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  1. You know what a 1/5 star rating isn't really fair to her. She does have her utility early game. I guess during the mid-game is when she dropped off for me. I can see her being at least a 2 star unit, maybe even a low 3 star unit if she gets rng blessed
  2. Alright so I just competed the game and wanted to give my thoughts on each of the characters real quick: Algimas: An overall solid unit, he seemed kinda lacking at times with some poor rng level ups but never failed to pull his own weight. The dude becomes down right broken once he gets his legendary personal weapon. 4/5 stars 5/5 when he gets the personal weapon Tactician: A dark mage who gets access to healing and brave tomes and support healing later on, this guy does it all. Mine never got spd screwed either so he was able to consistently double things. 5/5 stars Ernst: The way I feel jaegan characters should be handled. He does his job well but ultimately I feel as though the timing for his usefulness when he starts getting normal exp rates is a little bit too late. By that time there are other characters who are better off. 2/5 stars Kurtis: He is an okay unit when you get him. However, I feel as though what really holds him back is his speed. He was just too slow to do any meaningful damage. I just had to bench him. 2/5 stars Haylyn: The first healer that you get. I also tend to staff abuse so that I can get the most mileage out of my units. She was fast and hit decently hard but paper thin defenses. Overall a solid unit but there are some flaws. 4/5 stars Martel: Never liked brigands so I benched immediately. I feel as though they are a very high risk high reward type of unit which is something that I feel is not good for a long term game like fire emblem. There will always be a bad rng number somewhere and brigands happen to get the worst luck. bias 1/5 stars; potential 3/5 stars if invested into. Aceline: Hey knights that have access to bows which are stupid broken in this game what could go wrong. How about the fact that she ends up being so slow that not only can she not double but she can't reliably tank either. I wanted her to be good but overall is not worth the time to invest into. 1/5 stars Boleslav: Since I tried so hard to get Aceline to work I ended up benching Boleslav. That being said archers in this game are really good and boleslav is an amazing unit should you train him. 5/5 stars Gerwulf: This is a unit who was meant to be the slow but hard hitting unit when you get the two cavaliers. This is fine at the time of his recruitment however the gap widens and eventually he gets outpaced in the amount of damage that he can do and can tank reliably enough to keep him long term. 2/5 stars Negu: The faster and imo the better of the two cavaliers. She is faster and slightly frailer/weaker however, long term she ends up getting solid defenses and good attack. Mounted mobility is also critical for certain maps and is a great unit overall. 4/5 stars Sven: The first of the dracoknights that you get in the game. Flying utility is useful and he could be a decent unit. However, he feels like that is all he will be just alright. He has middling speed and attack which just seems to get worse and worse as the game progresses. Maybe if you get rng blessed he can be fantastic but otherwise there are better units out there. 2/5 stars Beatrice: She is the first mage that you get and will be your only source of magic damage outside of your tactician for the longest time. At first she is a great unit, however, once you start to promote units and have other sources of magic she starts to drop off a bit. She is useable long term but will struggle at times. 3/5 stars Chiara: Chiara felt very much like a jack of all trades kind of character. she grew nice and evenly and starts with good enough bases that will allow her to do whatever task needs to be done. However, you do have to feed her kills here and there because she can fall behind if you aren't careful. 3/5 stars Robert: He is a thief that really should be used as a glorified lockpick. He does his job well but overall not worth investing experience into. 2/5 stars Nilda: Nilda has the opposite problem that Kurtis had. While Kurtis was slow but strong Nilda is fast but weak. At a certain point doubling isn't all that useful if you don't have the strength to make any meaningful damage. 2/5 stars Wayland: Unpromoted Wayland is an overall meh unit. He could be easily droppable and I would not blame you. However, this character all he needs is just 1 pair of speedwings and he can really get the ball rolling. He becomes an aerial tank once he promotes and is a solid unit overall. Wayland is going to be the best tank you can get in the entire game. 3/5 stars before promotion 5/5 after promotion. Vlad: A second jaegan character does not interest me what-so-ever. Honestly better off investing experience into Wayland since he can do the same job but get more worth out of it. 1/5 stars Celia: Celia is the archer goddess. This girl just straight up murders anyone from afar. Boleslav is amazing, so is this girl. She pretty much capped str/spd/skl at level 13-14 promoted. Cannot go wrong in using her. 5/5 stars Elaine: Healer number 2 except she is on a horse. You might want to invest an angelic robe into her just so that she doesn't die to a stray hit, otherwise she has amazing utility and can deal good damage in a pinch. 4/5 stars Foskey: Great an armor unit who came in with less speed than my trained Aceline. Benched immediately. 1/5 stars Lani: The first pegasus flyer you get in the game. She is a great unit and flying utility can help ferry units in certain situations. 4/5 stars Rorick/Odin: There may be a reason to use Martel if you wanted to train him. These guys have absolutely 0 reason to use. Both are way to underleveled to use reliably. 1/5 stars Meila: If you are going to use a thief for long term use, Meila should be your choice. She ends up faster so she can steal things a little bit better. However, long term use she fails to secure any meaningful kills. Just have her steal things and give her enough exp to promote so that she can steal all the goodies that you need. 2.5/5 stars Brendan: He can be an alright unit should you want to make him your primary light magic damage dealer. He is perfectly serviceable but not amazing either. 