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  1. At last, the rightful king returns. According to the Steam page... Huh, adding cut content is much more than what I was expecting, especially a whole new boss fight. It makes me wonder just how much new content this remake will have?
  2. The website has updated, here are the typings of the new Pokémon: Gossifleur and Eldegloss are pure Grass Wooloo is pure Normal (presumably our early game, two-stage Normal type) Corviknight is Flying/Steel Drednaw is Water/Rock Zacian and Zamazenta don't have their types yet, which isn't unusual as we didn't get the types for the previous mascots immediately. Thinking back on it, I liked Sun and Moon's approach of getting new information every two weeks so I hope they do that again here.
  3. For an idea, I suggest that the final boss should be an obligatory evil dragon known as the Data Dragon, who seeks to destroy the continent of Zerenia with eternal error messages and lag. But you can do something different if you have other ideas for the final boss.
  4. Since I must compare everything to Xenoblade 2, I'm guessing the Flame Emperor's faction will be like Torna. On an unrelated note, will the Flame Emperor turn out to be Edelgard's supposedly dead older brother? Catherine also seems like a Camus for some reason, if the Church turns out to be evil. Alois seems like he'd be conflicted if the Church is bad, maybe he'll be a Lorenz instead (unrelated to this game's Lorenz, presumably). I'm wondering just how long this game is. One month equals one chapter, but how many "traditional" battles will there be? Will there be multiple battles per month/chapter? How many chapters will there be? Anyway, some crest stuff (spoliered for length):
  5. I imagined being a late game unit (who may first appear around mid-game but doesn't join the player until later), but you can do whatever you want.
  6. Hey, when did I become the only genderless character? My gender is right there in my profile. Maybe my character can be the obligatory pretty boy as a compromise. Anyway, I imagine my character starting off as a neutral traveling scholar or he can start with the enemy faction if they need some kind of eccentric scientist. He eventually helps the heroes because he usually goes with whatever side is most convenient for his interests. Whatever he studies (magic, dragons, special artifacts, etc.) can depend on the needs of the plot.
  7. So it's been three months since SnS have been announced, but fortunately the information drought will be over soon. 15 minutes is quite long, so hopefully we'll get the mascots and a decent amount of new Pokémon announced.
  8. I guess I'll throw my ring in to the hat with more details. Username: Lightchao42 Game Name: Lucian Desired Class: Bishop (from Mage) You can do whatever you want regarding stats, but I imagine him joining late-ish.
  9. Strange news everyone! The movie has been delayed to February. It seems the filmmakers are actually changing the things people didn't like, which I wasn't expecting.
  10. I wish you luck with this, if you go through with making it. I volunteer myself as an exposition bot scholar who is largely indifferent to whatever conflict is going on, but is willing to share information with whoever wants it. Maybe he can be a late joining Sage in case the player's mages aren't up to par.
  11. Animal Crossing (the star of the show) Fighters Pass character 2 (available immediately after presentation) and maybe character 3 (releasing a few months later) Trailers for Mario Maker 2, Three Houses (and DLC), Weegee's Mansion 3, and Link's Awakening remake We'll probably get Sword and Shield information before E3, so I don't expect too much in the direct No Fire Emblem Warriors 2, because they'll want to wait until Three Houses has been out for a while (so they can pull popular characters from it) Nothing from Monolith Soft Still no Pikmin 4 Miscellaneous new games
  12. It seems I was right about Rhea being her name in English, it certainly fits the "motherly" and "holy" theme. I wonder if the specific mention of Jeralt means anything, do they have some kind of history together?
  13. Byleth's mother is related to the Church and Seiros in some way. Maybe she's Rhea, or maybe she's Rhea's sister or another relative. Regardless, Byleth is descended from Seiros and that's why they can interact with Sothis. Sothis is the goddess and her amnesia is a side effect of somehow losing her power, because why would she have amnesia if her identity wasn't important? The students from the houses you don't pick will join later, but they won't be as customizable as "your" students. Some non-students will be recruitable as well. The leaders of the two houses you don't pick will be antagonistic to Byleth at points, but they'll still join you eventually. Based on the unused "Unknown" category on the website, there's some obviously evil faction that the evil-looking white-haired dude and plague doctor are part of. They may or may not be related to the Church in some way, even if the Church isn't bad. The blonde fire sword lady is a Knight of Seiros. There's an evil god/dragon that's responsible for the crests being to blame, and it also stole Sothis's power (if Sothis is the goddess). Byleth and friends kill it and Sothis gets her power back, which also makes her grow up. The game ends with Byleth's students graduating.
