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  1. What irks me a lot about Sakura!Forrest is how slightly different his hair color looks with the rest of his outfit. It's most likely just me being nitpicky, but it's kinda like seeing multiple blocks of the same color only to find that one of them is very slightly off. Sorta like a really hard color vision test. But then again green is terrible on Forrest and the non-Corrin shades of blue are tolerable at best. Sorry Forrest, your fashion is great, though!
  2. This is partly why I recommend playing Birthright first, and not just because of the difficulty. Birthright made it seem as if Valla was never a thing and it shouldn't have been a thing in the first place and Azura's story left me with much less questions about her than in Conquest, save for probably Leo's chapter. As for Takumi's possession in Birthright, wasn't it revealed that Iago was the one possessing him unlike in Conquest? Chapter 25 showed how Iago can fully control him and used him as a spy throughout the story if I recall correctly.
  3. I approve of the Odin/Selena pairing. Good taste~ Seconded this since you already paired Corrin off. Their support made me sympathize with Jakob quite a bit. I would also recommend Subaki/Sakura based off their supports, but mixed Caeldori is pretty amazing. Then again, Sakura's good with some children even if they aren't magic-based. But if you want to marry off Hoshidan and Nohrian royalty together then the Leo/Hinoka support is wonderful. Xander's supports with both Hinoka and Sakura were also very sweet. Kaden and Mozu are also good marriage choices for a lot of people. The only people Kaden had meh supports with are Azura and Sakura imo, but otherwise he's great. Mozu is amazing all around, though if you want recommendations I'd say Keaton, Silas, or Hayato in terms of supports (I heard that Rhajat is iffy if her mom isn't magic-based, but I haven't tried it yet).
  4. Nothing has been confirmed for the scramble DLC yet. We don't know when we'll get it, or even if we'll get it at all. But considering how there's a lot to translate, I'm still keeping my fingers crossed.
  5. If we're comparing Conquest!Xander to Birthright!Ryoma, then... they'd actually be tied in terms of personality. Xander really shows his caring side in his supports with his royal siblings, especially with Corrin during their childhood. He really tackles the issues of being the crown prince of Nohr well with all the responsibility he has over the people. Ryoma is also great in how he sees the good in most things, especially shown in the chapter where Shura is recruited. I did like how he thought of Azura as his sister in the supports and the main story, and the A supports for his royal siblings left me smiling for the most part. But in gameplay? Please, Ryoma all the way. Was that even a contest? Note that I did specify the route for each guy. Fuck Birthright!Xander. Hated him from after the decision was made when he attacked Corrin. Got even more ridiculous from there.
  6. Both Corrin and Azura felt like putting shoes on and off every time was pointless and tiring so they didn't want to deal with that. What? Have you tried on shoes at a shoe store? They take ages! Your feet don't deserve the stress of putting shoes on and off again!
  7. No worries about cheating here! In the Awakening world Gerome and Cynthia are a happy superhero duo together, Brady and Noire are enjoying each other's company, and Laurent and Kjelle are still happily traveling the world, while in Fates Odin and Selena are still together despite weird universal shenanigans. As for Inigo?... Well, Laslow x Azura is pretty much the Fates equivalent of Inigo x Lucina, right? Eh, then again Lucina's cheating on Robin while Azura's cheating on Corrin if we put it that way... Wait, too many parallels! Dammit, Inigo, cheating must be stopped!
  8. Hell yes, I like talking about hair colors~ Kana: Honestly? Any hair color works for either gender. Kana's just flexible that way. But if I had to choose a few? Probably Azura/Flora for Female, and Jakob/Izana for Male. Dwyer: His hair works much better with darker colors. Him with his canon hair color doesn't look that good imo. Midori: THE EYEBROWS. I can only see her with green hair. Or darker colors in general. Sophie: Same as Dwyer. Mozu's hair especially since she gives the extra vibe of Frederick!Cynthia <3 Shiro: A lot of hair colors can work on him, surprisingly. He looks pretty nice in purple and pink, even! Kiragi: Sorry, but light colors do not suit him that well. Oboro's would have to be my favorite color for him, but Mozu is close. Asugi: Same for Dwyer/Sophie. Which is weird since I was fine with Gaius' hair color in Awakening... Mitama: Any bold color will do. Hinoka red is good, Setsuna blue is also good. Hisame: The dark hair colors do not suit him tbh. Even his canon brown looks a little iffy. Hana and Rinkah are the only tolerable colors for him. Caeldori: Red! Hinoka red is especially gorgeous, but Sakura red can work as well. Selena red is fine, but it is pretty dull... Rhajat: Only monochrome colors work for her. And Orochi purple. But that's it. Selkie: Warmer colors for sure. Hinoka red matches her outfit, but Charlotte blonde matches the rest of her hair. Siegbert: The opposite of Shiro. Only Charlotte blonde suits him. Mayyybe red, too. Forrest: Unpopular opinion, but Sakura pink feels weird since the color is slightly off from the rest of his outfit. Felicia pink works the best since it actually matches his clothes, but Nyx and Hinoka's hair colors are gorgeous on him too. Not sure about the blonde, though. Soleil: So many hair colors work on her, but she looks best with darker ones. Only exception is Azura light blue because god damn she looks beautiful. Ophelia: Blonde is okay, but my favorite would have to be Selena red for her. Brown is fine, too. Nina: Similar to Soleil. Selena red matches her outlaw outfit, but Camilla purple is amazing on her. Percy: Effie white fits him the best, in my opinion. Setsuna blue can work, too. Ignatius: Tbh, not a lot of hair colors suit him. Maybe Oboro blue or Charlotte blonde? Velouria: Similar to Selkie, except with Selena red for the outfit, Mozu brown/black for her canon color, or white for her hair.