3/5 stars Dita: Dita is just a better Gerwulf is every way possible. If you want to use a heavy cavalry unit this is your girl. 3/5 stars Katarina: Dancers are just always good and she can heal in a pinch as well. 4/5 stars Aras: Honestly you have the tactician who just outshines Aras in everyway possible. She isn't bad but definitely not good enough to warrant a spot of the team. 2/5 stars Warren: A promoted general, however, he suffers from the same fate that every other knight had which was poor speed. If you were going to make any general work this would be your best chance but even then he still isn't a good unit. 2/5 stars Franck: A prepromote who is alright for the chapter he joins and that is about it. If you have a trained Negu, she outclasses Franck in every single stat, he just isn't good enough to use long term 1/5 stars. Auguste: This is a nino/est archetype done right. She comes in during one of the hardest chapters in the entire game. Enemies are swarming you but if you can feed her kills here and there she will become fantastic. Also one of the best candidates for the afa's drops since she will have the most levels to grow to make the most use out of them. Takes work and effort but will pay off for sure. One of the only units who was able to nearly cap all of her stats. 4.5/5 stars Danica: She comes it with alright bases and could be extremely useful. A good candidate for an energy ring to bring up damage up to par with the rest of the group. Might take a bit of investment but can definitely be worth it. 3/5 stars Tanya: The best mage in the game. She can use both light and anima magic but I would recommend focusing on her light magic. Your healers will have most likely capped the stave ranks and if you chose not to use brendan, she is the only reliable way to use high level light magic. Healing utility also makes her a great support unit as well. 4/5 stars. Cynthia: It could be worse however she is just too slow to become a reliable unit long term. If you really want to use her then you are going to have to spend a speedwings on her but there are other units who could utilize them better. 2/5 stars Eliana: Starts of okay and manages to maintain her usefulness throughout the game. Not the greatest of units but overall balanced and useable. 3/5 stars Clara: Might have to rely on drynwyn to get started but once she starts leveling up she becomes a better and better unit. You just have to get over that first little hill to get the ball rolling. 3.5/5 stars Ayrlyn: Give this girl a killing edge and she will destroy most foes. I ended up not training her and bringing her into the final level. She ended up doing just fine without any training against the endgame enemies. 4/5 stars Isaac: If you really want to use a beserker, Isaac is your man. Dude comes in with good enough bases to hold you over until the endgame. 3/5 stars Andrew: The worst of the three archers but still a good unit. Will definitely be weaker than both of the other archers if they are trained and probably not worth having 3 archers on your team. 3/5 stars Dione: For a secret unit that you have to go through a whole lot to get, not really worth the investment. She is an alright unit and can be used in the endgame but she could be a lot better. 3/5 stars Erwin: 16 magic with only 2 levels to grow means that he might struggle a bit. He does have amazing growth rates but overall should only be used if you have other units that died or are heavily rng screwed. 3/5 stars.
  3. does someone have a list of the growth rates for all the characters?
  4. Alright it been a while but finally managed to catch up to the act 2 point. Just a quick question can someone give me a tldr summary of each of the routes. like is one easier but more gimmicky and the other it more linear but harder. also pretty sure this is a bug but is one of the live to serve healers gets hit with the hex rod, if they heal someone they can recover their hp effectively negating the hex rod's effects.
  5. I apologize for sounding impatient/entitled. I didn't want to spoil myself on the story so I didn't watch the stream. I just got excited when I heard that there was going to be a "direct" which meant I was kind of expecting a new update or at least a release date. Keep up the good work and I will play it whenever you complete it.
  6. when we getting 1.8 i can't handle the suspense
  7. Alright so I just finished my run of TRTR and overall it was really enjoyable. I felt that many of the characters were both good and interesting and I believe that I do not have any more words to say that have not already been said before. That being said there are a few concerns that trouble me. When all of my units hit level 20 or near the cap it would just periodically skip the level up sequence and I would be screwed over a level. I feel as though Lanora did not really have enough time to get s rank in dark tome and the other dark magic user should be massively inferior to lanora if you decided to use her. I think there should be an arms scroll item in the game just to help that out a bit, or a dark tome that increases weapon experience maybe at the cost of exp experience or have a devil effect or severe stat reduction penalties for a few ideas to balance it. That being said pretty much every unit was usable and I will be going in depth on all the units I used I apologize in advance at how large the pictures are going to be but it was the only way for me to screen cap it and I couldn't figure out how to shrink it here.
  8. For those of you who have gotten to chapter 16, I have a quick question. The armor knight who spots us at the beginning runs off presumably to gather more soldiers. The goal being to activate the switch in order to let our allies in. Is it possible to kill the armor knight before he gathers reinforcements before time runs up so that we can stop the clock to gather all the goodies or is it better to activate the switch and proceed with the chapter trying to outpace the knight?
  9. Whelp good news is that I have finally been able to play it. Bad news is that I could only do so on 3.0.2 and not the latest 3.0.3 which tells me that the problem has something to do with the latest patch. Hopefully you can find what causes it. Sorry I couldn't be of any more help
  10. Did they ever manage to solve it. Openemu is the only emulator that i've been able to get to work on my laptop
  11. So I applied the patch to a clean rom but openemu won't read it. is it a problem with the patch or openemu?
  12. Tempo

    Bloodlines (2.4)

    so i went through the chapter that had J.R. in it and I didn't get to recruit him afterwards. I pretty sure I beat him with Bram too. Did I do something wrong?
  13. Tempo

    Bloodlines (2.4)

    In the chapter with all the bees, one of the bees went into the mountains in order to head to the fort to heal itself. It stole the silver icon and there was no way to steal it back. RIP silver icon T_T
  14. The battle frame is completely fine. You shouldn't fix something that isn't broken imo.
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