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  1. Thanks for the heads up! I should have responded earlier, but I took the liberty of adding your information to our issue board a couple weeks ago. The mentioned problems have been fixed and will be available in the next monthly update to our repo, which should be out any day now.
  2. Now that's very odd. The first half of those Live2D files should not have the names they have. Every patched file is supposed to have the same name as their Japanese copy, but it looks like their names got corrupted. If you take a look inside the "m" folder of the patch you downloaded, do the files look like the top half of the list, or the bottom? If they look like the top half, then I'd recommend re-downloading the patch and using a different program to unzip it. If I had to guess, something that interacted with the files, possibly the program you used to extract them, took issue with the Japanese text and changed all the names as a result.
  3. That's very odd. The story files are in the same folder as the supports and Skinship files, so if you have those, you should definitely have the rest. Just in case, I ran the patcher on a clean backup and the support files were copied from the patch without problems. Is it possible you have a layeredFS patch running that could override what's in the game? Did you uninstall the previous game completely before re-installing it? The error indicates the patcher was able to successfully extract and patch the game, but something happened during the rebuilding process. Unfortunately, it's a multi-step process and I'm not able to tell where things might've gone awry from this alone. I just built an updated version of the patcher that should catch errors during rebuild as they occur. If you could download the updated program here and try patching your game again, if something happens the error message will help me narrow down the possible causes.
  4. I'm glad you were able to get it to work! So far it's just those four DLCs, yeah. If/when we end up doing the bonus DLC, we'll just add them to the patch and the program will pick them right up.
  5. Sorry about that, the chapter summaries keep getting bumped down the to-do list. But now that we're over the mountain of first-gen supports, we do plan to focus a lot more on the miscellaneous text like My Castle dialogue and system text. Since it's such a small file, I'm guessing we could get the summaries done by the next monthly commit.
  6. Thanks for the heads up! It was a mistake on my end. I just added the file to the repo and updated the release zip to include Joker x Felicia. If anyone already downloaded the release, you'll can simply download the support here and place the file in the "m" folder of "rom". Of course, if you'd like you can also re-download the zip and it'll be in there. Hopefully that's the only one missing, but we'll double check just in case!
  7. Sorry for the wait, but the release is now live and ready to download!
  8. Happy anniversary! Today marks the second anniversary of Fire Emblem If's Japanese release, as well as the creation of the original Team If. To celebrate, release version 4.2 has been uploaded to our GitHub repo and is ready to download! You can find the link right here and in the OP: https://github.com/TeamIf/FireEmblemIf-FanTranslation/releases/tag/v4.2 Release Notes: All first generation supports (non-children characters) have been translated and edited Subtitles for all cutscenes! Invisible Kingdom dialogue completely re-edited to sound natural and consistent Bundled with our new patcher that simplifies DLC patching Our old patching program was starting to feel really outdated, so we built a new one with some new features. It requires a CIA backup of either If or Fates, and includes the ability to patch individual pieces of content within one DLC backup CIA. And if you provide the patcher with a localized Fates copy (NA/EU), the program will automatically sort the files based on the game's region, no re-organizing necessary. Unfortunately, if you'd like to patch a .3ds backup, you'll have to stick with the patcher bundled with our previous releases. This patch is still completely compatible, although you'll need to use another tool to patch your DLC. Credit goes to @Kyonko802 for revising Invisible Kingdom for this release. IK hadn't gotten much editing love up until now, unfortunately, so the text was filled with errors, inconsistencies, unnatural-sounding dialogue, and occasionally game-breaking bugs. With this revision, all of those issues should be resolved for good. Every first generation support has now been translated and edited; they should all now be at a stage where they're completely readable and easy to understand. It should be noted, however, that the files were worked on by a handful of people, so there are occasions where a character might speak a bit differently from support to support. One of the first things we plan to do is go back and revise a lot of the supports to achieve some consistency in how the characters behave throughout their conversations. That said, the issue shouldn't be too noticeable, and the supports in their current condition are absolutely ready to use. As always, if you notice any issues, errors, inconsistencies, or anything else that seems off, please leave us a ticket on our issue board and we'll do what we can to resolve them: https://github.com/TeamIf/FireEmblemIf-FanTranslation/issues Thank you guys so much for sticking with us for so long! We seriously couldn't do it without your support. We're always looking for an extra hand, so if you know Japanese or have a very firm grasp of the English language, shoot me a PM! Hope you guys like the release, and here's to an amazing two years! EDIT: The release is now live! Just follow the link above.
  9. Yep! If you find anything that might be a bug, mis-translation, or editing issue, that's the place to post it. We check both here and the board, but it's much easier for us to track the status of bugs from the issue board. As for Saizou x Orochi, yeah, that's definitely going to need a second pass, at least. We'll be sure to fix it up before the next commit/release. Thanks for the heads up!
