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  1. New version up. Download pages linked in the first post will always have the most recent version. The first two of those updates are part of the engine code, so to update an existing project the easiest way is to use git. The guides included with FEXNA explain the basics if you need help. re: assets above, at some point I would like to put together an open source and free to use pack to include with the base engine. Something to work toward in the future.
  2. (old topic link) It’s the engine FE7x uses. This is the public beta. Have fun. The core engine and more information are available at http://bwdyeti.com/tactile/. However, I expect that what you actually want is FEXNA FEXNA is now a content pack for Tactile, a collection of GBAFE assets that have been ported into the engine, for use when generating a new project. While Tactile is an original engine I have the rights to, FEXNA has been split off to play it safe. Use at your own risk of course, like with hacking. The FEXNA links are available in this Google doc. If you just want one simple download, you can get FEXNA and Tactile in one package. Otherwise if you’re interested in trying Tactile on its own, you can get just the FEXNA Content Pack separately. Copy it into Tactile Editor/srccontent/ so the editor can find it. Source Control The engine and content are all on GitHub, if that is a thing that interests you. FEXNA can be found separately on GitLab. Setup Installation instructions can be found at bwdyeti.com/tactile/install/, while a more detailed guide explaining creating a new project and getting started with Git can be found in the FEXNA download. License There are detailed license files in the download and on GitHub. The tldr is you can do whatever you want with Tactile other than sell it, and for now you can use the FE7x content that’s in FEXNA for educational purposes, but don’t distribute it as part of your own game. We’ll sort out making much of the 7x content available at some point. Patreon If you read all that and thought “wow that guy made a whole game engine for free, I sure wish I could support him somehow”, I made a Patreon I guess. Tactile will always be free to use, as well as all kinds of other stuff I made, but I appreciate the consideration.
  3. BwdYeti

    FE Recolor

    Made an update to the program, to overhaul the UI and improve performance. Head to the first post to check it out
  4. If you need an axe armor sprite the map sprite repository has one. If it doesn't meet your needs, it can at least serve as a placeholder until you get an original sprite made.
  5. Only if it doesn't involve increasing enemy stats from hard. If you can think of other ways to make the game more challenging, then that would be awesome. Different enemy AI, enemy classes, maybe weaponry etc... I think it's important that enemies don't just get stronger though, since that disrupts gameplay balance and unit viability. Enemies with higher AS just mean that units reliant on doubling become bad. That's quite a bit pitfall in regards to design. Unfortunately this is the only realistic way a higher difficulty is happening. The number of players on hard is less than a tenth of normal, and lunatic would be that much smaller. Hard mode's changes are all individually designed compared to normal though, which lunatic would still preserve, so bigger numbers on top of the weapon, unit count, reinforcement, enemy class, etc changes should still combine to a coherent, if... 'crazy', challenge re: confusion over chapter order, an update soon will help and an interface update in the future will make things much clearer. For now though, the correct chapter order is to just play through each list of chapters as a self contained story arc, and then move on to the next block. If you have an unlocked chapter you haven't played yet, that's the next chapter.
  6. Hey great job on the run kirbymastah, especially that swag strat at the end ;D Here's a link to the run if anyone wants to watch it my donation didn't get read on stream D:
  7. ...Huh Time to complain to the face spriters
  8. So this is unrelated to FEE3 and might not even make it out for the next release but [spoiler=huge image] Apparently I never posted this photo anywhere back when I took it in April because I am a bad This is not actually playable because I haven't even started touch controls, let alone finished mouse controls, nor do I have any idea what kind of performance I'm going to get, but just know it's still planned
  9. It's worth noting that the majority (even the vast majority) of such weird name choices are for legendary weapons, or otherwise singular weapons. Likely many were chosen for their connotations (Excalibur, Thorhammer), or because there aren't a huge number of important mythological axes, bows, spells, etc (Armads, Murgleis, Nidhogg, whatever Swanchika is) Pugi is a Prf, but is not unique, so on those terms its position is debatable
  10. Change all anima tomes to primary weapon type "anima", secondary weapon type fire/thund/wind. All weapons can have either one or two weapon types, and both are counted for the weapon triangle (for example, light brand has WTA against runesword)
  11. Save files are in My Docs/SavedGames/FE7x/Save/AllPlayers/ You don't need to worry about doing anything with them between updates
  12. Mouse and touch features are planned, there's no reason to have a PC game that you can't play with a mouse. 360 controllers are already supported, but because of XNA "limitations" other controllers apparently aren't, so I'll have to deal with that Extra skills beyond the 4th would not show up in the list but would still obviously effect the unit. You could implement something like PK suggested with a scrolling list, or change the skill icon size to fit more in the list (I'm considering doing this for unrelated reasons). Hidden skills is not something I had planned and not really something I support; it smacks of hiding information from the player Missed attacks still rolling crit for their animation is something I'm planning to add, I like the idea of an enemy starting their crit animation not being a guarantee they'll hit and the suspense that comes along with that change. Triangle attacks will exist, 7x has a peg trio.
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