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  1. • Does someone here know the hex code of Mitama's (pink) canon hair color? • Is there a way to successfully edit children's hair colors (battle model + My Castle) with a save editor without changing those of their parents? • Are cosmetic changes like this automatically shadowbanned or do i have some freedom to tinker with them? Thanks in advance, Sétanta
  2. Felicia hampers her defense and gives her magic mods, which would be better placed on other children. You can also use this nifty tool to plan out inheritance in the future.
  3. Well, the fanbase is the place where most of the hate inevitably concentrates. That is hardly unique to Fire Emblem, if you take a look at fanbases like Star Wars and Transformers for example. Basically it boils down to people just wanting to garner attention and importance by insulting others' opinions. That won't stop anytime soon. Luckily, they are just as bland and predictable like the generic enemies in FE, so we've all been properly trained in dealing with them, perhaps even without knowing.
  4. And it's me again. • I'm currently playing Conquest, and want to grind up my supports quickly. Apparently, My Castle battles are the best for this. Since characters can only attain a set number of support points per battle, is there a list for how many points the individual actions (attack/defend/seize) yield? • Is there a PowerSaves code that modifies the level of units? So far i've seen crazy things like class changes into Faceless, so i don't think that should be any more difficult. Thanks in advance, Sétanta
  5. Hello there, i just discovered that i had this device lying around. Originally i got one for sharing nice Pokémon with others, and since i've read across the forums that some of you are using these too, i figured there would be no shame in asking for help. These things came with a personal code to activate them online, i believe. About a year ago i had my code changed by Datel, but i didn't keep track of that so i don't even know my code, the only thing i have is the device. And that leaves me with the following questions: • Do i have to buy an entirely new device or can i just purchase another activation code? • Last time i had to deal with them, Datel/CodeJunkies' customer support was downright terrible. Is this still the same? • I've read about codes being region-locked, and only available through purchase or waiting past a certain date. What about this is true, and how are things for Fates as of now? • I have a physical copy of Birthright, with Conquest and Revelation downloaded. Is there any way to edit my CQ and RV files? Thank you for listening. Actually, i just want to make min-maxing and skill acquisition on my finished runs a little bit easier to present my characters as the heroes they are, in case you want to know. Have a nice day, -- Sétanta
  6. That was exactly what i was looking for, so thank you for that. The remaining problem is that i want to play the occasional online match after maxing stats, yet favor "romantic chemistry" over raw numbers. I am currently playing Revelation and therefore looking for a compromise between both, so it would be nice to get some input from the people here. Because i commited shipping atrocities i am not proud of in my previous files, such as Felicia!Siegbert and Rinkah!Rhajat, i believe i am in dire need of some advice. Here's what i currently have: [spoiler=Married:] • Takumi x Oboro • Subaki x Selena • Avatar x Caeldori • Hinata x Hana • Azama x Setsuna [spoiler=Planning:] • Xander x Charlotte vs. Hinoka - Personally, i like him better with Hinoka from a story perspective, but i've read that Charlotte is highly recommened as a mother for Siegbert. That, and Hinoka passes the radioactive strawberry hair down. • Leo x Nyx - Have a really nice support together, and the mods are great too, apart from the -1 in defense. • Hayato x Nyx vs. Orochi - The difference in hair color between Nyx and Orochi for Rhajat is rather small, and she can get Sorcerer from A+ supporting with Ophelia anyways. • Keaton x Peri - I believe no one else could stomach being at Peri's side for the rest of their life. • Ryoma x Kagero vs. Rinkah - I can't decide. Although Kagero's mods look better, what should i do with Rinkah then. • Silas x Camilla - I've heard they are another canon pair judging from supports, and the mods for Sophie don't seem all that bad. • Odin x Elise - The age difference is small enough and they are both similarly childish. • Niles x Beruka - I believe Beruka is incapable of showing much more emotion. [spoiler=No idea:] • Jakob • Kaze • Saizo • Benny • Arthur • Kaden • Laslow - No one died yet, so all other women are available. Thank you for having a look.
