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  1. Finished him a bit ago, However here is my +10 Corn. Luckily I got +Atk for my last merge. He had the displeasure of being +Res until +9.
  2. That's rather.... Scummy and unfortunate oof. Hopefully they add it back in sometime if that is the case.
  3. In the end I'll probably see which supports I like the most of the 3. Chances are I'll just recruit Linhardt though since he doesn't have any immediate baggage like the others. After the release though and some time passes I'll probably just @ their Twitter once or twice. Doubt they'll patch any more options in to appease people, but hey. Maybe in FE17 if they keep romance we won't have this issue again.
  4. Mobile is being weird with quoting so gonna leave all that in ig. That's not why it's being disregarded no, just that why are you saying "Y'know you can get sued so shh" And here is where I drop out. At least what I am saying as some form of logic behind. That example is just. Horrible. Whatever. All in all. Imo at least it feels like the m/m options are picked as the options someone who is against m/m would care about the least. Is there concrete proof. No, but it comes across that way. So like. Whatever. The options are fine as it is but the way they're picked.
  5. I don't think such laws are even a point here. What? Someone is gonna track everyone down and sue us all for saying we feel like the choices they pick have some seed of homophobia ingrained into it? No. And there IS information though. You've been dismissing it though. The information isn't a straight up recording of the devs saying the hate queer men. But by examining what we know and asking why we can form some theories/thoughts on the matter.
  6. It comes across as not being valid when you've been completely dismissive and refuse to understand others PoV on the matter. I really don't see how it's a stretch to come to that conclusion based off what we know and the clear differences. But if you think it's a stretch then that's fine.
  7. Okay let me clarify, the majority of people actively talking about the game currently. Yes overall it's probably an overall minority but that doesn't change the that a lot of people clearly aren't happy. My point IS NOT "Wah I hate old men where's my studs" though. It's more that it feels like it's a conscious choice to pick and choose the options as they did. Yeah I don't have video proof of the devs saying that exactly but you can't honestly act like these points are silly. What exactly do you mean by "never been thought"? There's certainly people on other sites saying stuff like that. It's not dismissive in the slightest. Sure I'll get you the devs probably didn't say that out loud all casually, but the fans against same sex supports existing in the first place are certainly saying that. There has been both people saying they'd cancel their pre order if Claude is an option it isn't.
  8. It just baffles me at how people legit think the people who are upset and in the minority here. It's been one of the most discussed topics since the info dropped everywhere. While SF is more limiting in who posts, places like Twitter are a good example. These people are the audience the game is being sold to. There is far more people upset than those who are not. And again since I feel like this point is ignored. We don't have to get rid of Alois or Gilbert, but you can't say how this isn't pandering when the f/f options are as it is and the m/m are as it is. You just can't argue the m/m feels more like an afterthought when the f/f has great picks and front line plot related characters as picks. Whether or not the supports turn out good isn't really the issue. If the supports and characters turn out great then that's great. It does come across as them preferring to pander to the men who play as the female MC anyways, while going "Oh yeah we need some M/M supports to shut up those who like it" then following it up with "Dimitri/Claude are the main Lords and what person would let a queer lead them. They might try something on the MC" or whatever excuse straight people tend to invent. Honestly again they should have done something more fair such as: Lord/1 Male/1 Female per house and 3 non-student girls and 2 guys so it would be more even. But ofc being even is too much to ask so let's make it horribly unbalanced and make BE have more options, BL have one option, and GD have none.
  9. Patching more options in sounds like the best bet tbh. I don't really understand the whole "Guess we have to wait til the next FE game!!" thing, when it's very possible nowadays to just patch in something.
  10. I think it's rather obvious what the issue is. The issue isn't exactly that they picked old men. It's that it's very clear that for the f/f options they picked plot relevant characters and characters that were very clearly made with the intent of being popular. While for the m/m options instead of picking a plot relevant character like Dimitri/Claude, or some of the dudes whose design would warrant popularity, they went with two old men. One of which is already married and has a kid, and the other likely has a kid too based on what we know. So it's kinda obvious the m/m were afterthoughts when they could have easily made the Lords an option too, and fans for the most part would have accepted it even if they weren't huge fans of the lords. Besides the vast majority of players tend to prefer the lords over the others. So it just makes more sense to use a character who is more or less guaranteed to be a fan fav than just what we have. Not saying the old men options shouldn't exist at all, but to purposely not include someone more relevant. Like it's hard to not see why people aren't happy to me.
  11. It's even more bizarre that people honestly don't understand how this makes people upset. "It's 3x more male options than Fates!". Like yes but IS knows the Lords are usually the most popular characters. So it just makes sense to use them as picks. Honestly you can even get away with not making them options by just picking any other student who probably has infinite more relevance than the two old options the game provides.
  12. The idea of 7 options each though does personally make the most sense to me. It could have been something along the lines of: BE: Edelgard, Dorothea, Linhardt (2F/1M) BL: Dimitri, Mercedes, A non important male (3F/3M) GD: Claude, a non important male & female (4F/5M) Non students: Rhea, Sothis, Non student female (7F/5M) Non students: Alois and Gilbert (7F/7M)
  13. Fair enough, that would certainly be ideal. Who knows though, iirc the DLCs are also coming out with free updates. Perhaps if we are heard enough they can slip in more options with that free update. That's a bit of wishful thinking though I feel.
  14. Oh, yes it would be. However as I originally stated, I said if that was the case I would probably be less upset if that was the case. Not that I wouldn't be upset in general.
  15. Yeah, it's more about female characters in fiction in general. Though its still something I feel the need to point out. Since a lot of the arguments I have been seeing lately is that mlm players should be grateful they are getting good representation with older mlm characters/conventionally unattractive characters , and when people point out its not fair there is usually the whole "Well x is an old wlw option" argument being thrown back, even though she's like eternally youthful/old but still young enough to be considered beautiful. Though what I am trying to say is that, if the f/f options were similar with like 1 student and two of the older characters then people probably wouldn't be as mad at the clear bias. Sure the focus of the issue would shift but at least the options would be considered more fair/unbias. Idk.
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