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  1. Tried playing this on hard mode (not hard+) and I'm at a point where I can't win. Chapter 2, scenario 12. Retaking Meyr. For what it is worth, I was enjoying the game until this happened. For those giving this a try I would recommend you don't play on hard mode.
  2. Sweet. Will this feature the ability to play both routes at the same time like FE:Midori (Green) did? That alone made it one of my favorite hacks.
  3. Hey that worked! Played the prologue and got a blank level as expected. Really like the easter egg there. This thread actually made me aware of the Maniac mode in the Japanese version of the game (I had no idea) so now I have to decide which of these I'm going to play first. Funny how you go from having no Fire Emblem to play to suddenly having three (counting Vestaria Saga here). Thanks again. Oh and I will be doing this on hard mode. Ashnard be damned.
  4. Can someone help me out? I having trouble getting this to work. My problem is that the XDeltaUI is telling me "Patching successful" but it isn't spitting out an .Iso file. It just spits out a file that is seemingly unreadable by anything. When I check the properties it literally says "Type of file: File" instead of "Type of file: Iso." As you can guess, Dolphin can't even see the file to attempt to open it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. At any rate, thanks so much for making this. I like PoR but I think its biggest flaw is the lack of difficulty and a 0% growths run sounds perfect for spicing it up.
  5. Thanks for the help. Guess Fa is going to a better place.... (Don't hate me). I'm also running increased enemy growth rates. I want that slot. I wasn't planning on getting the good ending anyway. Roy is a berserker and I don't know how well he will do against Idoun. Good to know about Nils as well in case I do another fe7 randomized run.
  6. Hello, I've read the guides that say that Fa isn't required to unlock the endgame. I'm doing a randomized run and have a useless Hero Fa and was wondering if killing her off allows me to deploy someone else instead come Chapter 24. Normally you get the 10 slots with forced Roy and Fa. Would it just drop to 9 slots with forced Roy? Thanks.
  7. Leave it to Dondon to have already completed it lol. My concern with its feasibility was primarily in 1-9 (Micaiah + BK) and then the Dawn Brigade in Part 3. I didn't know of the trick to keep Micky unharmed in 1-9 and the part 3 Dawn Brigade chapters are of course a bit tricky. But of course, Volug saves the day. Watching some of Dondon reminded me that RD doesn't allow for blank level ups so he appears to have rigged it so that most units get magic every time, mages get strength every time and a couple of special units like Elincia (and probably Mist) get hp. I'm guessing bonus xp levels would be self imposed banned because of the guaranteed 3 stats. I'm assuming Dondon made his own mod for this. There isn't a public 0% growths for PoR/RD here on Serenes nor does Google yield anything. If making a 0% growth mod of your mod is something that you find interesting then sure. Given how much you've been tweaking stats and growths it may not be beatable in theory, but people always seem to find ways to make these things work.
  8. Hello, I played this mod awhile ago but didn't make an account until now. I just wanted to say thanks Alfred. This mod is fantastic and you should be proud of it.
  9. Hello DLuna, been lurking the thread since its inception. Haven't played the mod yet, but I plan to eventually. I really love what you are doing here. I decided to chime in here because a thought occurred to me the other day. I don't mean to distract you, but have you ever thought about making PoR/RD 0% growths mods? As far as I know there isn't one that exists. I'm no modder so I don't know how much work it would take to do those, but I think they would be a lot of fun to play. The RD one might actually be impossible though inb4Dondon. Just a thought and up to you of course. Either way, keep doing what you are doing. This mod is looking awesome and I will definitely be giving it a run. Thanks for breathing more life into this game.
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