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  1. At the final chapter, i don't get why you are forced to pick any of your units tough... I have 5 usseless character on the final map. Anyway i am doing this later, so lazy right now.
  2. in a "house" near a skeleton you've to pay 200 ( if i rmeember it correctly... ) for the poison and use it on the skeleton, but if you do apparently you can't have Maya ( i actually missed her because i've break the houses with ailments >> )
  3. By the way i've finished the chapter 9 some hours ago and you can actually have a safe way to kill the boss with Shirutin. Just don't kill any "house" ( sorry my english is bad and it's the only word i could say >_> ) then talk the the eaggle rider with Shirutin, he give you a bow that have the skill of 100% hit rate, and you need Shirutin get some good level up in str and have the support of his sister in order to get at leats 12 damage so the boss die in 2 hit ( of course he have a potion so this is why you need to get lucky with the levels up. ) Hope it help, thanks to the japanese wikia actually !
  4. You have to spare any squelletons, then talk the the boss in the left side with Zeid.
  5. Oh this is awesome man ! Thanks for this, also it help to know more about skills, the only i found it out was adept, wrath, ambush, the others skills i have no idea at all untill now. ^^
  6. The difficulty is really insane, now i beated the boss i get some troops at north all with poney, i beated them then after from south come new renforceiments and an asassin come out from nowhere and one sot Zeid... *sigh* lost like 2 hours again in this chapter...
  7. Hello. Does anyone have a tips for the boss of chapter 9 ? I just can't beat him at all he's really annoying...
  8. Omg. Didn't expected the boss of the chapter 3 to trade his hammer for a ranged axe, my Sheila get one shot... Come on not after more of 2 hours of chapter i had to restart now ! ><
  9. I love you, thank you !!! You just saved me from this endless nightmare. ^^
  10. Hello everyone ! I am searching for the skill: life or death for My unit ( avatar ) i am dessesperated and searching for 2h now... Anyone can help please ? Thanks in advance.
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