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  1. ....Very impressive to say the least. Any idea on when the engine will be released?
  2. I would have to say Joshua or Owain (assuming he has a good dad). Joshua is just... Soooo good, and Owain is rather useful, or at least I think so. I haven't finished FE10 or even played FE9, but from the amount I've used him, Zihark seems pretty good too.
  3. This is a pretty awesome concept, being a big Awakening fan, but also someone whose experienced the beauty of GBA and ROMHacks. Ireally look forard to it, and I hope you do well.
  4. Ah alright. Thank you for the clarification. Phew.
  5. Hey, I just got this hack today and so far it was rather phenomenal. I just have one question. Is this hack still in active development? I would hate to see it go to waste. It is pretty amazing so far.
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