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  1. From the extra menu's Support list, Jeritza can only support Byleth and Mercedes, but he can S-Support both genders of Byleth.
  2. So it's confirmed that Jeritza is Crimson Flower exclusive, good to know. I'll wait and see if the DLC content is worth it yet, but now I can finally start my CF playthrough! They said it would release before December 31. EDIT: Also here are the patch notes. Anna can be recruited after Chapter 3.
  3. Honestly, the biggest travesty with Sword and Shield will be when we find out that Stealth Rock is still in the game. Oh yeah, KOS-MOS time. Normally I would be inclined to believe Sakurai, but Nintendo picked all the DLC characters this time so I don't know how true this is.
  4. I dunno, I heard Persona 4: The Animation was pretty good. I'd make it a combination of the non-CF routes. Byleth leads the Black Eagles but also spends time with the other houses, giving Byleth and Edelgard a more personal connection while also giving Claude and Dimitri proper screentime. Byleth works together with both Dimitri and Claude after the timeskip, allowing for the inclusion of Dimitri's character arc and Claude's desire to unearth Fódlan's secrets. And within spoiler territory: Gee, this ended up being more detailed than I expected it to be. But I ended up making it a golden route so it's probably not any good.
  5. For real!? 45 minutes is waaaaaaaaay too long to only talk about one character. For comparison, Banjo and Kazooie's presentation was only 25 minutes long, and the final prerelease direct was 40 minutes long. Just what the heck is Sakurai going to talk about? EDIT: And just so you don't get any funny ideas, there won't be any new character announcements.
  6. That's right, Poison finally got its day despite there only being three legendaries this time. Fighting and Bug both got Legendaries/Mythicals in Gen V (Fighting got five in fact), leaving Poison as the odd type out until now (Fairy got lucky as it had a legendary in the generation it was introduced in). Ultra Beasts aren't considered legendary, so Nihilego doesn't count (despite it having the same stat total as the Tapus and Silvally, which are considered legendary).
  7. On another note, this generation marks a strange milestone for Poison-types (in addition to introducing the first Poison Legendary): as of Sword and Shield, Generations II through VIII have finally introduced more Poison-types than Gen I! That is, Gen I introduced 33 Poison-types, while every other generation put together has introduced 36 (it was 33 as of USUM).
  8. While I'm sympathetic towards people who had their favorites cut (Volcarona is absent and its one of my favorites) and the cut is most likely due to Game Freak's general mismanagement, I think the backlash is overblown since I doubt most people complaining were planning on using all of their favorites if they were included. I understand if people don't want to get the game because of it, but I want to see what Pokémon Home is like before I judge anything since I like all of the new Pokémon. (Though I'll say that Charizard being the only Kanto starter to get in is a legitimate grievance.)
  9. The Mew that comes with the Poké Ball Plus controller can also be transferred to Sword and Shield in addition to the Let's Go! games (as long as it wasn't already transferred to another game), which was confirmed some time ago. Mew will presumably be #401 in the Garar Pokédex, with any other Mythicals coming after. Anyway I made a list of how many Pokémon of each type were introduced. Galarian forms are in italics. Some types may be incorrect and I'll fix them later if they are.
  10. @Dai I'm pretty sure Gigantamax Eldegoss is fake. I was initially on the fence about getting these games, but these the new Pokémon are good enough to make getting them tempting. I want to understand exactly how Pokémon Home works first though, or maybe I can wait for the updated versions King's Sword and Hero's Shield.
  11. The Crests in the mural are organized in a particular way: the Crest of Seiros is on top surrounded by the Crests of the Four Saints, while the rest of the Crests are arranged clockwise in order of the Major Arcana they represent (starting with Ernest/The Fool, then Dominic/The Empress, etc., ending with Lamine/Judgement). The Crest of Timotheos is notably the only "missing Crest" to not be worn away. Mercedes and Felix's C-Support is altered if you view it after completing Mercedes's paralogue (which will basically never happen in a normal playthrough unless you never use them together).
  12. IS said here that Shadows of Valentia would be the last 3DS Fire Emblem game, so I'm not sure what to make of this rumor unless SoV sold better than expected and they changed their minds... though Yamagami said it would probably be the last 3DS game, if you want to be technical.
