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  1. I feel like people underrate mortal savant a bit too much. Having used Felix Mortal Savant, its really good. The class suffers from only a handful of characters excelling at it but those that do gain a lot of flexibility.
  2. That just make me wish even more that Edelgard route was fleshed out more. I'm similar in that I like the GD students most but I like Edelgard best.
  3. But is BE route your favorite route? If you like another route more than my point still stands. That people's favorite route tends to be the same as their favorite Lord. I didn't mean that your first route is your favorite.
  4. Not supporting Edelgard is church route. Doing church and GD back to back I still don't think is the best because its not just the maps but the story that is very similar. Overall, I don't think theres a best order to experience the routes. Picking the house whose Lord you are most interested in is perfectly valid. Peoples favorite route tends to mirror their favorite lord. I find that people that love BL love Dimitiri and people that love BE love Edelgard. I have yet to find a person pick a route as their favorite without the lord also being their favorite.
  5. His defenses are rather low for a frontline unit. He makes a pretty good archer though. 40% STR, 60% dex, and 60% speed growths are pretty good. He won't be the best in any class you give him but hes a decent replacement for any student that gets stat screwed which is pretty common given the somewhat low growth rates in this game.
  6. They both have better classes which will make them far stronger. On the other hand, Marianne as dancer is about as good as her being a gremory or dark knight.
  7. Hey, I know someone out there had to have the hots for Catherine. She is pretty badass and as you said, just the right amount of masculinity to not go overboard with it.
  8. But casual mode did exist. And lets be real, using Divine Pulse is the same as playing on casual and just saving mid mission.
  9. I think Dorothea does better as a Gremory so her long range spells can get double usage. Marianne does feel like the best dancer in the game. I think Marianne is the first dancer in the series that is also an effective fighter.
  10. Yeah, I think everyone that physically attacks wants deathblow but especially the low str characters. Ingrid going Brigand > Pegasus Rider > Wyvern Rider > Falcon Knight is likely the best build for her.
  11. Swordmaster Lorenz 50% STR / 40% magic / 60% speed. lol Though really Lorenz is tailor made to be a Dark Knight and does pretty well in that class. He won't double often except vs armor knights but then mages struggle with speed growth in general. Though note that the very fast enemies in this game gets absurd speed so even if Lorenz had 60% speed growth he would still not double them. His speed not as big a deal as you might think. Though I would level his armor skill for the weight reduction on his spells.
  12. Seriously, Marianne will be more effective in Mortal Savant than in Holy Knight. Its hardly the worst Master class and it gets more hate then it deserves. I'd put Mortal Savant over great knight and holy knight easily. At least Great Knight is a good tank. Holy Knight is the worse because whitetomefaire is near worthless. There just isn't enough attack white magic to make it effective. On the other hand, Mortal Savant has swordfaire which will boost Marianne damage when using Levin Swords and her relic sword. I don't think its better than Dark Knight or Dancer for Marianne but she will still be a far better murder machine as a Mortal Savant than as a Holy Knight.
  13. Hmm, thats the general consensus I see among other players. Canto is just so ridiculous. The biggest factor in favor of Bow Knight is that he is the least likely potential archer to get STR or speed screwed. Swordmaster is a frontline unit that lacks good 1-2 range outside of the Levin Sword but most people would prefer using WarMasters (even more crit and better 1-2 range options) and Wyvern Lords (tanky, agile and FLYERS). Its not that strange when you notice the assassin class and its requirement of swords and bows. Assassin is another fantastic option for Felix but again you limited the choice to swordmaster and bow knight.
  14. Ya ya, I know. To keep his post time skip look. In which case I vote for Bow Knight but I'd probably level him in sniper. the lost in speed growth isn't that big a deal. It will raise your bow rank faster and save you renown to spend else where. Brigand > Sniper > Bow Knight is a simple build that will turn Felix into a murder machine. Swordmaster is good but you'd want Wraith from warrior as well to take full advantage of vantage. Overall, its not really needed when you have Warmasters as your crit machines.
  15. This is a bad poll result though. People might look at this and make the mistake of putting poor Marianne in the worse Master class in the game. 😞 If you want her on a mount, use Dark Knight.
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