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  1. I assume you've played Xenoblade 1 and 2 already, so here's a simplified infodump:
  2. Lucian looks good. I decided to make his clothes purple, but I felt bad about asking Fenreir to do it so I did it myself:
  3. I have no spriting ability, but I can offer a description. Lucian can be an edit of Lucius (similarities between names and class unintentional) with shorter (shoulder-length) dark brown hair and opaque glasses, though his eyes are green if they're ever visible. And he should always look mildly smug.
  4. I don't think they'll split up the house leaders. Since you have to pick between them it makes sense to promote them equally, and it would be strange for the first TH focus to have Byleth and a bunch of random characters. Alm and Celica were split up, but you don't pick between them and they were added to coincide with SoV's Japanese and international release dates. Their post timeskip versions will probably be Legendary Heroes. Every other character with differing genders had both of their versions added at the same time (Robin, Corrin, Morgan, Kana, etc.), so it's reasonable that the same will be done with Byleth (most likely with the female version as a GHB).
  5. I hope they aren't using Gigantamaxing as a reason to not give the new Pokémon evolutions. I would prefer if Drednaw had a normal evolution but now I doubt that will happen. It's especially annoying since Dynamaxing will likely be dropped next generation. I like all the new Pokémon though, I will admit that having a whipped cream Pokémon grow into a giant cake is funny and clever.
  6. With 864 Power Moons in total, I'm almost done with Super Mario Odyssey. I have only sixteen left: ten Moons from Hint Art, the achievement for getting fifteen Moons from Hint Art, the dreaded jump-rope and volleyball challenges, and the Multi Moon from the Darker Side. I'm saving the Darker Side for last so hopefully the jump-rope and volleyball won't take too long. I'm on a break from Octopath at the moment, so maybe I'll resume Bayonetta 2 once I'm done with Odyssey. Or perhaps I could play through Xenoblade 2 again...
  7. Welcome back! There's also the matter that not having the entire Pokémon roster will apparently be the standard going forward for future games, so time constraints don't seem to be the main issue or defining factor. So what is the problem then? Based on the statements about Town being Game Freak's primary focus, I think Game Freak is just apathetic to Pokémon at this point, but they aren't willing to give the games to another developer (they still want that money after all). Why bother putting effort in if the games are going to sell tens of millions no matter what you do? The only way I see this policy changing is if sales tank (which they won't) and Nintendo decides to step in somehow. One big issue I have is that transferring a Pokémon from Bank/Let's Go/etc. to Home is a one way trip. Why is this a bad thing? Well, if you decide to transfer your favorite Pokémon to Home and it isn't in Sword and Shield, you have to keep up that subscription until Game Freak decides to include your favorite(s) in a new game that's compatible with Home, lest you run the risk of it being deleted. Maybe selling people back their favorites is another reason for the "revolving Pokédex" policy.
  8. I'm pleased to hear that IS wants to go all out for their first console game in ten years. Meanwhile, at Game Freak... Completing Xenoblade 2's main story took me 45 hours, but I skipped basically all the side content (since then I've put in over 200 hours and I'm still not done with everything). I'm looking forward to seeing what these 200 hours of content entail.
  9. According to the eShop listing, Three Houses supports Japanese, English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Korean, and Chinese. The Japanese version apparently supports English so I imagine it will support the other languages too. Source
  10. So now that we know the DLC schedule, will Wave 3 have the obligatory beach and hot spring chapters? Probably with swimsuit and yukata as permanent costumes? Hopefully the popularity polls will be released outside Japan this time.
  11. While waiting for Three Houses to release, I've been split between getting 100 percent in Super Mario Odyssey (currently have 746/880 Moons) and playing Octopath Traveler (all of the first chapters are done and I collected every sub-class). As for other things, I completed every shrine and the Champions Ballad in Breath of the Wild a while ago and I have most of the armor, but I haven't finished the Trial of the Sword so maybe I can do that at some point. I also have around two hundred spirits or so to get in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but I've been saving that until after I buy the Fighters Pass so I have more things to use the DLC characters for.
  12. I was expecting a bunch of DLC, but I wasn't sure when they would announce it. The Expansion Pass costs $24.99, which is the same amount as Smash Bros. Ultimate's Fighter Pass and cheaper than Xenoblade 2's expansion pass. At least it isn't more expensive than the game itself this time! I still haven't bought the Fighters Pass, so I'll wait and see if this DLC is worth it before buying. Hopefully it will come with Fire Emblem: Three Houses ~ The Golden Country, or some similar expansive additional content.
  13. So with four weeks until release, we have the Eagles this week with the Lions probably being next week and the Deer the week after. I suppose they didn't want to save the last house for exactly release week; we need to give people the time to decide their house, after all. Having Edelgard be the narrator is fun, hopefully Dimitri and Claude will get their turns when their houses come along. Hubert likes irony, so already he seems promising. The empire needs you!