  14. This seems reasonable, but I don't think we'll get any announcements at the tournament. Smash 4 and Ultimate's prerelease tournaments didn't have any character announcements (the former would have been a good opportunity to announce Pac-Man, but he was revealed on Twitter instead...), and I don't expect that to change now.
  15. Thank all ye peoples who are posting images for your hard work. Mikoto's statement about Arete being her sister seems rather unambiguous in-game, so I assume them not being related is a retcon. Does the artbook provide an explanation for why they both have dragon blood?
  16. Since this topic is back, here's a compilation of some of the artbook's pages. It doesn't contain any lore tidbits, which could be disappointing or a good thing because they didn't need to include more Japan-only supplementary material (besides the notes with the Siren model). In Torna I recommend doing sidequests as you go along, just to make things more convenient later (you'll see when you get there). Also you'll be able to appreciate Best Girl Mythra more, which is good.
  17. It's a bit odd that Xenoblade 2 got an artbook before Fates did, despite being released two and a half years later. Wow, the artbook actually does exist! I was worried that I imagined the whole thing. It's a shame that not everyone has full artwork, but I appreciate that Kozaki felt strongly enough to apologize about it. Also, it's pretty cool (heh) that Flora's artwork is a reflection of Felicia's.
  18. Here are the balance changes for version 3.0.0. (I'm not familiar enough with competitive to know what to make of these changes... well, aside from reducing power against shields.)
  19. I'm more disappointed by the lack of Burn My Bread Dread, but I'm glad we got P3 and P4 music at all. In other news, here's some more info on Joker that wasn't in the presentation. Also, I've been wondering what Persona's series symbol would be since Joker's announcement and it turned out to be the Phantom Thieves' logo. I was expecting a more general Persona logo after Cloud didn't get a logo specific to FFVII, so I never saw it coming was surprised.
  20. Obviously it's fake, Square would never "actively collaborate" with Smash on anything. The only reliable thing Erdrick has going for him (and rumors/"leaks" aren't reliable) is the placeholder for "Brave", which combined with Dragon Quest's popularity means he has better chances than most characters.
  21. How unexpected, but looking cool Joker. I've been waiting to see the second Fighters Pass character before committing to buying it, but now I don't think we'll get the second (and third?) character announced until E3... I just want Rex's Mii costume, dang it. The previous Smash updates have dropped around 8:00/9:00 PM EST if I recall, so 3.0 and Joker should arrive then.
  22. So everything already in this thread aside, Shadows of Valentia was made as a quick side project (originally intended for release in September 2016) while IS was waiting to start development on Three Houses, and as their swan song for the 3DS. Gaiden in particular was chosen to be remade so IS could reuse ideas that were cut from Fates (dungeons and free roam). And that aside, there's no reason to think we'll get another remake anytime soon unless it's another side project... But that doesn't answer the thread's question, so will Genealogy be the next remake? The poll doesn't have a "who knows" option, but if it did I would pick it. "It's the oldest game that hasn't been remade yet" isn't really a good reason to expect it, and Blazing Blade could be remade next for all we know. And that's assuming there will be a next remake, since IS has no obligation to make more. But there's little reason to not remake Genealogy in particular, so it's impossible to tell at this point.
  23. For those interested, here's a list of of how many Pokémon there currently are for each type combination. As a fun fact, Water and Flying have been paired with every other type, Grass has been paired with everything except Fire, and Dragon has been paired with everything except Bug. The unused combinations are: Some combinations I'd like to see in particular are Electric/Psychic (that isn't Alolan Raichu), Electric/Poison, Bug/Psychic, Psychic/Poison, Bug/Ice, and Dark/Fairy.
  24. Here's a brief reveal of some mildly new information! As previously established, Gyms are back, but they're bigger than before and Gym Leaders are called Gym Masters now. Also, it seems the stadium seen in the first trailer is a Gym.
  25. It's nice of Thea to sneak into the banner. And Idunn has good art and is barefoot for some reason, yay! I wonder who voices her. I'm not surprised by her being summonable or armored either; I know your ways by now, IS. Personally I think we'll get him in a banner at the end of Book 3 with Líf and Thrasir, like with the Múspell units.
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