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  1. So can you get multiple S-ranks but then finalise one at the end? I just S-ranked Catherine without realising what it was, I thought it was her A-rank, yet the other eligible characters have the S by their names still. Normally it'd remove the S or grey it out IIRC.
  2. Do you raise supports with adjudant units? Like pair-up in Awakening does.
  3. These terrible companies knowingly take more preorders than they can fulfil on the basis that some people will cancel. Airlines do the same with seats. Normally it works out but it's still not rare for this kind of thing to happen. There's probably some bullshit smallprint hidden away on their site saying they don't actually guarantee to meet all orders so they don't get sued.
  4. I've been playing it for a few days now - don't worry, I'm not going to mention any spoilers - and I would say that with this one they really went back to the drawing board. I'd say it definitely paid off. Now I know some people like Mekkah couldn't give a crap about the story and characters, that's the impression he gives anyway, but for people like me it'd be such a soulless experience if all there was to it was doing maths and placing little soldiers on the right tile. The series has always tried to characterise the units and contextualise the battles within a greater narrative. Traditionally, I think it's fair to say it was only mildly successful in that regard; the plots were clichéd and basic and so were the characters (9 and 10 might be exceptions, I haven't played them despite really wanting to but they do look very good in those regards). Sure you might like those clichés, I certainly do with many of the characters, but it never felt like it really succeeded fully at that stuff. From what I've played so far, Three Houses really goes all out on this regard. It's not that the characters aren't still based on archetypes (e.g. Bernadetta is a typical NEET, you have your "ara ara" women, your tomboys, your smug and condescending nobles etc). But you spend a lot more time with each character, see them in a far wide variety of situations. Rather than knowing everything about them from about 3 brief support conversations, you see them change as people over a long period of time, usually on at least a weekly basis. The story itself grows more organically and isn't just "battle 1, set scene for battle 2, battle 2, set scene for battle 3, battle 3" and so on. In terms of gameplay, I didn't like how Fates and Awakening had this kind of "swarm" gameplay, where it seems that IS were mindful that slow units are typically wastes of space (see FE4 for a particularly egregious example) so they made many units really fast. This resulted in it being harder to have battle lines and proper formations, you just paired up and weathered the storm of a swarm of enemies that could move around your formation and attack rear units in one turn. Three Houses - so far at least - has slowed it down. You actually get defensive blocks of units that you can position and face off against the enemy like a real battle rather than this mad skirmish where everyone is moving 8 tiles. You have gambits that can knock enemies back a tile, like the shove thing in 9. It leads to a feeling of actually being the general of an army rather than a man in the middle of a drunken fight after a football game. The school stuff changes combat in the sense that you don't end up doing things you wouldn't do in a battle just to grind weapone exp or support ranks. You don't have to be torn between doing the strategically sound thing, and getting this guy to C-rank axes, or getting these to guys to B-rank support. You can still augment their progress but you don't get this odd meta game emerging. It shifts the focus to make the game feel more strategical rather than a kind of pseudo-battle where you're really babysitting units and trying to teach that guy over there to use a lance properly. Sorry for the wall of text, but even this is me holding back. There's a lot to be said about this game. 🙂
  5. First of all soon after the introductory stuff at the school, you can click on any student not in your house and it'll tell you what two things they want you to be good at. Could be something like Str and Riding, or a certain weapon. Exactly how good you need to be in that is lowered by your support rank with them, so it is still a good idea to raise supports with them even though you could be raising supports with people you're actually fighting alongside currently.
  6. Amiibo functionality seems to be that you level up the Amiibo Gazebo which periodically spawns better items based on its level. Scanning a FE character unlocks special things as well; I just used the Lucina one and got new music to use in battle.
  7. I just checked and the only one that was broken was the Mediafire one but I've fixed it now. Were you trying to use the links in Owain's post? Use the ones in my original post about it. Edit: Should all work now, there was something weird with the MEGA links dropping the ":" from "https://" when trying to resolve the link. No idea why that was.
  8. Sorry, try again. It posted it as Rich Text which screwed it all up.
  9. Loads of datamined info and pics here. Links and Info: https://pastebin.com/VY8em7hq Datamined Info: https://pastebin.com/Hbk8RAk3 Dumped support files: https://www.mediafire.com/file/u1qow6m7vjdlria/3h_supports.zip/file S support pics: https://mega.nz/#!JAt2TSJI!aT6rwbTyyutnWjHT1Jvby4grI7XZvO86G0Oh5PodDo4 Portraits: https://mega.nz/#!RVUUBCjC!gn_4FjoeNSKA64eXmchDN4F3NyXC67YCYcBXlDxMAWM Imgur album: https://m.imgur.com/a/XAMme9T Endings: https://pastebin.com/M2TqUPQ2 Supports: https://pastebin.com/iGGYsmdd
  10. Anyone know if training weapons have faster weapon rank gains? Just trying to figure out why you'd use one over an iron weapon as they both require the same rank.
  11. Ah cool, like the Grade Shop in the Tales series. That's good to know.
  12. I like how you can control Byleth on the loading screen. I always like that in games.
  13. At the start when you pick gender. It's a pretty small loop but I can't stop listening to it, it's very atmospheric. By the way, does anyone know what date of birth does?
  14. The game has great music so far. I love what I assume is Sothis' theme.
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