  9. Nina - Her character's pretty interesting. I liked the Robin Hood attitude in her paralogue and I found her love for yaoi funny. She also has a pretty good set of supports and rocks so many hair colors well. Purple and light pale blue are the best hair colors for her though fite me Dwyer - I preferred his paralogue dialogue in the Japanese version much more, as it showed how he was very hardworking during his time away from his parents even though he appeared lazy. Unpopular opinion here but I did not like the "Slappyface" *shot* With that being said, though, he's decent. I haven't gotten many supports from him, but the few that I did get were nice. Except for Jakob's. Jesus, how can he be such a dick even to his son?
  10. Hisame - Pickles. That's all I remember. Camilla - I find her personality to be pretty interesting, albeit a little too yandere-ish at times. Her doting on Corrin can be funny at times, and yet her backstory (along with her siblings') is pretty tragic. Plus, her stats are incredible. Izana - Love him. Love him to death. He's just a ball of fun and his communication with Naga is incredible. Plus his voiced lines? They're so good, oh my god. There's a reason why I married him as my own Corrin, ahaha
  11. Charlotte - I didn't know what to expect of her when I saw her design. Then I read some of her supports. Now I like her, especially her voice. Her as a Berserker is absolutely deadly, too. Odin - He's matured quite a bit from Awakening, as he does act like a normal person when necessary. His dark class honestly suits his persona really well and overall he's a fun guy. Too bad his stats aren't as fun... Zola - He's... actually a fun villain. An interesting personality compared to the shitlords that are Iago and Hans, and an awesome character design to boot. I think I like his role in Birthright the best, where we see more of him in action past kidnapping people. His death in that route is the worst, though. Poor Elise...
  12. She's probably the youngest second-gen unit... but I happen to ship her with three guys. What is wrong with me. ...W-well, at least they're the closest to her age, right?
  13. Leo: I'm surprisingly conflicted with him. On one hand, I understand why he feels overshadowed by his older siblings, so he's pretty relatable, but at the same time I find him too... cold for my tastes? I do like his love for tomatoes, though lol Hayato: He's alright. A little too much like Ricken but he's not bad. But then again, I haven't approached the majority of his supports so I have yet to experience enough of his childishness (even though his supports with Kaden and Sakura do reveal a little of it). Funny to mention - these two guys are the most popular partners for Sakura. Yet they happen to be the Sakura ships I'm not fond of and I prefer them with other magic-based girls, ahaha.
  14. Can't really say I have a favorite, but dear god Mitama's paralogue was awful. Even when my units are mostly leveled up through grinding most of them got their asses kicked by the million monsters here. Even if I didn't care about getting Azama to talk to Mitama the majority of my army would still get killed before I even get to that part. It was so painful. Nina's a close second, but that's probably because I'm obsessed with getting rewards.
  15. Jakob - Oh man. Ohhh man. This guy is a complete asshole to non-royalty and it's despicable. Yet at the same time it makes him more interesting than I expected him to be. At least his supports with Azura and Mozu delve into it, but man I have such a love-hate relationship with him. Though, because he's such an asshole to a lot of people I can only see him with Corrin. Yep, this is surprisingly my main ship for F!Corrin. Azura is a close second though if she isn't married to Corrin already *shot* Effie - Love her. Both her Japanese and English characters are really fun, her strength is impressive, and her relationship with Elise is adorable. Her backstory really had me admiring her determination to grow stronger, and her stats really show it. I know people might not like her because of her gimmick, but I personally enjoy it.
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