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  1. Beowulf has that sweet Pursuit/Continue/Charge combo with decent growths all around, and his promotion gains make him the best candidate for the Silver Blade, he also happens to be the best user of said weapon because it helps to offset his low Strength cap while having the Skill to actually land hits when using it. He's actually a good unit. Midayle is the best Bow uset after Briggid because of his horse. Alec... well he can be a decent meat wall thanks to Nilhil and he can be a decent fighter if you get lucky with his growths, at least he has Pursuit unlike Noish.
  2. -Noish x Ayra This one is fine -Jamke x Adean Lester wants the Pursuit Ring, and possibly a Skill Ring. Lana is a staffbot. Midayle is better. -Holyn x Briggid This one is fine. -Levin x Fury Mostly fine, Tiltyu is better but you can't really go wrong with either, Fee needs a Power Ring. -Azel x Tiltyu This one is fine, Levin is better though. Claude x Sylvia The subs are better, but this one is fine if you want to pair Sylvia, Fury is a better wife for Claude though. Lex x Raquesis Delmud will be fine as long as he gets Pursuit. Nanna will be bad at both healing and fighting because Lex hurts her Skill, Speed and doesn't give Pursuit. Azel and Beowulf are better husbands for her. Lex has better wives than Raquesis. Paragon is wasted because both kids are mounted, so they don't really need it.
  3. Midayle is a better user of the Killer Bow than Jamke because of his horse and because Jamke's offense is overkill, he can kill just fine with the Steel Bow in chapter 2. Everyone in gen 1 is decent, excluding Arden and Noish.
  4. I know we're getting a remake someday... I want it here though...
  5. Even if Erk comes earlier he still isn't as good as Pent. Nino comes so late it's pointless to train her.
  6. Arthur has a horse. Better caps are meaningless if you can't reach to the battlefield. The lack of Pursuit hurts but Levin is the best candidate for the Pursuit Ring in Gen 1 to begin with, and Levin!Arthur has a 57% chance of activating Adept with Holsety((22+20-5)+20%) so he will be doubling often even without Pursuit. Levin!Sety has a higher Magic cap but he averages 26 MGC at level 30. Levin!Arthur hits 25 MGC on average, which is the MK cap, +1 magic translates as only +2 damage in a double attack. The only reason to use Levin x Fury would be a +5 STR Fee or the fact that is so easy to obtain unlike Levin x Tiltyu. (And maybe for canon reasons if you care about that.)
  7. So, should I deploy a Thief in maps where I need them to steal and open doors? Or bench them and buy a lot of Door/Chest keys and forget about stealing?
  8. People actually think Eldigan is a bad a Camus? I mean, I see people shitting on Xander all the time, but not on Eldigan.
  9. She's already a meme at GameFAQS and Reddit. I personally don't think she's as bad as people make her out to be, but I find GuardNaginata!Oboro/Hinoka better for tanking because they have actual HP. Reliance on an item isn't the best thing, but I'll take the higher HP.
  10. People like F!Corn because she's attractive. That doesn't change her terrible characterization though.
  11. I use Sakura because I like Hybrid Units. I know Sakura!Rhajat is amazing but she can barely land hits because of that shitty skill, so I typically give her Orochi who can somewhat fix her lol10% Skill, her speed takes a pretty big hit though.
  12. Mine is Doors of Destiny, with Uprising in Agustria as a close second. It just... fits the mood of the chapter(I won't say more to avoid spoilers) (Arrange)
  13. Free like the wind.

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