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  1. There's no "best game" in Fire Emblem. Everyone here has there own favourite and can easily give many reasons as to why that is. My personal favourite is Awakening, but since you've already played that I'd say finish Sacred Stones and then start with Blazing Blade. They're some of my favourites in the series after Awakening and I think either of them are great choices to play going forward. Once you finish those, I'd recommend Path of Radiance and its sequel; Radiant Dawn. Those two are tough to find nowadays though so you may want to hold off unless you don't mind putting a dent in your wallet.
  2. Nice Dragon Emblem team! I have a Fae and Nowi on other teams that I'm trying to build in a similar way. No Young Tiki though. Only one missing so far. Now that I look at this more this looks awfully familiar to a team that destroyed me in the arena recently... More Robin is never wrong. Bon choix! (Pardon me if this is wrong. My french is very rusty.) That team looks dangerous. I really like the explanations too. If I may make a suggestion for Masked Marth, maybe try Renewal 3 for your B slot and Reciprocal Aid as your skill. I ran something similar to that on Lucina and it worked pretty well. The last images on each of your teams seem to be missing. Either way though, really cool setup. I don't see much of Seth or Abel so its nice to see them get some love. Also the lone Azura with all those Ikes XD That's a strong team! Hector, Nowi, and Ike have been pretty consistent since their inclusion but Bridal Lyn's not one I see often though. I don't see healers often period. Your title as 'Official Eirika Fanboy' is strong here lol. Seeing Arya makes me kinda salty though. I whaled quite hard for her during her banner and ended up getting Eldigan... THREE TIMES!!! I do the same. I usually switch out Hector during TT if I need the bonus unit. Outside of that though, my main team has stayed pretty much the same. I originally had Azura and Lucina on the team but I replaced Azura with Axezura and Lucina has since been moved to another team with Fae, Takumi and Shareena. I've also got a Horse Emblem team in the works with Leo, Titania, Reinhardt and Brave Lyn and an incomplete Flier Emblem team with Summer Corrin, Spring Camilla and Elincia. The final spot will be reserved for Tana if I ever summon her. Also just as a side note, really like your fics. Broken Bird and Waiting on the Future are some of my favourites.
  3. As of today, Fire Emblem Heroes is a year old. A ton of new heroes have been added since day one and we're only going to get more. So now I think is a good time to celebrate this year by showcasing the heroes you've built throughout this first year. So whether its your team (or teams) that you've specifically built to dominate the arena, or just a team you made because you like the characters, now's your chance to to show off a little. Show us what you've got!
  4. Holy hell that's a great banner! Myrrh, L'Arachel are finally in and they're not at all what I thought they'd be. I never considered Myhrr to be a flying unit and I figured L'Arachel to be a healer. Also new Eirika. I wonder if this will affect the CYL vote at all though.
  5. My money for the male's side is Hector and Chrom/Ephraim. Hector I think has his spot locked down. Chrom has enough fans but I think Ephraim may have gotten enough of a boost thanks to Heroes to surpass him. If I'm really stretching it, Marth will take 2nd. As for the females... well what I hope for is Eirika and Azura. Eirika because like Ephraim I think she'd get a boost from Heroes plus I think she deserves the spot more so than the Tharja, Camilla or Corrin. Azura I think could get 2nd because of her already existing popularity, plus her appearance in Warriors and her 3 incredible units in Heroes. That's what I hope anyway. What will probably happen is Tharja and Camilla will still win it because fanservice though...
  6. For the males side my money is on Chrom and Hector. Hector has enough fans that he'll probably stay where he is but I think Chrom could pass him thanks to Warriors. As for the females... That's tougher. I'd like to say Eirika will move up and Azura will get a boost because of Warriors and just how good she is in Heroes in all her variations. But then again this fanbase somehow thought Tharja, Camilla, F!Corrin and Nowi belonged in the top 10 so...
  7. I can see this being his CYL unit if he won. I'd like to see the Morgan get in as the red unit tacticians honestly. Like M!Morgan can be the sword unit and F!Morgan can be the red tome unit.
  8. So this is a whole new vote. I wonder how much a heroes usefulness in the game will effect how many votes they get. (Like will Reinhardt get a boost in votes because of how he dominates the meta) Anyway assuming we get 7 votes I'll vote for characters we haven't gotten yet. Those being: L' Arachel, Myrrh, Tibarn, Silas, Leif, Erk and Silque. If we get 13 the remainder of my votes will be going to M!Robin. Gotta stick with my favourite.
