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    Video games (mega drive, master system, arcade, snes, nes, n64, Saturn, gbc, gba, ps1, ps2, dreamcast)Forum mafia/werewolf, Reading, Writing, film and television history, Philosophy.
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Working to get Masters in Russian Literature, mailing spec scripts for various things to people to make ends meet. May try to participate in AGDQ in a year or two (Monaco: What's Yours is Mine, Future Tactics: The Uprising, Steambot Chronicles, Duck Dodgers 64)

I have a very aggressive booklist to keep me busy, so I will probably not purchase any modern video games, although I will probably continue to gobble up 4-6th console generation games up. Very Recently, I've been enthusiastic about playing arcade games on MAME thanks to the 1CC community. It's fostering a negative attitude toward RPGs, zelda, and to a lesser extent 3D platformers. 

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