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  1. Having just reached Mor Ardain in my Xenoblade 2 replay... how many Rare Blades should I have at this point? The only random Rare Blades I have are Nim and Finch, and it's not that I'm not using the Core Crystals I get. I didn't summon much during my first playthough so I don't have a frame of reference, but maybe I'm just unlucky with my Blade summons. Rex is fine with his story Blades and Wulfric, but I'll get Vess for Nia so she doesn't need to rely on random summons too much.
  2. That old Ganon's no match for the king! Though the fact that the page is labeled "other characters", and that Purah and Robbie are there despite presumably being unplayable, might not be evidence that he's playable yet. I expect that the seven we have will be the only characters used in the story, and that any other characters will be bonuses of some kind. Also, another trailer: Koroks and Hestu are back, and now everyone gets a paraglider.
  3. I never knew that Romeo and Juliet was inspired by a volcano myth. Looks like Shakespeare continues to be unoriginal. (Per the rules, you can just watch the first four minutes.)
  4. Aside from buying an envelope to ship them in, getting my joy-cons fixed was free. I even got a doodle of Edelgard and Dorothea out of it, since I used a note to ask whoever received it who their favorite Three Houses character was.
  5. @Armagon A new Godzilla anime was recently announced to be airing next year, and it's a TV series unlike the anime trilogy. Technically speaking, I think this is the first actual Godzilla anime since the previous animated series weren't made in Japan. It will be animated by Bones and Orange (I'm not familiar with anime studios but hopefully they're good) and will use CGI and 2D animation (presumably Godzilla and other kaiju will be CG). Toho usually tends to just use Mothra and King Ghidorah whenever they want kaiju other than Godzilla, but I hope less appreciated monsters get to show up here.
  6. With Minecraft in Smash, now Byleth can finally figure out what Flayn and Edelgard are getting so worked up over.
  7. I think it's funny how Sakurai seemed to be disavowing responsibility for Steve getting in. The aura of "this wasn't my idea" was certainly there, though I still don't mind the inclusion.
  8. I'm fine with Minecraft getting a character. The moveset seems pretty interesting and there are still four more characters to be added. Though I probably won't get the pass for myself until a) Rex gets in, or b) the entire pass is revealed and I like the whole package.
  9. I'm very tempted to call now... even if I don't know what I'm calling about.
  10. The Joker VA? Wow, I didn't know Mark Hamill was in Xenoblade X. Speaking of Xenoblade X and voice options, I found out recently that the Japanese version has more returning VAs from previous Xeno games than the English version did (though the Japanese version didn't have Fiora's voice as an option, so that's an English bonus). Besides the protagonist options being Shulk and Shion, there were also the voices of Reyn, Melia, KOS-MOS, and Jin (Uzuki, since Jin of Torna didn't exist yet). Some of the English VAs were also in Xenosaga, but that's probably coincidental.
  11. For what it's worth, I think Rex has a better chance than most first party characters. Though if he does get in, I hope Mythra comes with him. Having Rex and Pyra without Mythra would just feel wrong. I think the joke might be that Porky's still inside the Absolutely Safe Capsule. That is, not even the multiverse being destroyed by Galeem can get him out of it. What did Dr. Andonuts use to make that thing?
  12. Since this presentation is just three minutes long, it seems this will just be the character trailer and the proper Sakurai Presents will be later. The extra Sakurai bit will probably be him revealing the expected release date and mentioning if future fighters will be delayed.
  13. Today marks the second anniversary of Torna ~ The Golden Country's standalone release. Monolith's next project started development after Torna's release, so it's been in development for two years already. Xenoblade 2 started development shortly before Xenoblade X was released, so it was in development for around 2 and a half years. But 2 used X's engine as a base, so it's possible a new game might take longer to make depending on the circumstances. That also means that it will probably be announced before Chugga finishes Xenoblade 2... Besides that, I recently got Super Mario 3D All Stars. Sunshine I've played the most so far, and it's basically the same as I remember it being. The tropical island theme, combined with my familiarity with the game, makes for a relaxing atmosphere (until you get to those platforming stages). I've only got the first Grand Star in Galaxy, but that's the game I've played the most when it was released so I'll save it for later. As for 64, its camera hasn't been too much of an issue so far despite its reputation. I had some trouble navigating some levels (looking at you, Hazy Maze Cave), so in those cases I just bumbled around while searching for a star. The controls are good but feel a bit slippery, and I sometimes fall off ledges when I think wouldn't in later games. 64 is the only game in this collection that I haven't played before (64 DS aside), but I don't mind being semi-blind as I explore the game for the first time.
