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  1. It's the exact same process for Fates as Awakening. You can use a Fates tutorial for this and it will work. I'm only familiar with HANS, so that's the only process I can walk you through. If you are using HANS, you will need the following three things: Braindump RomFS Extractor RomFS Rebuilder Place the braindump files on your 3DS' SD card, in the 3ds folder that should be on the root of the card. Use braindump to dump your game. Make sure you have at least 2GB of free space on your SD card, and plug in your 3DS, because it's a bit of a slog for it to dump (go make lunch or something). After it's done, shut down your 3DS and take out the card. You'll now have a folder on your card with a name made of up of a 16-digit number string that will be one of the following, depending on region: NA 00040000000a0500 PAL 000400000009F100 Drag the folder to your desktop (or wherever) and delete the original from your SD card. Inside that folder will be two files: romfs.bin and exefs.bin. At this point, you'll want to use RomFS Extractor and direct it to extract romfs.bin. Once it's done, you will have a new folder named romfs_. This is the folder that contains all the files you need to overwrite. At this point, drag and drop all of the Gay Awakening files that pertain to your regional version into the _romfs folder. Overwrite everything. Now, create a folder on the root of your SD card called hans. Now use RomFS Builder. Select the _romfs folder and click 'Go' to let it run. It will prompt you to save. Save the file in your new hans folder as either 000a0500.romfs (NA) or 0009F100.romfs (PAL) depending on your region. Make sure you write in the extension as well, or it won't save in the proper format. Put your SD card back into the 3DS. Boot into the Homebrew menu and run HANS. Navigate down to the NO beside "Romfs -> SD" and press right on the d-pad to change it to YES. Navigate down to OK and press A. Voilà. You can now play Gay Awakening.
  2. I like to imagine the scene as someone riding in on a massive warhorse, slaughtering their way through enemy ranks, and no matter what dialogue is written on the screen, that's the positively roared-out voice clip. And it's also one of their crit lines.
  3. I've decided that their daughter is the mysterious unused Tracie from the game files. Probably no truth to it, but I'm going to run with it.
  4. Very true, especially considering what happened to Basilio in the bad future, but let me dream. Can you imagine a Basilio&Flavia kid? The sheer sass potential.
  5. Your entire lifespan. The fact that it mentions a newborn in the ending makes me think that yeah, there was (probably very early) another child character planned.
  6. So I was digging through Awakening's Endings file (エンディング.bin.lz) when I came across something that took me off-guard. Married ending data for Basilio and Flavia. What. MEID_その後_バジーリオ_フラヴィア: Basilio returned home and threw\nhimself into two new endeavors:\ndeposing his wife from the Feroxi\nthrone and rearing their newborn\nchild. This led to the liveliest―and\nloudest―royal household in memory. Now, I will admit to having done some (okay, a lot of) hacking, including new writing, so I thought I'd accidentally transposed this clearly altered ending file with the original somehow. I knew I hadn't written it myself, but I'd downloaded other people's edits in the past to use as examples while I was first learning and thought I might have mixed something up. In fact, here's my exact note to myself upon finding it: "I didn't write this Basilio/Flavia ending, but I fucking love it." But then it occurred to me that I'd taken this file directly from my original braindump. I was pretty sure I had, anyway. So I went into my braindump folder and grabbed the original, unaltered file. I unpacked it, and yep, there it was. The married ending. I checked the original file's 'Date Modified' and it was identical to every other file in the braindump. So it clearly had not been altered. I started looking around online. Even if it was real, there is no freaking way I was the only person to find this. The game has been out for YEARS. It's been hacked for years. Lots of people have gone through this game's code. The only reason I'm able to do it myself is because people have built tools for hacking this specific game. But there was nothing, or at least I found nothing. Not even in the Trivia sections of the wikis or on The Cutting Room Floor, nor on Serene Forest's own 'Unused Content' section for Awakening. And while I've never heard of any unused content for a Basilio/Flavia pairing, I have heard a lot of people express consternation at the lack of S Support for them, and I feel like a discovered unused married ending would have caused even more lamenting. So, finally, I redumped my entire game cart. I wanted to make absolutely sure I hadn't made a mistake in this and was looking at an altered file. I dumped my game, I ran RomFS Extractor, I found the file, and I unpacked it. And there it was. In the original, unaltered, freshly-extracted game data, there was proof that at some point there were plans for Basilio and Flavia to have an S Support until all our dreams were prematurely dashed. If this has been discussed before, I apologize for the post. Even right now I'm convinced I'm not the first person to notice this. And I'm super nervous about posting because of it. But I even did a search with the ending text and nothing came up. I searched "basilio flavia married ending fire emblem" and other phrases like it and came up with zilch. I even searched this forum and didn't see a result about it. So, uh. Here, have some information.
  7. "Keep an eye on your enemies' HP. They might use Vantage to turn the tables!" They warned us about the dangers of Vantage. I decided to take that warning to heart. Ares, slaughter everyone in a single turn for me, okay? Thanks. YOU SCOUNDREL [ SKILLS ] Ares: Dark Mystletainn, Draconic Aura, Distant Counter, Vantage 3, Def Smoke 3, Attack +3 NY!Hríd: Geishun+, Hone Atk 4 L!Azura: Prayer Wheel, Gray Waves Robin: Yelling tactical advice such as "Murder everything!" (Thank you, @Flying Shogi!)
  8. I got +ATK/-HP Deirde and +ATK/-DEF Julia! ...On the Laguz banner. They pity broke me. Sigh. At least their IVs are great.
  9. All right, I'll try that. I've got a few spare Sothes that I won't mind scrapping. Additionally, with LnD3 + SPD+3 Seal, I can get Chrom's base Spd up to 40, which makes Desperation more viable, especially once buffs start stacking.
