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  1. Hey there, I've been following this project since Mekkah uploaded his video asking for help to extend the ROM or whatever, and lurking around ever since to see how things were going. And seeing how this thread exploded I just wanted to leave my gratitude and some positivity. I think you guys did an amazing job, and I for one think that the "liberties" you took were absolutely justified. So far, in my play-through (Chapter 4), I like the translation very much, and I don't think that will change while I play through this game. I have one question: You said something about changing the menu font in a later version. Is there any rough ETA on that, yet? Anyway, you guys did something amazing for the whole FE Community, and I hope the very vocal haters won't make you forget that any time soon. Thank you and your entire team very much for this translation, I can't stress it enough!
  2. In Chapter 4 on turn 2, you should mention when to recruit Dorcas, or maybe you deleted that part on accident. Just thought of telling you, just in case anyone still plays along with this guide: - Recruit Dorcas, move Dorcas below Lyn, then proceed as already mentioned. Anyways, great guide!
  3. Jules


    Hi, First of all I'd like to say this is a wonderful tool. I'd like to know if it's possible to rename AI's, for example if I were to make a custom AI and want to rename it, to remember what it does. When I use the extend list button, the newly created ones are called something like "Additional AI: xx". Is there any way to rename them?
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