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  1. Yes, I didn't have the correct version of Usenti so did not have access. Problem solved.
  2. So, as I'm sure anyone who is well versed in Fire Emblem spriting is aware, so far as we know, if you want to make a custom sprite or recolour in the GBA Fire Emblem games it has to include no more than 16 different colours on that one particular sprite. I'm planning to create a ROM hack in the future, likely for FE7, and so far I've been creating battle sprites and very mediocre portrait splices by myself. However, I only found out about Usenti's 16-colour checker about a month ago and I've had to go back through lots of my sprites making sure they all use only 16 colours. It's a massive pain finding out one sprite uses 8 different shades of white that all look exactly the same for no reason in particular. If anyone with a lot of free time would be willing to help me out by reducing some of my sprites to 16 colours it would be most appreciated. Drop me a PM or something.
  3. I've been silently following this for a while now, and I can be silent no more: This looks absolutely phenomenal. The sprites and portraits are amazing and the gameplay elements and changes like Velvet's box, Pair Up and the Dust mechanic are beyond incredible. I am honestly so hyped to play this when it's done, and wish you the absolute best of luck. If there's anything I can do to help with the hack, weapon sprites, battle sprites, story proofreading, anything, please let me know because I'd love to help.
  4. Does anyone European have a Forrest with Dragon Ward?
  5. Ayr

    Hey there, I'm new!

    Thank you very much! I'll take them into account.
  6. Ayr

    Hey there, I'm new!

    Thank you for the recommendations!
  7. Ayr

    Hey there, I'm new!

    It's nice to know there's a Smash community here...I'll check it out. Binding Blade and Path of Radiance are definitely on my list, though I'm sad to hear you don't recommend Revelations: I personally really liked it. then again, maybe people don't like Revelations and the other Fates games as much because the stories in other FE games are much better...
  8. Ayr

    Hey there, I'm new!

    Thank you! Since I've already played all the fates games and awakening, i was thinking going more classic by playing FE6, as I've seen many people recommending it. Which games would you suggest?
  9. Hello everyone, the name's AlphaReshiram! i'm kinda new to Serene's Forest...by which I mean I made an account today...so I thought I'd make a post to just say a little about myself! First of all, whilst I'm a massive Pokémon and Smash Bros fan, I only recently got into Fire Emblem, mostly thanks to my curiosity about it with Marth, Roy and Ike in Smash, and then Awakening's release. Fates really grabbed my attention, and now I want to play a lot more Fire Emblem games and learn more about them as a whole! This might sound corny, but I also hope to make a few friends whilst I'm here. You never know who you'll get along with after all. Anyway, that's all from me. Hello, I guess. Fates Castle Address: 11528-44513-25985-49199
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