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  1. Yeah. Since he now can theoretically go Monk-> Onmoyi, he learns the Monk skills as an Onmoyi as well. If two characters give each other different base classes and those classes share the same promotion class, then they learn the additional base class skills.
  2. You can deploy 16 units in the final chapters. Since you deploy less in the mid game and the final chapters are good moments to recruit and use staff bots, I say at least 10 units and some of their kids. If you unlock many children chapters, you have more opportunities to get EXP and can have more units on a hig level. This is especially the case with the chapters of Kana, Dwyer, Shigure, Sophie and Midori.
  3. Felicia isn't even that great with the flame shuriken, because she has trouble doubling and 2HKOing stuff. Jakob can take a hit and he is better with the normal shurikens and the hunting knife. His lower amount of healing isn't an issue as well.
  4. Unlike chapter 26 the Endgame throws so much staff users at you that it is difficult to beat the map without using staves as well. It is basically cheese vs cheese. Maybe one can build a team that doesn't depend on staves, but that requires too much planning in my book. If I got through a whole Fire Emblem game without staves then I expect to beat the final chapter without staves just fine. In the end, I think they failed at the final map in Conquest. I get that they want to give us a challenge, but they overdid it and made it a frustrating experience for those who managed to go through the rest of the game, only to be forced to use they staves. I found chapter 26 much more interesting and challenging. To be honest, I don't think the final chapters should even be the hardest one in the game.
  5. Benny needs Wary Fighter. If you really want the Great Knight, you could Change Benny to it after he got Wary Fighter. Do children learn the base class skills when they change in a class that has two base classes? E.g. I change Charlotte-Soleil to Hero. Does she learn Hp+5 and Gamble? Or Selena-Nina: Does she learn Good Fortune and Strong Riposte when she is promotes to Bow Knight? Or does she learn it when she first promotes to Adventurer and then to Bow Knight? Or is Effie-Siegbert able to learn the Knight skills when he goes Great Knight?
  6. I can't figure out the childs base stats, beause I don't know what "N" stands for. Can someone explain it, please?
  7. I guess Reina was supposed to support with every male + Orochi but they had to time/resources for that.
  8. Just recruited him and I was pissed, because he was supposed to inherit Death Blow (should work with Killing Edge and Mjölnir) but his father learned Axefaire in the middle of the chapter. But I guess that nothing of value is lost. What the others said. Kana inherits no Yato, no Boon, not the second class of Corrin and his base growths are average if not worse than Corrins (even with Benny as a father he has only 40% def growth, which is average but not high). For example, you can give Corrin a boon in magic and he will have high magic and his other stats are average (his defence is solid). You can't do that with Kana, because parents with high magic will hurt his other stats, especially defense.
  9. How about Nichols? He is the boss in Sophies chapter. His stats are at the very least: Maligknight level 5 HP 36 Str. 20+2 Mag. 13 Skl. 16 Spd. 17 Lck. 11 Def. 18 Res. 15 Weaponrangs: A axe, B book Skills: Strength +2, Lunge
  10. The problem is defining balance. It's not a thing in Fire Emblem. FE4 isn't really about balance, but Claude and Briggid are usable but certainly not overpowered. FE5 has some strong prepromotes and some weak ones. I guess Amalda would be in the middle. She has her niches on player phase, but get's killed pretty fast on enemy phase. FE6 Marcus is one of the better balanced Jeigans imo. He is not that overwhelming in the western islands and falls behind after that. FE7 Isadora may be inferiour to the other paladins in HP and def, but she can be quite useful in 23x. She does need some resources, though. Hawkeye and Vaida are bulky, but they can't double the more dangerously enemies. Then again, I may be overestimating the enemies stats in this game. FE8: Saleh is Pent done right, if you want balance. FE9: Calill is usable. Then again, bonus exp makes almost everyon good. FE10: Many characters in this game are good in they starting chapter, but they get outclassed quickly. Then there is the problem with the availaility. And second tier may not even count as a prepromote in this game. FE11: Etzel is one of the prepromotes that has it's uses without joining you so soon as Jeigan and Wendel. This game isn't about stats though. FE12: Sirius is a great unit, but needs attention from the start. Same goes to Minerva. Jeorge works as well even on lunatic, just because of A bows. Katarina can work as Gharnef killer as well, if you train her. Conquest: Maybe Xander. He can't really become overpowered because of his speed and may get doubled and screwed by mages because of it. He has trouble OHKOing everything as well, but on the other hand, he is a live saver in the mid game and tanking is pretty important, if you are not skipping the maps through flying and rescue.
  11. Should we tell thim about the two optional Songs that manipulate time? Or ist the 3DS Remake actually fair enough to tell the player about it? I know that one NPC tells you about it, but it is easy to miss and improves the game heavily.
