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  1. Ok I got Tatiana lvl4 . Fortify is very useful. I was on a kinda "dance" to know when i need to attack the Duma Priest. I did it. I killed also one of the two sorcerer in front of Duma. Then, Duma Breath on Alm. 1 HP, Alm killed by a Moghal. WTF.... How is it possible to go attack Duma without loosing one unit?
  2. I will buy many orbs for christmas. I wonder if those christmas unit are worth it though.... Remember there is a 8% banner that's coming
  3. thx a lot guys and girls i did it!!! Now i'm at the final battle and i can't do it. The Duma earthquake makes my units too easy to be killed and i don't want any one of them to die at the final battle...
  4. And by that i mean beat the map , not Berkut alone. Everything was "simple" and then Berkut arrived with Rinea ghost...and it's very hard. Those 3 mercenary are a pain to beat, and the mages are difficult....Rinea summon many witchs... Some tips? Thanks!!
  5. i found this mash-up this is...really really good o_O there is a part around 1min that is not good , but the whole reste of the song is really really really good o_O ! i thought you might enjoy it
  6. After the Pokemon Go phenomenon, i wonder how fire emblem will work. Any ideas?
  7. Hello guys still no news for a new map pack with the halloween map and the other map? =(
  8. I didn't use boots or dread scroll etc... i'm on Birthright currently. If i use them, they won't be available in the two others path? Thanks for future answers =)
  9. they released all dlc for awakening even those with much dialogue why not this time? Maybe they're waiting the end of heirs of fates in EU
  10. I'm at Birthright 14 on Hard classic and i have to say chapter 13 was really really hard after you kill Camilla with the two Generals...it was a true Nightmare. I'm kinda scraed to play Conquest on Hard next...
  11. I can't finish this DLC (i'm on Birthright Chapter 14 on Hard/classic, i began with that difficulty since i'm a veteran FE, well..i think ^^). This chapter is so difficult, how can you prevent Chrom to go like Leeroy Jenkins and being killed by all of those ninjas? And must of all, their skills to swap the unit make a unit being pushed like on a conveyor belt being ganked by all ninjas o_O ! Some tips for me ?
  12. i i play on Hard/classic. I use two sky knight (one to lure and one to escape My Unit). Xander moved too. I didn't check the chest..
  13. i finished it ! I use Takumi as a bait to lure the promoted wyvern at the bottom at the beginning, and the promotted sky knight on the top of the map (with bow). I use reina on the bottom to kill every wyvern and pegasus and i kill with setsuna, takumi oboro and MU those flying killers :p And i go to the left of the map, with all units slowly.
  14. I'm still thinking that they will do a "three path" thing next time. Maybe they can make something more...gigantic like extensions of world of warcraft. I mean imagine just three campain in the same universe but it's just in a part of the world, and each year they released a new campaign with new characters and land...of the same universe.
  15. well too late now and i'm waiting the xp DLC because the chapter 13 is much harder with camilla...
  16. do you think that they can release lucina/ike/marth/robin too? Because i don't have any amiibo and i want lucina and robin so much...
  17. Chapter 10 was hard Chapter 11 was really hard Chapter 12: Avatar + Hinoka = leaving in 4 turns did i miss how to play this chapter or what? Because i didn't gain much xp except unit from the bottom-right of the screen....
  18. This is so hard, it's the map with all wyverns and pegasus knights on the boat. I used the twi dragons veins (not the one at the left) and at the end all of enemys runs to me it's just to difficult even with setsuna, takumi and reina!
  19. Does the Anna dlc fix that? Anna was my wife in my first game of Awakening and i want to marry her in Revelation (like the "OMG WE REUNITE AGAIN" ship thing, i know that's sound like a Hugh Grant movie or a McConaughey movie before "The Lincoln Lawyer" )
  20. well that's my question. If i do whatever i want, i can have all of them, or it's the same problem?
  21. I will probably be the silly guy but... i just began FE Fates Hoshido and i want to stay for each character in their class path for now (as well in conquest). It's a bad strategy? I know you can exchange skills but it's like...doing the natural order of things to me.
  22. I know that in Birthright that's not possible unless you pair with Scarlett (is she a good character? I'm only chap 11 hoshido for now). I don't know for conquest, i assume it's the same thing But in revelation you can have all the children?
  23. They should make a fire emblem Anime but like Game of thrones with permadeath characters =P
  24. Yes i m playing Hoshido side first, i'm on chapter 11 ^^
  25. Well when this game was announced i didin't like the timeline choose (American Revolution). In France you don't learn much about this (because we have our own revolution around the same time i assume). So i didn't like it... And i learn so much by doing this game , and it's the best campain for me of all AC (i'm an AC fan ^^) with various missions with real historical events. It's for me the best AC (followed by Unity in a techical point of view, bug aside ^^) and Rogue. ^^
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