  10. Sorry for the double post, but I have a couple new things to share! First of all, we've gone ahead and created a new patcher program to replace the one bundled with our previous releases. While the old patcher required a .3ds backup and Xorpads, the new patcher only requires a decrypted CIA file. It's capable of patching DLC files in CIA format, as well. For those looking to patch their localized copies of Fire Emblem Fates, the patcher will reorganize the patched files to match that region's folder structure. You'll no longer have to mess with the patch's files to make it compatible with your version of the game. This isn't yet true for the DLC, though; I haven't had the opportunity to test this program on out-of-region DLC yet. Download link: https://github.com/ShadySheikah/IfPatcher/releases We also added a dlc folder to the patch's repository, which is necessary for the patcher to work with DLC. If you plan on using the new patcher right away, make sure you pull the latest content from the repo. I tested this as much as I could, but there's a good chance I missed some bugs. If you run into any issues, please open an issue on the patcher's issue board. Note that this is separate from the translation's issue board. We won't be officially supporting the patcher until we bundle it with the patch in our next release, and any issues found will be fixed by then. Which leads me to the next thing I wanted to share. Our next release will be on June 25! The 25th marks the two year anniversary of Fire Emblem If's release and the beginning of Team If, so we're planning on making this release a worthwhile one. Along with what's already been done, here's what it'll include: All first generation supports translated and edited Invisible Kingdom re-revised to fix errors, pacing, and overall readability Thanks to @SciresM, we've been able to get cutscene subtitles working! At least one story path will have subtitles from beginning to end, but we're aiming for all three Fixes for a very large portion of reported issues (many of which are already on the repo) The new patcher mentioned above will be bundled with the release After this upcoming release, we'll finally be done with the first generation of character supports, leaving only the child supports to translate. But we've still got some work to do on other fronts. We've found a way to get Skinship confessions to display subtitles like they do in Fates (again, huge thanks to @SciresM), but that's still being worked on and won't be ready until later. Before all is said and done, we'll most likely also give the Hoshido and Nohr story routes one more revision pass to keep them consistent with the changes made in Invisible Kingdom. But the good news is that we're getting ever closer to a full translation of the main game. Until then, look forward the 25th of June!
  11. We're using the issue board on our GitHub repo to track errors and other mistakes. If you see something that needs fixing, just open up an issue there and we'll get right on it.
  12. You can, but it's not the most straightforward process. You'll need to use this program to convert all the files in the "m" folder into text files, do a find/replace on each name in every file where their name is mentioned (making sure to check for case, since their names show up in-code as all-caps), convert the text files back into their original format, and re-patch.
  13. No problem, glad you're enjoying it so far! Your first question actually ties into the second. The Japanese Fire Emblem If has an update patch available, but that patch is only downloadable on a 3DS with access to the Japanese eShop. Unfortunately, to my knowledge, 3DSs are only able to access the eShop for their designated region. That means while your 3DS might notify you of updates or new DLC for installed Japanese games, there's no way to actually download them using Nintendo's updater or eShop software. You'd have to use your backup files to update the game manually. It sounds like your DLC hasn't been patched with our fan translation. Chapter 7 is the first chapter in Invisible Kingdom that reads from the downloaded content rather than the base game. Right now, our instructions only cover patching the first game, but we're working on providing instructions on patching the DLC files in the next few days, as well. Ultimately, we hope to improve our patcher to automate the process in the future. Sorry about the confusion.
  14. Hey guys! Sorry it's been a while. Progress has been rather slow-moving for the last few weeks, due largely to many of us gearing up for finals. Things should pick back up in another week or so, and we'll have a lot more to share then. Unfortunately, we don't have a list like that at the moment, but I can whip up a simplified copy of the chart we use to track supports. All male/male and female/female first generation supports are complete, so it only covers the first gen male/female: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1P3GhQ6NOK1o0wk-s9ZhnM2FMEpSOMAjKiErKaJ1JFKk/edit?usp=sharing If you're referring to the chapter names on the save files, those should correct themselves after saving again. You can use NTR to get the DLC working (we have a guide for that here), but unfortunately, you won't be able to apply the patch with it. You'll need to find a way to patch the DLC files themselves. Regarding your second point, we haven't translated any DLC aside from the story paths quite yet. We're waiting until we're closer to completing the main game's content before focusing on anything else. Sorry about that! We can't take credit for this, actually! We haven't done anything regarding DLC compatibility with HANS, so there must have been an update to HANS itself or something. Still, I'm glad to hear it's working for you. When you apply this patch to the Japanese versions of the game, all lines during the Skinship minigame will be translated. However, since the confession scenes don't have subtitles, we haven't been able to provide translations for them yet. That will change at some point in the future, though. I did mention a few posts up that applying our patch to a localized version of the game wouldn't bring back Skinship, and this is because the minigame has been stripped from these versions entirely. However, the only effect our patch has on Japanese Skinship is the language shown in the subtitles.
  15. Our patch doesn't contain any audio files, so none of the voices would be affected. I'm sure using the undub patch in the other thread wouldn't cause a problem, though.
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