  14. I assumed he would be playing Xenoblade X instead, but he explained that he didn't because some online features were removed and because he doesn't want a Switch port to be announced in the middle of it. I don't think we'll get a Xenoblade X port until after Monolith's next project is released, if ever though if Chugga did play X, it probably wouldn't be finished by the time the next Xenoblade game came out. He also said two weeks ago that this LP had 284 pages of notes. The previous record (presumably held by Xenoblade 1) was only 154 pages, and the previous LP (Rescue Team DX) had 78 pages. I know Xenoblade 2 is big but I didn't think it would be that much bigger than the first game, even with Torna.
  15. I'm not sure how I feel about this intro... Now for the real question: will he get KOS-MOS right after the Blade tutorial, or during the last episode?
  16. You can use this site to view Dorothea and Linhardt's Japanese supports (the language select is in the upper right corner), though you'll have to translate them into English yourself.
  17. >Hyped up new Neptunia game turns out to be rerelease of the first game >Me, as an Ace Attorney fan: Speaking of which, it's been four years since the last Ace Attorney game was released (outside Japan at least), and I've been in the mood for some lawyering. I've been replaying the series from the beginning every so often since Spirit of Justice came out, and the other day I completed everyone's favorite case, Farewell, My Turnabout (contrast Turnabout Big Top, which I would call everyone's favorite case only ironically). Now I'm on The Stolen Turnabout, which is one of the only non-murder cases in the series... though like all non-murder cases, it becomes a murder case eventually. If console wars don't interest you, then why are you a Neptunia fan?
  18. Yeah, Doopliss is a pretty fun character. He's an effective villain in addition to being entertaining, and unlike most chapter bosses he stays relevant to the plot even after his chapter ends. His shapeshifting ability enables the writers to make some clever twists, both with impersonating Mario and transforming into other characters later on. There's also the funny meta joke of him somehow removing the letter "p" (and only the lowercase "p") from the name input screen, which is a clever way of preventing the player from guessing his name before they're supposed to.
  19. Miku was a Domino's Pizza mascot once so clearly she isn't a stranger to unconventional crossovers. The writers only agreed to make the film under the condition that they could do whatever they wanted, and what they clearly wanted was to make a Jurassic Park movie, so... And despite looking the most like an actual dinosaur, Zilla is ironically the only incarnation of Godzilla to not be a prehistoric reptile. At least he got redemption through the Rulers of Earth comic, where he puts up a respectable showing against Godzilla and during the final battle.
  20. Thanks, Slick! Well technically speaking, Godzilla fought Miku already, as @Armagon shared some time ago. (I didn't count this as one of the 35 Godzilla movies, by the way.)
  21. As the local Godzilla expert, it's a little known fact that Pee-wee Herman is Godzilla's second greatest foe behind Hatsune Miku, and also that Google is pretty dumb. (Though there are 35 actual Godzilla movies if you're still wondering.)
  22. Players of Animal Crossing: New Horizons who live in the Southern Hemisphere could've caught every bug by July 1st. Fall and winter bugs were available between March and July, and they could travel to islands in the Northern Hemisphere via online to catch spring and summer bugs during that time. The earliest day Northern Hemisphere players can catch every bug is December 11th, because dung beetles require snowballs to spawn, which don't appear when playing online. Due to how phylogeny works, T. rex is equally related to all modern birds since the bird ancestor diverged from the Tyrannosaur ancestor at the same time. Modern birds are specifically descended from dinosaurs related to the family Dromaeosauridae (commonly called raptors), which were basically birds with teeth and claws anyway. Though as theropods, birds are indeed more closely related to T. rex than they are to most other dinosaurs like Triceratops or sauropods (meanwhile, the closest living relatives of birds are crocodilians).
  23. One of the most high effort April Fools videos I've seen... though apparently The Origami King is basically Paper Zelda, so it's not too farfetched.
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