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  1. I haven't played the game yet but from what I've seen and read she seems a lot like Daenerys Targaryen. Her time skip outfit reminds me of Albedo from Overlord. I'm on the fence whether I like her or not due to these similarities.
  2. Your avatar is very cool. +420blazeit69 thumbs up

    1. Seti


      Thanks! Ran into an imgur pic of a cat from svalbard. I somehow got the idea to "embelish" it and ended up with this.

  3. I've never been overweight, but a last year I'd gotten to the highest I'd ever been (155lbs) so I knew I needed to change. My biggest hurdle right now is not drinking to pass time. Alcohol has a ton of calories and is just terrible for a person anyway, but even when switching other habits, this one seems difficult to break. Not that I get drunk at work or anything, but it's hard to pass night before a day off without alcohol. I've been doing keto on and off for several years, and recently started doing 1200 cal a day, and even more recently one meal a day (omad). I've also been going to the gym semi-regularly. ~3 days a week, although I'm upping that now since I'll have to take hour lunch breaks and skip lunch more often than not due to omad dinner vs switching off lunch/dinner. I've fluctuated between 140~150 depending on whether I was drinking or cheated and broke fast early.
  4. MFW I write out a well thought out and sincere post but in my stupid drunk state closed the window and now the post I worked on for over an hour is gone forever. Ping me so I remember to actually have some potentially decent advice in the morning please.
  5. I'm with you there. I actually prefer for a story to be spoiled so I don't waste my time if it seems like it's not something I'll like or be interested in. Spoilers that show the story going in a direction I like will cause me to watch something I might not have otherwise.
  6. I like the moon and moon themes. Moonstones are also my favorite gems.
  7. Welcome to the forums Osrio. I also used to work at a grocery store. What do you do there? Do you like it? I'm also curious which other FE titles you've played and whether you've started Three Houses yet. Is FE the only series you play? If not, what are some other favorites of yours.
  8. Nah was my waifu in Awakening. I don't regret it one bit. I agree with Rof - NowixGaius and turn Nah into a Dark Flier to have a very excellent galeforce family. I've never married Nowi or even looked into her stats alone.
  9. Thanks for your very detailed explanation Pepe. To Rezzy, the reason why I don't think Disney is re-entering a Golden Age is because I think it's a very short sighted idea. Disney has been around making movies for more than 80 years. Some movies have stuck as classics and some have fallen to the wayside for the entire length of the company's existance. If we're only looking at a recent dip, and by recent I mean the past 20 years, and a very recent incline, the narrow time frame really doesn't paint the whole picture. So, again, no I don't think Disney is re-entering a Golden Age. It might be a bit more popular the past ~5 years but when you look at the company as a whole it really isn't unusual and Disney was never very unpopular even in the late 90s early 2000s. In addition, just because some recent movies are very popular right now, like Pepe said, many will not stand the test of time.
  10. ASOIAF is definitely a better story. I would hope so since that's all it is. Fates is a game and while games can have great stories that is not the main focus. Comparing Fire Emblem games to Tactics games will have much more varied opinions because they share the game aspect. Comparing Fire Emblem to GoT is like comparing apples to steak.
  11. I don't think Disney is re-entering a Golden Era. They've had great movies for decades.
  12. I don't really know what to say about this whole ordeal. If intelligence has been working on this since August I really wish they would've said something before the election was completed. I get that they wanted to verify what of it was true if anything but at least saying something about it would've given the voters more information to base their votes on. Instead this isn't revealed until 10 days before Trump becomes president. I watched the interview on I think it was CNN this morning about it and the agencies said, almost verbatim: "Now that the election is over we can now focus on this case." I hate to say it but I think this case would have been better focused on before the election so we wouldn't have to deal with a train wreck for 4 to 8 years. Of course, that being said, we might have been in for a train wreck regardless, and maybe that's why it wasn't focused on before.
  13. I love Conquest. Easily my favorite game in the series. I actually liked the story as well, though, the part about fighting the "enemy" team from the inside out. I know a lot of people hate on Corrin, but I thought for a sheltered child pampered by both sets of siblings, Corrin's decisions and wishes make a lot of sense. You can even choose to do an "evil" act after the boat chapter. Gameplay wise it's very challenging and a lot of fun. I would say Conquest is definitely worth your time. Birthright is pretty bland IMO and I wouldn't recommend it. I have not played Revelations.
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