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  1. I know that I'm probably a little late to this discussion but I feel that the (Character Creation) methods that worked best for the series when it came to all around likeability at least were the 1: Blazing Sword method (Implementation/execution), 2: FE 12 Method (Bane and Boon choices/personality, 3: Awakening method (Cause we shouldn't have to go back to the affinity system).
  2. Happy birthday.

  3. Well as for me I'm writing a FE x Fallout crossover story.
  4. I already have an idea for what I could do for what I could do for a write your but off competition too bad it would end up being a full length novel by the time I was done.
  5. This concept seems really well thought out my only issues with it are that there too many animal bases for transformation and there seems to be some overlap in shapeshifters as result. (Raven and Crow are two words for the same thing). PS I'm not trying to necropost.
  6. I could help with non generic weapons i.e. Legendary/Sacred/Personal.
  7. Hey, I'm Tumer and like Reshriham am new here. I've been a long time player of the Fire Emblem series, but this is my first time here as a member. Anyway I just wanted to introduce myself to everyone.
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