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  1. When you want to play Team Fortress 2 but you don't have a computer that can play it But anyway, since I've finished playing Okami and watching that Viva Piñata speedrun, I've decided to replay The Thousand-Year Door. I got up to Chapter 4 the last time I played it, but it's been a while so now I'll start from the beginning. Lastly, today is Masahiro Sakurai's 50th birthday. Congrats on hitting the big five-oh Sakurai!
  2. Here I thought Albedo was the third best villain (with Jin and Egil tied for second). Though I suppose I can't argue; he does have that laugh after all. Incidentally, this video also sums up how much screentime he gets in Episode III.
  3. Because I felt like it, I ended up finishing my Xeno character "tier list" (using this tier list maker). I use "tier list" loosely because I organized it based on what I thought was funny more than anything. It has spoilers for every game, but here it is: If this is too small, you can also view it here. I haven't played through Xenoblade X yet, so "Stuck on a different planet" is for X characters I wasn't clever enough to put somewhere else. I also haven't played Xenogears, so let me know if some placements are inaccurate. Several characters could fit into more than one "tier" so don't think too much about who went where.
  4. I think the $30 version only works if you already have Xenoblade 2; the standalone is $40 both physically and digitally. It seems to me that Nene and Kino being "clones" is a consequence of FC (and XCDE as a whole) being a side project for whatever game Monolith is currently making. Hopefully Xenoblade 3/X2/whatever it is will benefit from the additional resources Monolith got since Xenoblade 2 released. Gael'gar having his own tier on the villain tier list reminds me that I tried to make a Xeno character tier list last week, but I lost my progress when I was almost done and I didn't get back to it. Maybe I should've made Juju and Tatsu top tier and called it a day.
  5. While looking for that image of Sylvando, I stumbled across this Dragon Quest VIII video and... Thanks to Torna, I now feel the need to respond to every use of the word "simpleton" with a picture of Mythra. Curse you, Brighid! Angelo even has the same VA as Alvis, so make of that what you will. I also feel the need to respond to the phrase "Are you okay?" with "Buster Wolf!", thank you Terry.
  6. (I wonder for Hocotate's economy if 100 Pokos is a year's salary, especially since Hocotate Freight has a debt of 10,000 Pokos...) Are you disparaging the great Sylvando? Because I hope you aren't. His fabulousness transcends even the heavens! I wish I was bestowed with even a tenth of his power.
  7. Not just one best girl, but two bestest girls! 12/10
  8. When I mentioned playing Okami earlier today, I didn't think I was basically at the end already... But the final boss was probably the best part of the game, so that's good. The passage in question is (see pages 226 and 227 of The Secret File for the source): I imagine this idea was a very early one and that most of the modern plot wasn't firmly established yet. We know the initial concept for the game was "people live on the bodies of two dead titans," but proto-Shulk, Reyn, and Sharla might not have much in common with their finalized versions. (Now that I think about it, I don't think Xenoblade 2's artbook had interesting factoids like this. Maybe it'll be translated one day and we'll find out.)
  9. I find it funny that you mention this, since the Iwata Asks for XC actually acknowledged this issue (or more specifically, a party member betraying you). The Secret Files further explains that an early concept had Reyn betray the party after Sharla's death and would fight Shulk with the power of Mechonis, which might be the idea that Takeda was talking about.
  10. I probably should've mentioned this earlier, but I got Okami HD a few weeks ago and I assume I'm almost done because I recently got the last brush technique. It's quite fun and you could say that its a hybrid of Zelda and PlatinumGames' later titles (its development team eventually formed Platinum, so technically it's a Platinum game the same way that Xenogears is a Monolith Soft game). Remember when I said that Capcom games go on sale every month or so? Even that was underselling it, because I got Okami when it was on sale a month ago and it went on sale again only two weeks later. When I haven't been playing that, I've been watching a 34 hour long Viva Piñata speedrun. Viva Piñata is one of the greatest video game series of all time so it's nice that people are still playing it (please make a third game Rare, I might even buy the next Xbox if you do).