  13. Besides Galarian Corsola and Cursola, here are Milcery, Alcremie's preevolution, and Chewtle, Drednaw's preevolution: @X-Naut's images are broken as of now so here are Galarian Corsola and Cursola, both pure Ghost (and horrifying):
  14. Pure Fire, all of the starters are single-typed this time.
  15. Technically they were never announced, but a month ago it was found that the Japanese Dynamax picture site has codenames for all of its Pokémon based on their evolutionary stage: Scorbunny: Usagi1 Sobble: Chameleon1 Grookey: Gorilla1 Yamper: Inu1 Rolycoly: Sekitan1 Wooloo: Wool1 Corviknight: Gcommondori3 Alcremie: Gcream2 Morpeko: Pospika Polteageist: Teacup2 Gigantamax Drednaw: Gkame2 Duraludon: Haganedoragon Gossifleur: Touwata1 Alcremie, Drednaw, and Polteageist all have a 2, which indicates that they all have preevolutions. All of the Pokémon with 1 have evolutions, Corviknight has two preevolutions since it has a 3, and Morpeko and Duraludon are standalone because they lack numbers.
  16. I decided to make lists of the new stuff we know so far. Just for fun, I bolded the Pokémon that were announced prerelease. New Pokémon: Galarian forms: Gigantamax forms:
  17. I think it's confusing that every set of fully evolved starters since Gen VI (or maybe Gen V) has been controversial when they were initially revealed, because you'd think Game Freak would try harder to make them as appealing as possible, more so than most other Pokémon. That being said I like all of the new Pokémon thus far, especially Centiskorch, Apple Worm, Impidimp's evolutions, and ENDLESS TRASH Garbodor. Hopefully all of them are real and not convincing fakes, but we'll know soon enough.
  18. I don't think people should be talking about spoilers in an official news thread, so if you're going to talk about leaked stuff then I suggest that you take it to the spoiler thread here.
  19. Since some copies of Sword and Shield may be out already, the time is right to make a dedicated thread for spoilers. Of course we don't know if any leaks so far are true, but if not at least we have this thread ready to talk about them.
  20. This does put a smile on my face... Though oddly enough, this briefing puts sales at at 1.7 million in 13 weeks, not 2.29 million (it also compares sales to Awakening and Fates's). Can anyone think of why that is?
  21. Following the Battle of the Eagle and Lion, Rhea decided to devote the 31st day of the Wyvern Moon to letting everyone dress up in strange and spooky costumes. What does everyone do with their newfound and brief freedom?
  22. Character Name: Lucian Forum Name: Lightchao42 Class: Sage Affiliation: Protagonist Recruitment: NPC, talk with Lord Recruitment Time: Late Game Lucian starts as a wandering scholar who seeks the learn the secrets of...something, so he's indifferent to the overall conflict. He first meets the heroes as an NPC around the middle of the game to deliver whatever plot exposition is necessary, but eventually he decides to join the party because he thinks their adventure might be interesting. Alternatively, Lucian can initially be aligned with the enemy faction if they need an amoral scientist type character, though he still isn't interested in the main conflict and can help the heroes if he runs into them. Regardless of his starting alignment, he still ends up joining the heroes near the end of the game.
  23. I finished Azure Moon route of Three Houses the other day, and though I mentioned my thoughts in another thread already I'll post them here too. Spoilers for Azure Moon and Verdant Wind: I don't plan on starting Crimson Flower until Jeritza becomes playable, but I might start a Black Eagles playthrough beforehand if I feel like it (and go for Silver Snow if I somehow get that far before Wave 3 of the DLC).
  24. I finished Azure Moon the other day, so I suppose I'll share some of my thoughts on it. Spoilers for AM and Verdant Wind: I don't plan on starting Crimson Flower until Jeritza becomes playable, but I might start a Black Eagles playthrough beforehand if I feel like it (and go for Silver Snow if I somehow get that far before Wave 3 of the DLC). Also on that some day I saw Avengers Endgame for the first time, and I'm proud that I never needed to go for a bathroom break. My sister loved it despite having no exposure to the MCU aside from the first half of Spider-Man Homecoming, and she followed along better than I expected.
  25. I can't wait for the first area to have a level 81 Territorial Slaking. So about two weeks ago I sent in my Joy-Cons to have their drifting fixed, and earlier today I got them back. Since they were my only Switch controllers I haven't been able to play Three Houses in the meantime, where I was on Chapter 20 on Azure Moon. I was wondering if I should have just finished it before sending my Joy-Cons in, but I preferred to stay on the safe side because didn't want to accidentally delete my save data or something. More importantly, on the index card that I sent with my Joy-Cons I also wrote "Who is your favorite Fire Emblem: Three Houses character?" I didn't know if anyone would respond but I thought it was worth I shot. When I got the package I found that someone did respond! They said they love Edelgard and Dorothea, and they even doodled their faces (and apologized for not being able to draw). The whole thing really made my day more special. The moral of the story is that if you send something to be repaired by Nintendo, be sure to ask a question so you can get your money's worth (though my Joy-Cons were repaired for free, aside from the 85 cents I spent on an envelope).
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