foe. *Assist: Reciprocal Aid *Special: None *A Slot: Swift Sparrow 2 *B Slot: Live for Bounty *C Slot: Panic Ploy 3
  2. It'll never happen but Shura as a green bow Legendary would be great lol. If it doesn't end up being green, they could maybe do Mikoto? She could definitely be a legendary candidate over Takumi. I think giving us the option to change our bow units to different colors would be easier for IntSys. Of course, it'd probably require a system similar to the blessings so it can't be changed all willy nilly. As for Noire, I'd love it if she was a green bow, simply because of her design lol. Colorless would be fine too, since I like rainbow teams, and we have three other Awakening children already (sans Fate counterparts). Having the ability to change bow colors would make me more inclined to use daggers and staves.
  3. Sorry if this is a repeated question. Tried looking through multiple forums and only found one outdated topic. Early this year, I started replaying Blazing Blade, and kinda got into some of the lore connecting it with Binding Blade (especially because Rebecca is one of my favorite units). I've never played Binding Blade (don''t feel like playing a rom either), but since Echoes was remade, and with the 3DS no longer being a focus for Nintendo, I started thinking about the possibility of Binding Blade being remade. Someone else here seems to have had a similar idea, but I also started thinking about the Switch's hardware capabilities (of which I know nothing of lol) and wondered if it would be possible to include a "mega remake" of both Binding and Blazing Blade, where you'd start off with Blazing, and the decisions you made directly affecting Binding (i.e. who supported who, who died, who lived, etc). My first (and favorite) game is Awakening. I really liked the class system, the MU, and the children giving more incentive to pair units (something that unfortunately made it somewhat hard to play older FEs). With the idea of this "mega remake", and with Binding Blade having children from Blazing Blade characters, I thought it would be a cool idea incorporating the marriage mechanics and class system from Awakening and Fates, and incorporating it into this "mega remake", as the children units had a reason to be in the game (*cough* Fates *cough*). For example, if Rebecca married Lowen, Wolt could inherit Lowen's Cavalier class as a secondary class. If Lyn married Rath, Sue could inherit the Lord or Mercenary class from Lyn. (Maybe Roy could get some kind of perfomer class from Ninian lol). While I haven't played Binding Blade, I don't think it'd hurt if more children characters were made to accommodate this system. While my example is about the Elibe games, I'm posting this in the General forum, as this type of remake could also be made for the Tellius games and similar series (there's one more series that I can't think of atm...). As mentioned previously, I don't know if this is possible hardware/software wise, but if it was, is this something that would interest others?
  4. Wait, we know this much already? I haven't been keeping up with new info apparently lol. Thanks!
  5. I've never played or really looked into Gaiden, so I recognize some classes from their resemblance to Awakening and Fates models, but others I don't. Has/can someone compile a list of the classes shown in the trailer?
  6. I love her design and the fact that she's a green cavalier, plus I'm hard-headed so I'll keep leveling her up but it's good to know that others have problems with her as well...
  7. Is anyone else trying to use Cecilia? i can't tell if she's just bad in general or if I'm just getting poor stat increases.
  8. Felicia is my priority. Depending on how many I get, I may also try them on Cecilia since she's kinda weak but I want her regardless.
  9. I love my team so far (Abel, Cherche, Tharja, Felicia), plus Cain and Kagero put in some work too, but Abel is definitely my best right now.
  10. Duality: Reverses the weapon triangle during any combat with this unit. Augmented Spire: Allows an equipped lance to attack at Range 2.
  11. Azura was in the Japanese version too so I don't know why it was a surprise. Also I'm not much of a fan of the English version, sadly. The Japanese feels much more boos-ominous-finale like. I think Rena was a bit too quiet and Matt's voice "vibrated/undulated" too much for me.
  12. Ooo, something in-depth. This is interesting. Vere I know he has three classes but I honestly couldn't decide. I would have a kid, if there wasn't a Jakob already. So instead of being bi, I made him gay :p edit: Decided to make him bi after all. Cecilia (Child)
  13. You also shouldn't marry Mozu to jakob since his only other A+ is Takumi, and Mozu gives Archer when married or buddied.
  14. Samurai/Ninja talent would be nice, depending on whether you'd want to focus more on Swords or Shurikens. You can Friendship either and Silas does benefit from Samurai.
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