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  1. It's worth noting that the description for the trailer says that the Ashen Wolves can be brought into the main game, though it isn't clear if you have to complete Abyss Mode first or if you just have to reach a certain point. Presumably they will act as normal units once they are brought over.
  2. You know, by the time the second fighter's pass is done, Sakurai will have been working on Super Smash Bros. for almost ten years straight. Smash 4 started development in April 2012, development on Ultimate started immediately after 4's DLC was finished, and the second fighters pass is expected to be finished by December 2021. And then Sakurai will announce Fighters Pass 3, featuring eight characters releasing by 2025. Also I'm wondering of Balthus is Malos's long lost twin or something.
  3. Here's an observation: back when the datamine came out, we couldn't tell from the data which female was Constance and which was Hapi (from context clues we could determine who Yuri and Balthus were). But since they both use magic in the trailer, we can now tell that Constance is DLC3 and Hapi is DLC4. As for their Crests, we now know that
  4. Based on how the previous three fighter presentations went, it's worth mentioning ahead of time that the next character will probably be releasing tomorrow. Stay vigilant, and hopefully it won't take too long for the patch to download.
  5. Heroes getting a TMS#FE banner reminded me of this image I have...
  6. It's fine, this reminds me of the time when the admin of a Minecraft server I frequented always called me Lightning, even when there was someone actually named Lightning playing at the same time so it was hard to tell who he was referring to. P.S. Please leave Mythra alone.
  7. Once Xenoblade Definitive Edition releases, we will all have to face Rotbart the Territorial once again... Speaking of giant gorillas, while trying to finish Electra's quest I had to go past Immovable Gonzalez, which I haven't defeated at that point. I could never run past it before it one shotted me, so after doing this a few times I decided it would be easier to level up to lv99 and just fight it (this basically amounted to heading to the nearest inn). I planned on replaying Xenoblade 2 half a year ago, but Three Houses came out shortly after so I never got around to it. Hopefully Rotbart won't kill me too much if I go back to it. Speaking of Xenoblade and Three Houses, fighting the Death Knight in Mercedes's paralogue reminded me...
  8. So to commemorate the new year I went back to Xenoblade 2 to do Kora's quest and defeat Tyrannotitan Kurodil. Besides that, Three Houses, and Doom, I recently got Weegee's Mansion 3, Dragon Quest XI, and Astral Chain, as well as Pokémon Shield to see how its simultaneously better yet worse than the previous games. I started reading The Lord of the Rings too, which I've wanted to do for a while now. I'm finished with college so now I have a wealth of free time (though even if I wasn't finished I would still have the month off). On the topic of Star Wars, I haven't seen The Sky of Risewalker yet but "Weird Al" Yankovic made a song about The Phantom Menace so I think that makes it the best Star Wars movie.
  9. Buy every last one of them! WWYDI Edelgard was selling girl scout cookies and you saw Hubert glaring at you behind her?
  10. I would need to reread the HtHs to refresh my memory, but maybe they can work on a case-by-case basis where some conversations have an Affinity requirement or require viewing a previous conversation, but most don't. Alternatively they can be locked until certain points in the plot if necessary (which XC2 does in one case). HtH requirements didn't bother me too much compared to other quality of life improvements I would like to see, though I wouldn't mind if they were changed in the Definitive Edition.
  11. Three Houses has been out for almost half a year now, so here we can reflect on our predictions on the plot (pre-release or post-release) and see how accurate they were. I'll start with mine (I played Verdant Wind first): Incidentally, I didn't suspecting anything off about Tomas until Sothis called him suspicious. I didn't suspect anything about Jeritza either until the Death Knight showed up, and that's only because I recognized his voice (though I first I thought Patrick Seitz was just double casting). I also had some sort of theory about the Heroes' Relics being made from the goddess's bones, which wasn't quite correct but was close to the truth. Now it is your turn. Which of your predictions turned out to be hilariously wrong (or hilariously right)?
  12. I finished Crimson Flower two days ago, after my last college final. It was fun and I appreciated the different perspective from the other routes. Overall I'm glad I played the routes in the order I did (Verdant Wind, Azure Moon, Crimson Flower), because I got the big lore out of the way first and playing Crimson Flower last gave me access to Jeritza. I'll get to Silver Snow eventually but I'm taking a break for now. Also, I want to say that enemy Pegasus Knights are terrible and I hope I never have to see one again (though I probably will). Really, who thought it would be a good idea to give them enough strength to one round most of my units and give them enough defense to not be one shot in return? But while I'm waiting for Christmas, I got Doom 2016 because it was half off on the eShop. It's quite fun, and I wonder if Dimitri would like killing every last one of the demons...
  13. Nosebleeds are more common during the winter months due to differences between the cold outside air and the hot and dry inside air, so that might be the reason. That, or you're picking your nose too much. Would you be interested in trying buffalo wing-flavored soda?
