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  1. Completed my quest for all Lunatic Medals. Kinda easy but still did it.

  2. Anyone got Aptitude on Setsuna and Azama?
  3. Conquest Lunatic is finally complete! Now only Birthright stands on the quest for all gold medals!

  4. The quest is nearly done! For the glory of Nohr! (Conquest:Lunatic is in progress)

    1. CelestialLight


      *Correction* Conquest Lunatic is Finished.

    2. mysticalEnchanter


      True, I should update that now :P

  5. Ayy got my New 3DS! Now to transfer all that stuff...

  6. I'm sorry you feel unwelcomed here. Welp, if you're truly leaving, I'd like to say that I really liked those PMU stories you made, and enjoyed speaking to you in chat. But if you really are gone, then I'd like to give you my goodbyes, and I wish you luck in life, wherever it may go.
  7. Welp, here goes no Fire Emblem for two wholes months! Great...

    1. CelestialLight


      It's not so bad, at least you're not missing out on new dlc or something...

    2. mysticalEnchanter
  8. For some reason people here keep mistaking me for a girl, even when they know I'm a guy. It's weird how the internet it.
  9. I'd say the best way to involve Mozu is assume she was possibly an undercover soldier like Fate who joined the Nohrian Army. An idea, but not exactly a good one :P
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