  11. 20 years ago today, Mario Tennis 64 was released in Japan and we were first graced with the presence of a certain man in purple. Happy birthday Waluigi! Maybe you'll get a starring role in a game someday.
  12. I can't believe Ryza has Alvis's key necklace. I suppose he didn't need it anymore once DE was released so Ryza ended up with it instead.
  13. Playing through Xenoblade 1 revived my interest in replaying Xenoblade 2, so with that on the mind I want to talk about Flesh Eaters. This ended up being longer than expected, but I wanted to make a writeup about what we know about Flesh Eaters. Before Xenoblade DE came out I left off my Xenoblade 2 replay in Uraya (which is coincidentally where I took a break on my first playthrough), but now I'm at chapter 4.
  14. Personally I didn't have many issues with there being too many quests, aside from the fact that by the endgame you get dozens of quests with enemies with levels in the 90s when your party is in their mid 70s, and you'll eventually run out of reasonably leveled quests so you'll have to grind for the later ones. Also, Xenoblade 2 has notably less quests because generic objectives like "find items" and "fight enemies" are instead tied to Blade skill trees, rather than being their own quests. Anyway Claude is my favorite Xenoblade protagonist.
  15. I've been curious: for people who played Xenoblade Chronicles before DE, did playing it again change your opinions on anything? It could be the gameplay, story, characters, the gloriousness of Riki, or anything else. This reminds me, one of my hopes from before KotM released was that Mothra's Song would be included. Fortunately it was, which is good because Mothra vs. Godzilla was one of my first Godzilla movies (if not the first) so I'm very nostalgic for it. Now beggars can't be choosers, but if only there was a vocal version...
  16. Before I forget to mention it again, I finished the main plot of Xenoblade and Colony 6's reconstruction. The dreaded Rainbow Slugs and Black Liver Beans weren't too hard to find, though the Ice Cabbages took longer. There are still plenty of quests to do and I haven't fully completed Future Connected yet, but I don't want to finish all of it at once so I can wait before I do all that.
  17. I've heard about it, but I haven't seen those storyboards before. The credits already indicate that Mothra had an egg offscreen, but how necessary this scene was depends on if she will be in GvK (though I would like her to be, maybe she can escort the humans through Hollow Earth which is apparently be explored). The King Ghidorah scene was probably included so he could potentially come back in a future film. I think this is wrong. New party members will join with the affinity coins obtained from previously defeated UMs, so they can't lose out on affinity coins if you defeat them early.
  18. It's funny you should say that, because Ingrid and Riesz are both voiced by Brittany Cox. Maybe there's a deeper conspiracy going on here...
  19. The Trials of Apollo series is a direct sequel to The Heroes of Olympus, and its final book will release later this year. Magnus Chase is its own thing but is set around the same time as Trials of Apollo. The three Greek series each consist of five books while KC and MC each have three books. There are also several spinoff books including a Percy Jackson/Kane Chronicles crossover, but these aren't required reading even if some stories in them are acknowledged in the main books. In Xenoblade news, I didn't have as much trouble with everyone's favorite boss as I expected to, though I had to get my party up to level 75 after losing a few times. I didn't have any problems with the poison at any rate.
  20. I'm on the final chapter of Xenoblade. Hooray! It's been a while since I've seen the lategame scenes so I'll muse about them for a bit.
  21. After hours of doing side content, I've reached Chapter 15 of XCDE. At this rate I should finish the game at around 70-75 hours, depending on how much side content I do before the final boss. My progress: On another note, Okami HD is on sale so I might get it if the mood strikes. It feels like Capcom games go on sale every month, so if I don't get it now it shouldn't be too long before it goes on sale again.
  22. Even if Spring Man does get in, the only other Assist Trophy to have a chance at getting "promoted" is Waluigi, and it's not that I expect him to get in either. That aside, I'm going to be boring and predict that Min Min will be the ARMS character. I hope the presentation will have Sakurai explain how they ended up deciding on the ARMS rep and why they picked that character in particular.
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