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  1. Wow. That was actually pretty good. Some good inside jokes and not just completely superficial. There were at least some research that was put into them. I guess this means FE is finally mainstream?
  2. I was actually blown away by Awakening's implementation of the children. FE4 did it the "normal" way with the 15 years later thing, but Awakening really made a believable implementation where parents and children can fight a long side each other. Not to mention how it was a vital part of the story, i.e. Lucina, , etc. But yeah, now their just shoehorning and it's kind of disappointing.
  3. The real question is... will they bring back Magvel? :( Maybe Fates is on another continent in the Magvel universe. One can dream.
  4. I'm not digging it either. The relationship between legendary weapon and an iron sword is totally different in this game than in the past ones. It took me a while to get use to just using Yato like any ol' iron sword with reckless abandon. But there was clearly thought put into the new system. Bronze weapons giving +10 dodge, steel weapons giving -3 Speed etc. every weapon is as unique as ever. I'll reserve judgment until I beat at least Conquest.
  5. Is Mozu worth it on Hard/Classic? It's been many chapters of babysitting and the payoff has yet to happen if at all.
  6. Ugh, $9.99. It's just a little steep. I can kinda see buying this if a bunch of people got together and decided to do a concurrent play through with me, other than that, it's just so easy to, um, acquire those games in other ways.
  7. Generally skills that clearly have annoying benefits for the enemy and minuscule effects for your characters, i.e. lunge, counter, life and death, etc. A hypothetical skill that takes this to the extreme would be something like Selfdestruct - Def -5, but deals 35 damage to whoever killed this character. Something that would be a nightmare to deal with but have virtually no effect for the player, in classic anyway. I'm pretty early into Conquest, please don't tell me there is something like this later on...
  8. I eat cereal for breakfast.

  9. I joined this forum a long time ago and the excitement of Fates made me interested in FE again. Hi all!
  10. Happy Birthday, sorry for being late.

    1. sunshinesan


      Late is my middle name.

  11. Not all of these have to be in simultaneously - Main lord with black hair. - Non lord main character, Kinda like Ike -Shoving comes back - Cel-shaded graphics - Set in Magvel, or related to Magvel, similar to how Awakening dealt with Akaneia - Rescue coming back or Pair Up readjusted, i.e. Melee can't dual attack during indirect confrontations and vice versa, movement restricted to who has the lowest move stat, etc.
  12. I just realized Robin also fills a lot of the villain void in Smash Bros. Robin was a good choice indeed.
  13. FE obviously doesn't follow any rules about deserving slots. In fact, it has it's own rules. In Melee, FE deserved 0 slots, and it got 2. Think of it as an investment, you reserve slots for FE and it becomes more popular, thereby retroactively justifying it's slot usage. With 4 slots now taken for FE, I can already just feel the interest in FE growing for a lot of FE virgins. If anything, FE deserves more slots!
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