  7. Thank you! The name Ulster made it into FE4, my successor Finn made it into FE4 and even Gáe Bolg made it into FE4. How is a man supposed to feel if even his lance makes it into a game without a trace of himself? The true shame is that these can't even be hacked in, as far as i know. But thank you for the warm welcome. Thank you, too! Gaé Bolg - the DIY Excalibur! Pathetic Achievement unlocked, yay! Many thanksies! Your signature banner showing Ryoma commiting sudoku harakiri is truly gut-wrenching. Thank you for reminding me of this delightfully disgusting moment that probably will haunt me for the rest of my days ;)
  8. Hello there, after completing Birthright and Conquest, i started Revelations a few days ago, with the goal in mind to collect all children and to test my skills in PvP after maxing out my units. I married a second-generation unit and already have made a few pairs, but have read that supports are limited to the point that if i am not careful enough, some fathers may still end up childless. The modifies and growth rates are on the main page, but is there a comprehensive list/chart showing who can support who for the third path?
  9. Hello there, i'm Sétanta, although i also go by Takamaru elsewhere. While i only started posting recently, i'm far from being new to Fire Emblem or Serenes Forest, having spent most of my time here as a silent lurker. Like many, i discovered our beloved game series through Super Smash Bros.. In Brawl, i really liked Ike due to his simple fighting style using brute force. Ike stronk, therefore Ike good. Marth's style was more sublime like actual fencing, but pretty cool, too, yet my lack of patience and dwindling interest prevented me from figuring out how to actually inflict damage and win a fight with his sword-dancing. The only thing i knew about these two were that they were from Fire Emblem, which seemed like a Japanese variant of Dungeons & Dragons, but as video game. Years passed, and it wasn't until SSB4 that i met them again, together with Robin and Lucina. While i had some fun piecing the lore of the games together from the tidbits mentioned in the trophy descriptions, what ultimately won me over was the fact that Robin could shoot lasers and had a beautiful red alternate costume as a female. Shortly after, i got myself a copy of Awakening and was promptly disappointed that the gorgeous red hair and costume were nowhere to be found during character creation, while the lack of feet was the second thing that caught my eye. But everything else was great. The gameplay felt like a mix of virtualized board games, like Nobunaga's Ambition and Arthurian fantasy lore, but with a lovely, personal touch in the form of character emphasis. And after i passed the trials of the newbie, such as comprehending how swords and axes run out of ammo and experiencing the bittersweet perma-death as direct consequence of my pride, i grew really fond of it. As you might know from my taste in Smash Bros. characters i am really bad at fighting games, to the point i fear for my fingers with anything similar to Tekken, Smash being my sole exception. Awakenings nice battle scenes and the classic top-down gameplay were like the best of both worlds to me. From that day on, i was hooked and now regularly read up on the games mechanics and previous installments, to the point of knowing most of the plot, characters, classes, weapons and settings of the fourteen games while having played only three myself. I was of course really hyped when Fates was announced, and playing the game for over a month now, it did not disappoint me. All those new features like the skill exchange and the revamped PvP make connecting with other players a necessity, and thus here i am. And while i still lurk much, i don't post often because most of the time somebody else already said what i would add to the topic. But i hope i'll be more active here soon, and eagerly anticipate all the trashtalk, waifu wars and constructive discussion that may come of it. Pardon me as well for quoting Odin Dank as the fourth noob in a row, and if you are of the old guard of elitists, please replace every mention of Awakening with Gaiden. Have a nice day and thank you for reading, Sétanta
  10. While i took a similar approach, i failed to notice until now that i just can have my units guard the spawning points, so thanks for the reminder. If i may add something, though, the Replicate skill is highly recommened for this map. It gives you more units to effectively weed out the golems and green faceless, and also allows for more pair-up options to protect your units from being swarmed during enemy phase, especially in later chapters. Plus, many of the Einherjar from the top castles readily carry it.
  11. Kills from My Castle battles definitely count, even in Conquest where they are the only reliable option (barring DLC) to grind for them. I don't know about Profiteer in My Castle battles, though.
  12. I know very well, speaking as someone with a Knight talent MU and a missed opportunity. But thank you very much for all the fish skills!
  13. Does someone here have Orochi with Pavise? I've been looking far and wide so far, to no avail.
  14. Could you add Quixotic for Saizo and Pavise and Aegis for Takumi to your castle when you find the time?
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