  9. My main is Robin. I love his moveset and I find he's the most versatile of the mages, being able to run anything from destroying everyone with his high magic stat or being a supprt That and personal bias. Robin's my favourite character so it's a given that he'd be my main. Going by weapon types though: Sword: Lyn - Her moveset is fantastic with everyone of her combos basically turning this game to easy mode. Lance: Oboro - Like her as a character and she's a solid duelist. Plus her strong attack where she makes a hurricane is RIDICULOUSLY good at clearing whole fortresses. Axe: Lissa - Its hilarious watching her swing this giant axe through hordes of enemies. Bow: Anna? - Honestly, I don't use bow users that much. I don't care much for any of the Fates archers so Anna gets this one. Tome: Robin - Reasons why above.
  10. I always gotta back my boy Robin. But if he falls to Lissa (or Tharja in the next round) then Azura will be getting my support.
  11. I don't really hate or like Nowi, but I she's more of a positive than a negative more me in terms of character. Her childishness is grating at times, but then we have supports with her where she shows that she's much more mature than she lets on and that makes me like her more. For me that adds another layer to her character. That her behaviour is actually just her trying to enjoy her life with her human friends as best as possible knowing full well they'll all die long before she does. Also I really enjoy her interactions with Tiki and Tharja. Her ability to change Tiki's outlook on living longer than her friends and her probably being one of the few characters that actually befriends Tharja are adorable. All that said, it's ultimately her design that puts me off. The only possible reason I can think of for her choice in clothes is simply that she's naively unaware or she just doesn't care because she'll out live people so there's no reason to change.
  12. I don't think its really fair to compare Robin and Corrin to Alm in the same manner. Robin, for example earns the trust and praise he gets as the game progresses due to his actions and his interactions with the cast. Corrin is loved immediately because they are Corrin and are praised despite being an idiot and naive.
  13. All I'd want is Axe Lissa. I honestly completely forgot about the new MCs. They don't intrigue me that much design wise but I'll wait and see on their personalities. Totally agree on Hinoka being in the banner though.
  14. So with a new FE Warriors event coming up, do you think we might see a new banner with heroes using a different weapon type? We've seen some characters using different weapons during their special moves in some of the gameplay trailers while other characters use different weapons entirely. Would this interest any of you? If so, who would you want to see in it? Personally, I'd want to see Robin with his Levin Sword, Lissa with an axe, and Lucina and Sakura with a bow.
  15. Yes. I loved Awakening and its my favourite game in the series. Like a good number of people on here, Awakening was the game that introduced me to the series (and by extension, this community). Since then, I've acquired and played through the rest of the Fire Emblem series and Awakening remains my favourite of the bunch. The story was good (not the best in the series but still good), the characters have become my favourite cast through out the series, the music is beautiful and I found the gameplay to be the most fun I've had in series. Now I'm very aware of the flaws Awakening has. However, I never found them so glaring that it limited how much fun I had. My biggest gripe with Awakening is that it doesn't give a whole lot of explanation as to the why or how of certain things in the world. It tells enough to get the job done, but not enough to really go in depth. It doesn't detract from my fun, but it does make me wish for more sometimes.
  16. I think it'd be better to just spend what we have now. I don't think we're gonna get another multiplier in time before the match is over and even if we did the difference could be too big to catch.
  17. True. That could be said for a lot of things with Fates. Either way, we've gone way off topic in this thread so wanna end it here?
  18. Nice! Now the big question though. Should Team Robin focus on holding the lead or keep it going as is and hope for another 3x multiplier down the line?
  19. I understand what you're saying. But I think that all of that is just a bit of a stretch as too why he doesn't recognize her. Azura's hair and even her outfit is too unique to mistake for someone else, sheltered or not. Not to mention at this point in Conquest, Azura has been traveling with him for a good amount of time. So it wouldn't have been out of the ordinary to hear the different tones of her voice while she practiced at some point. The dance may be different but that doesn't mean he wouldn't recognize the voice. As for her getting into the performance, she was with Corrin before they got to the theatre. She only disappears before the performance and appears immediately after. You don't need to be a genius to put two and two together. The waterbending might cause issues during her performance, but there's a bit of time before she starts that I think he'd be able to recognize her. Like I said I get what you're saying but it all just seems like too much of a stretch.
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