  10. Thank you so much for all your input! I don't have W!Robin, although Linus is certainly obtainable (albeit expensive to raise up just to fodder). I am very fond of Life and Death, although I wonder how badly that would impact Bonfire on Chrom. I'll probably take your suggestion of Brazen Atk/Spd, as I would like to start using Chrom more than I have been. I'll run any debuffing skills on another unit, as suggested. Again, thank you!
  11. Hi, there! It's been a while since I was here, but I was wondering if anyone would mind offering some feedback on this potential BK!Chrom build. For the record, he's +10. I kept pulling him when all I wanted was M!Morgan. ◉ Sealed Falchion ☗ Reciprocal Aid [OR] Ardent Sacrifice → For lowering health to meet skill thresholds, not sure which to go with; to activate all in set, he'd need 33 HP if my math is correct, so just one use of Ardent Sacrifice would be enough for Brazen and Falchion, but not Desperation. ▶ Bonfire A: Brazen Atk/Def 3 B: Desperation 3 → Not sure how useful this will be with only 32 SPD, but hoping C Skill will help shore it up. [ Alternate B: Vantage 3 → Wondering if this is a better option, even without Distant Counter on him. ] C: Threaten Spd 3 [OR] Spd Smoke 3 S: Atk/Def 2 IV: +DEF / -RES Stats: 45/59/32/43/17 Thanks so kindly!
  12. 130 orbs, let's do this. I am hoping for: Ephraim, Lyn, Shigure, Henry, Inigo, Jakob. I would not say no to Ike, Celica, Eirika, Micaiah, or Genny. I do not want Robin, because I already have spare copies of her and there's nothing really on her for me to fodder off. Let's go! 4★ Maria. No. 5★ Legendary Robin. ...I'm full up on you, no. But I'll take the Earth Blessing I guess? 4★ Sothe. Life and Death fodder, cool. 5★ Performing Inigo. YES. +DEF / -RES, I'll take it. 4★ Priscilla 4★ Lon'qu 3★ Niles 4★ Olivia 4★ Priscilla 5★ Genny. Wrathful Staff fodder, good. 4★ Sakura 3★ Serra 3★ F!Corrin 5★ Performing Shigure, hell yes. +ATK / -RES, sounds good to me. 4★ Nino 5★ SM Eirika, never thought you'd come back to me after I sacrificed my first one of you to M!Morgan. +RES / -SPD, you might be Swift Sparrow fodder again. Either way, welcome! 3★ Peri 4★ Hana 4★ Priscilla 4★ Eirika 3★ Florina 5★ Legendary Lyn. YES! +RES / -HP, whatever. She's not -SPD or -ATK, I'm happy. 3★ Priscilla 5★ Legendary Lyn. Again, yes! +ATK / -SPD, my heart is conflicted. 4★ Est 4★ Gaius 3★ Serra 3★ Kagero 5★ Legendary Ephraim. FINALLY. You have eluded me for so long. +ATK / -HP, excellent. 3★ Gaius 4★ Maria ...And with my very last orbs, we've come full circle with another Maria. Of the characters I want, I'm only missing Henry and Jakob. 8/31 pulled units were 5★. That's roughly 25%, not bad at all! All in all, I'm really happy with this pull session. Going to save up more orbs and try again before this event is over.
  13. Much appreciated! I am very pleased with her. She'll go straight onto my Flier Emblem team should I ever bloody finish it. Thank you! I haven't managed to pull Shigure yet and I've used a lot of orbs just sniping blue. I'm tempted to give up, especially after having my 5.25% pity rate broken by Tailtiu. Well, let's keep trying. 3★ Lukas, 4★ L'Arachel, 4★ Subaki, 3★ Shanna (Desperation fodder, I'll take it), 4★ Roderick, 4★ Donnel, 4★ Donnel, 4★ Donnel (AGAIN?), 4★ Tailtiu (ugh), 4★ Mae, 4★ Oboro... This is not going well. Maybe the universe is trying to tell me to quit, but I am really good at spectacularly bad ideas, also sunk cost fallacy etcetera. Keep trying, I guess. Next pull has two blue, two green, and a red. Hit the first blue... FINALLY. He's got neutral IVs, which is fine by me. I don't really care about Kana, but I'll do a YOLO pull on the rest, see what I get. Hector would be nice. ...Well, holy crap. Okay, I'm satisfied. Now to save for the Legendary banner.
  14. About 40 orbs in and Hinoka came home. Not bad! +SPD / -HP? Yes, please! About 20 orbs later, I get BH Lyn. Atk Smoke fodder is always welcome! 4★ Shanna shows up while pulling for Shigure; Desperation fodder is also welcome. Three more pulls end with no blue orbs, so I just pull the colourless; end up with 3★ Klein. Hey, Death Blow fodder works for me. And that's it, I'm out of orbs. I'll earn some more and try for Shigure again later. I don't care about Kana in the least, so I won't bother pulling any green (or red, since there are no focus units there).
  15. @silveraura25 @Humanoid @Xenomata @XRay Thank you all for your input and help! Xenomata, even if it wasn't often, you have helped me at least once in the past, and I wanted to thank you for the time you took to do that. :3 That's all. I'm still kind of waffling on what to build to give her since you've all given me a number of great suggestions. I think I may go with the following: ◉ Thani ☗ Reposition ▶ Iceberg A: Death Blow 3 B: Bowbreaker C: Drive Atk 2 S: Res Ploy 3 XRay: Unfortunately, I don't have the fodder for Res Ploy for her C slot, although I'd love to give it to her.
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