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  1. FE3H Character Popularity Poll Trying to get as many votes as possible for accurate results. I made a poll that includes all the revealed characters of FE3H. Vote for your favorites! Spread the word! If you have any suggestions, tell me! Also, tell me what your guys favorites and least favorites are and why!
  2. what makes him fall off in the end? FE7 enemies get easier as you go along.
  3. I don't mean from your personal experience. Just if he is a good unit or not.
  4. Alright guys. I need your help. I am having a bit of a quarrel with some FE fans on discord on whether Marcus is a good unit or not in FE7. I have tried everything I could to convince them how amazing he is, I've showed them Mangs videos and still nothing. They think its just my opinion and I am in the minority. Can u guys tell me your take on Marcus as a unit? Please spread the word and VOTE! Thanks guys!
  5. ^^. I mean what do you expect, Idun to come after you beat her and thus beating the game?
  6. What I think is that its among the worst games in the franchise. It has my 2nd least favorite cast in FE. I don't like the English VA's. Some stand out but most I don't like. I didn't like pair up or the way weapons worked. Despite me saying all those bad things about it its still FE and I don't mind playing it once in a while.
  7. I can never really tell which is more popular cast wise. I want to say Awakening but I don't know for sure.
  8. OMG, people on Serenes are sooo mean.(thinking out loud) at least some on this thread exclusively.
  9. I applaud you. The way you speak is very (there isn't an OK hand sign so just imagine it here.
  10. Geez. Sorry your getting so much backlash from people.
  11. Well, its not like I knew you that well. But I have seen you on forums and occasionally had short conversations with you. I am so sorry you feel this way and I will definitely miss seeing you post.
  12. Understandable. The peeps I was talking too just said that Lowen can get the job done and will contribute before Sain joins. Now what about CLarine and Cecilia?
  13. What about before Sain joins? Lowen will have all that training to do up until then . His offense then might better than Sain at base.
  14. Wouldn't his bases help him out though? And I think he can still kill stuff in FE7 late game.
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