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  1. Okay well, if you want to hammer while I'm asleep, go nuts. Pretty sure this is the consensus and also pretty sure this is correct. Even if we're wrong there's no real point in dragging out this day after Ichigo+Darth claim imo ##Vote: Shinori ^Hammer -3 Shinori>>>>Darth>Weiner>Ichigo>I don't have a clue bc with Claire flipping scum Duskfall should be super clear, Dodgedusks role is too bad for scum to have versus a town with this many claimed PR's and I don't see scum!Fleet not safeguarding nuxl N1 If fsr a townie is lynched before I get back in the thread I'm blocking Darth or whoever hal says I should block instead if Darth claims a PR @Flee Fleet! DO NOT safeguard my roleblock target please
  2. No point anymore bc with fleet causing the blocks on ichigo's actions there isn't necessarily a scum!roleblocker So you being an actual rolecop doesn't mean anything
  3. Also Fleet might be clear for not safeguarding the N1 kill
  4. Oh lol, ignore most of my last post now
  5. Assuming there's no other town!roleblocker (which I am assuming), Ichigo is clear for being blocked by scum Last maf has to be roleblocker, so if it is in fact Shinori, claire mustve had a rolecop and copped me N1, which fits in a world where Shinori has to claim a cop on a dead person. Still think he should just die today, mechanical play might be to have a couple of people not claim and force him to prove his cop on them
  6. Yeah, I'm limited roleblocker, I can only block on nights after we lynch town, which means I didn't block ichigo but can start generating clears from now on.
  7. Relax, you're like my #6 choice for a lynch. You're in the pool of "I'm pretty sure these are town but if for some reason the actual scummy/null people all flip town I have to tinfoil on someone"
  8. I wonder if he prefers being called Marth or dusk the counter :thinking:
  9. I'm with you on those townreads so uh the fact that it's rough find more than 3 suspects probably is a sign we've nailed it down at this point. I think it's such a crapshoot with those 5 you mentioned that it's just weird to call the shots there rn so I'd leave it at Ichigo/Dusk the counter/Dusk 2.0 > Fleet/Darth and move the latter two over the former two based on what the first three do next / possible role fuckery or whatever
  10. Oh I realize you meant your question more like "Where did we go wrong/who's pulling the strings" but actually I'm still down to poe at that point
  11. Would appreciate your thoughts on this too actually :grin:
  12. Yeah no, I'm fine w/ lynching Claire here. If she flips town I spend my effort on taking another look at weiner/dusk fight me hal. I have actually come to sort of townlean weiner (but he's still in a worse place than most of the others) and think we may need to take another look at claire's dusk read more seriously if she flips town. Lynch priority would be like shinori>>>weiner>ichigo>dusk=marth or smth pending a more detailed look at the two I mentioned above
  13. This was my original reason Also I'm pissed about this But I don't actually care if it's Claire bc these are the two people I want to lynch in a row
  14. Same at both dusk and weiner
  15. @SB. Are above votals correct (should there be two votes on weiner?) (Or alternatively @Flee Fleet! does your vote count for two?) If Fleet does in fact count for two keep in mind we're at hammer-2 I prefer Shinori, but I'd consolidate on Claire (or Weiner if I really had to)
  16. Side note, remember when I went after Fleet for his readslist bc it matched my scummeta? I didn't post a single readlist that D1.
  17. Okay, I just factchecked this bc I'm pretty sure this was bullshit and it sort of was. Game is IDNSFMM5 ftr. I just ISO'd myself there and on the D1 Shinori is talking about I didn't comment on 2 of my buddies (Junko/Shinori) and shaded two others (Kirsche/Jaybee), though never put either in my top 3 lynch candidates. One of the latter two was bc he got himself in a thunderdome with Junko and everyone was picking a side there. The bussing in that game got intenser when that thunderdome escalated and Jaybee started sinking. Saying I went out bussing like a madman is a gross misrepresentation of my play there. Shinori plz
  18. On this: I too have townreads in the poe but I have way harder townreads out of it haha Wrt Hal, idk, I guess I can understand people nullreading him (maaaybe a mild scumlean) but Nuxl's metaread on him+my own gut+him being on a good spot on the scumlynch lead to a pretty solid townread on my end. How is he a big scumread for you? Wrt Dusk, the same smogon!metaread+my gut argument sort of hold here, though I'll agree w/ you that some of his behaviour hasn't been great. Fenrir interactions go a long way in clearing his slot for me, not only bc Fenrir was vote #3 on the wagon (aka turned it into an actual contender in my eyes), dusk didn't make a big show out of it which makes me doubt the world where Fenrir gives up and attempts to get dusk towncred out of it bc dusks play doesnt really make sense here.
  19. Darth: I think with his background (No forum mafia, but town of salem) in mind, his behaviour and the way he explains how his approach to this game stems from that fits, and I like his tone. Town. Ichigo: I was going to say I couldn't really explain why I'm townleaning him, but I just ISO'd him and now I really don't know why I have him as not-null. I guess I sort of melded w/ him when he voted Shinori D1 at a point where I was starting to wonder about that as well, but w/ a fenrir-flip maybe I shouldn't be townreading him for starting a wagon elsewhere. There was also this thing Refa mentioned where he didn't think scum!Ichigo would bother angleshooting. Null/mild townlean. Marth: One disappointing post D1. Vote #4 on the scumlynch. One quite good post D2. Townlean atm, will be fluctuating depending on what dodgedusk does. Shinori: Has done pretty much nothing (which is null) Came into thread multiple times claiming he'd read then didn't which is null if you're being generous. Blank vote on me today gave me a scum giving up on even bothering vibe. In a game where I'm townreading a lot of people, he's the person left without any redeeming factors. Not super scummy, but fits in a lot of worlds and after striking away the people I townread and working under assumptions like there are never 2 scum in you/weiner/dusk most of the likeliest teams have him. POE'd scumlean/read
  20. Hihi I'm here And yeah, I was in the other game Fleet played and they were very careful/hesitant there as well (MHA mafia on this site)
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