  12. Yeah. Your units have high growth and get much exp, but because of the cap of the stats, you can't overwhelm the enemy units, who are quite high on numbers and have forged weapons. Conquest is really strict about this because it forbids you to over-level. Doesn't solve all matters, but it is an effective and brute approach that works in some ways.
  13. I paired her up with Benny to get General and a defensive support partner. She has potentially amazing defense, but because of her bad speed she really wants that level 5 General skill.
  14. Can't blame you. The end game throws many threats at you that come from nowwhere, even if you played Hard. Unless you plan ahead your units, they classes and skills, you won't be prepared for the specific threats. You can only survive with staff cheese or DLC/Bonus Content then. Lunatic in Awakening, 12 or Maniac in 10 and 9 are at least constistent and you are less likely to screw up, while still being challenged (especially in FE12). Then again, I'm not a fan on the gameplay in Conquest at all and have many issues with it.
  15. Unless you have a frail Corrin, he shouldn't onehit you. If you deal 34 damage with the first strike, Vengeance only gives 17 points of extra attack. The trickier part is actually ORKOing him, since he has Dragonskin. You need like 70 Atk to ORKO him without Dragon Fang, which can be tough to get. My Corrins aren't that strong and I have to rely on a Dragon Fang.
  16. You can still pull off the 1-Turn with one use of Rescue, but Corrin needs a lot of movement to reach Takumi. If a Wyvernlord like Gunter or Camilla has the boots and are getting another point of movement from Corrin (Great Knight), they may make it. What you basically do is go as close as you can get on turn 1 without getting in reach of the enemies. On turn 2, entrap one of the Generals to clear a path and rescue a mounted unit that is paired up with Azura. Corrin/his rider should get to Takumi with the help of Azura. You could even use Lunge on the other General to get even closer. Or you get your units near Takumi just a little bit without getting Corrin debuffed. The possibility of reaching Takumi in one turn is even easier then. And if you truly want to beat this chapte without rescue cheese, you may cheese with other staves like Freeze.
  17. Since it is the first two turns, you can gamble in the first room with the heroes a bit and rely on crits. If you have Freeze and 2-4 Staff-Users, you can ignore some of them as well. The mage room should be doable, if you have one decent mage killer, as others stated. Or you try to rush the room and have some freeze staves as well. For the room with Hans: Entrap Hans, kill/entrap/lunge one of the Generals to have a free path to Iago. Then open the door to Iagos room (may require Azura). Then use rescue two times so that a Boss killer and a unit to seize can reach their destination. Azura could even dance twice, but it is a bit more complicated. I always save Rescue and Entrap for this chapter and the end game, because those are really tough.
  18. Which skill is the best against Garon and Takumi in the last chapters of Conquest?
  19. Kaze and Benny get only one class as well. Oh well, there is still the Partner Seal.
  20. I'm going to play TearRin Saga for the first time. Which one of the two translation patches do you recommend? Is this one too incomplete or is it already superiour to the old one?
  21. Currently at chapter 14. Since Master Seals are limited, I think about getting some of the children a little later. At which chapter do the children get an Offspring Seal?
  22. Totally forgot about Mozu! She seems like a good choice for non-magical Niles/Nina. It's almost troll-like that Niles gets Diviner and Nyx gets Archer when you marry them instead of vice-versa (and Nina wouldn't get Archer either). Or I don't get how Parallel Classes work. I can ditch Nyx and have Jakob x Azura for two tomebreaker Kids that can go Strategist or Falconknight. Odin still has Elise.
  23. Dwyer wouldn't get Dark Mage that way. And yeah, Felicia would be too late. Currently thinking about some possibilities, but I don't know how class sets get inherited. Odin x Elise: Can Ophelia switch into Malig Knight? Niles x Azura: Can Shigure switch into Cavalier? Edit: My bad. Thought of Jakob x Azura. and Jakob x Nyx would be left.
  24. Conquest: After my first lunatic run, I decided to have another playthrough on Hard. This time I want to play with many children and as soon as possible, since I only recuited them in the endgame in my other runs. So I use the first 10 units and their seven kids, which I all should get after chapter 14 or 15. I'm already settled on Avatar/Silas (Samurai allows even more physical sword classes), Arthur/Effie (really generic, but it works so smooth) and Niles/Azura (Kinshi-Knights ftw) I can't decide what to do with the mages. Jakob x Elise is sooner and Dwyer may want Elises superior magic growth. But they only have the Trobadour class set and no dark mage. Odin and Nyx have the same problem, they and Ophelia are locked in the Dark mage class set. So... Jakob x Elise and Odin/Nyx or Jakob/Nyx and Odin/Elise Or some other option that involves Niles and Azura?
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