  14. Killer Queen has already touched that reply button. Anyway I'm on the last chapter of Crimson Flower, but I'm not finishing it now because Chapter 17 took longer than expected and I have work to do. When it's done I'll finally be able to talk about Three Houses' plot in a mostly informed manner (Silver Snow aside, I'll get to that later), but at the moment I have a paper to write. But on a tangent, one of Edie's advice box notes says that light from the Blue Sea Star takes millions of years to reach Fódlan, as determined by astronomical research. Does this mean that Fódlan's astronomers have already determined the speed of light and stellar distances? The speed of light wasn't accurately determined in our world until 1899. Science is truly amazing... Rhea at the end of CF be like
  15. The most effective grinding method is fighting the Relentless Aruduran. But you have to work to encounter it; have you encountered the Infant Ardun in Torigoth? Hopefully you didn't kill it. It starts at level 1 and you have to feed it items until it reaches level 99, after which it grows into the Relentless Aruduran that you can fight at your liesure. Since it's a Unique Monster, you can fight it as much as you want, and performing Driver Combos on it will get you plenty of Core Crystals. This page has a list of items you can use to make it grow. If you happened to kill the Ardun before it grew up all the way, you're locked out of fighting the Relentless Aruduran unless you play New Game Plus, so hopefully you left it alone. In that case, you can grind Core Crystals by fighting another Unique Monster instead, though it won't be as efficient.
  16. Edelgard remembers her friend from Faerghus and implies that he was her first love, but she doesn't remember that said friend is Dimitri. She only makes the connection if he calls her El, and she's quite touched when she remembers him. The common theory is that the trauma she went through afterwards messed with her memory.
  17. But how can I be legally obligated to play it if I can't play it legally? I've already watched some cutscenes from Episode I if that appeases you, but I haven't done so recently since I've been busy. I apparently put 225 hours into Three Houses despite being only halfway through Crimson Flower, Xenoblade 2 meanwhile is at 255 hours. The playtime on my file is at 197 hours so I'm not sure where those extra 28 hours came from. I also let Jeritza finally get revenge on Lysithea for bullying him so much (though he was nice enough to spare her afterwards), which made not recruiting her in the academy worth it.
  18. The Shambhala maps have an odd distinction where otherwise generic enemies have names. Players who went through Azure Moon beforehand might recognize Myson, but Pittacus, Bias, and Chilon don't show up anywhere else. It turns out they're all named after the Seven Sages of Greece, who Thales and Solon also take their names from. Since that's only six, there should be another member named Cleobulus, Periander, or Anacharsis. Kronya and Odesse also have Greek names, but they aren't named after any prospect Sages.
  19. To complete the set, Macuil's statue is holding the Sword of Begalta, which is the weapon obtained from the paralogue where you fight the Wind Caller.
  20. Book IV in a nutshell According to the notifications, the GHB is the one and only Kempf, here to show Reinhardt who's boss.
  21. I'm a day late but I feel like mentioning Xenoblade 2's anniversary. Chuggaaconroy's playthrough was my first exposure to the series and I got the 3DS port of the first game and Xenoblade X when they released. Though I planned on getting Xenoblade 2 as soon as it was announced, I wasn't particularly "hyped" for it. I got it for Christmas, played it for a few days, then stopped at Chapter 3 (right after the fight with Vandham). After Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was announced I decided to continue my playthrough in case it ended up getting a new Xenoblade character (which it didn't, of course), and I went through the rest of the game in about a week. Now it's my favorite game ever. As a side note, the first non-trailer scene I saw was Poppi's activation, so make of that what you will. But talking about Three Houses now, I'm right before the route split in the Black Eagles route. That is, I'm at the weekend right before the Chapter 11 battle. Edie has all her possible B-supports and she has enough support points to get the rest as soon as they become available (that is, with Byleth, Ferdinand von Aegir, Petra, Hanneman, Manuela, and Lysithea). For my Crimson Flower playthrough I want to fight as many characters as possible for dramatic effect, so I wanted to limit the amount of students I recruit. I recruited Lorenz Hellman Gloucester, Mercedes, Marianne, and all the available faculty (Hanneman, Manuela, Shamir, and Alois). You don't fight most of them, but I made exceptions for Mercedes (for Jeritza), Shamir (because she has an A-support with Hubert), and Alois (because I don't want to kill him and because he already has a C-support with Byleth, so I thought it made sense for him to side with them over the Church). I didn't recruit Lysithea during Part I because she's free later, but again I made sure that she already has enough support points with Edelgard to get their B-support. In other news, I downloaded the Dragon Quest XI S demo to see if it's worth getting and for some reason I read the options text in the noble voice of Ferdinand von Aegir. The protagonist's default name is Eleven, according to Sakurai at least, but I called him Light instead. I prefer default names for avatars if they have one, but if they don't I usually call them Light or sometimes my real name.
  22. Actually she did, Byleth and their mother were both dying after the birth ("If I had done nothing, both mother and child would have died," Rhea says) so her death was unrelated to her Crest Stone. We don't know how different Byleth's mother was from a normal human/Nabatean since we never see her or learn the process by which Rhea created her.
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