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  1. I definitely want to raise some complains like taking out units like Garret and Karel, Garret is your second berserker and is still a usable one too, he can be pretty good if he was made into a good but not as good pre-promote unit, in case you didn't want to use Gonzales and his bad skill, or Geese and some of his other problems. You should remove Bartre if that was the case with Garret then too, since both Lot and Wade should make Bartre irrelevant, especially the fact that people tend to choose the side that doesn't have Bartre anyway. Karel is also useful in his way, late-units with high stats were always useful in the end game, like Athos, Gotoh, and Nagi, Karel should be one of them too. Also, Lilina is better with a fire tome actually, since her low skill is fixed by a fire tome and she fixes the low damage of fire tomes with high magic.
  2. oh yeah I forgot nowi existed rip can't believe I remembered Excellus and not Nowi, then again, I liked how Excellus was being shit on by Cervantes and Walhart in the end.
  3. Alright, the final update of the awakening characters thread, Robin, Chrom, and Grima. What is your opinion on those characters? And in case you were wondering, I won't do any new threads any time soon, since I've been getting tired of doing these and updating everyday, that's why I stopped commenting my opinions, but I'll think about the next thread I make whenever I decide I'm in the mood to make another one of these.
  4. Since this character list is going to be at an end tomorrow, I'll add some villains in to make up. Today's characters are Maribelle, Excellus, and Validar.
  5. Even though I'm late, here are some new characters, Olivia, Laurent, and Tiki, I'm pretty sure you people have some opinions on these, the question is, what is that opinion going to be?
  6. yooooo New characters are up, and their names are Kellam, Say'ri, and Basilio. Anything you wanna comment on those characters?
  7. Okay, time for some new characters. Today's characters are Morgan, Yen'fay and Donnel.
  8. I'm kinda getting burned out from doing these things, so I'll proceed to making these a bit faster by making it three characters from tomorrow since we only have 15 characters or so left. Today's characters are Sully and Stahl, what are your opinion on them?
  9. sorry for not updating today, was busy all day, but I promise to update tomorrow, or at least try to.
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