  14. I think this move would be better received if the games were significantly different and more advanced, ambitious, etc. than previous entries, but Sword and Shield don't really look any better than the 3DS games. Basically, its sacrificing quantity without much quality in return. I'm willing to wait and see if these promises of "improved animations and balance" amount to anything, but I'm not expecting much (since all the models and animations seem the same as they were in X and Y). The problem is that Pokémon will sell tens of millions no matter what, so Game Freak doesn't have much reason to innovate or improve on anything. Though I'm not really sure when Game Freak started caring about balance, they certainly didn't when they created Mega Rayquaza. Technically "genwun" was adopted from the Transformers fanbase, though the term they use is "geewun".
  15. Soooooo I'm playing Octopath Traveler I've been stuck on Olberic's first boss for half a year now, because no one is an irritating boss like Gaston. I'm recruiting everyone "in order" so I have Ophilia, Cyrus, and Tressa (recruited in that order) in my party in addition to Olberic. I don't feel like level grinding and trying again will just make me lose motivation to continue playing, so what is the most efficient method of winning?
  16. I was bored so I copied the descriptions of all the seminars and what skills they improve: Byleth: Begin a seminar on group tactics and Jeralt’s mercenary fighting style. Swords (C+) and Authority (B) Seteth: Begin a seminar on an ancient Fódlan fighting style utilizing lance skills. Lances (B) and Authority (C+) Hanneman: Begin a seminar on both reason and bow skills from an esteemed professor of the monastery and the leading Crest scholar in Fódlan. Bows (D+) and Reason (B) Manuela: Begin a seminar on both faith and sword skills from a beloved professor of the monastery and former songstress. Swords (D) and Faith (B) Gilbert: Begin a seminar on a fighting style developed by the Knights of Seiros that utilizes lance and axe skills. Lances (C) and Axes (C) Alois: Begin a seminar on a fighting style developed by the Knights of Seiros that utilizes axes and gauntlets. Axes (B) and Gauntlets (C) Catherine: Begin a seminar on a fighting style in which practitioners dominate their opponent using improvised sword and melee techniques. Swords (B+) and Gauntlets (C) Shamir: Begin a seminar on fighting styles designed for special situations, such as firing a bow from a long distance or battling in the dark. Lances (C) and Bows (B+)
  17. Has the Treehouse gameplay been posted yet? Hopefully it hasn't.
  18. I kind of feel that Dragon Quest is the last series that really "deserves" to have a character in Smash. I would say Shin Megami Tensei too, but that has Joker even though he only represents Persona (which is a spinoff of SMT), so I'm not sure what to think of that case. Banjo-Kazooie is an odd case because the series isn't iconic (like, say, Crash is) and it hasn't been relevant in a decade, but it technically originated as a first-party Nintendo series. Banjo probably would've been in Brawl or 4 if the series stayed with Nintendo (and wasn't left to rot). In other news, I recall hearing that the first three Fighters Pass characters were in development at launch. I take that to mean the last two started development recently, assuming they started at all (Banjo and Kazooie don't seem as polished as Hero, so maybe they aren't very far either). It makes me wonder if the final two will have a different philosophy from the first three.
  19. That specific, overly large number was a joke. Sakurai said it would be nice to wait ten years for the next game, but most likely it will start development whenever the next Nintendo console is released.
  20. I haven't played any Banjo-Kazooie games so I don't know if they were always like this, but here they seem like jerks. K. Rool was so happy to see them, yet they still threw him off a cliff and crushed him under a rock. What terrible people. But anyway I think Rex has a decent chance for the next game when it releases in 2035, since Sakurai likes XC2 and suggested that Rex (and an ARMS character) would be in Ultimate if the timing was more convenient. He's a popular request among first parties so that could help bypass any "relevancy" issues.
  21. Today it was announced that that Pokémon outside the Galar Pokédex can't be transferred to SnS, but beyond that we have two new Pokémon: The doggo is Yamper, an Electric-type with the ability Ball Fetch, which lets it collect the first failed throw of a Poké Ball during a battle. Impidimp is a Dark/Fairy-type, a new type combination.
  22. I was confident in us getting a Dragon Quest character but I wasn't convinced it would be Erdrick in particular, so I guess I was kind of correct even if Erdrick is in as an alt. And with Banjo in, hopefully we will get acknowledgement of the greatest Rare IP, Viva Piñata. Also the Spiral Mountain track was added to the website.
  23. Don't worry, this is only episode 1 (a fact that Square presently seems to ignore/avoid mentioning). The rest of the episodes will go back to never being released, so we'll have plenty of opportunities to make jokes in the future. Speaking of which, shouldn't that official confirmation be specifying that Episode 1 is releasing 3/3/20 and not the whole game? Because I imagine people will be annoyed when they learn that they aren't getting the entire game at once. I'm guessing they need some kind of epic climax at the end of every episode, even if they have to make one up. Maybe the clones being around earlier has something to do with that.
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