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  1. *Looks at avatar*

    What the hell man?

  2. My question is...Is the guy all poison like crocodile and ace? Or is he like Mr 3? That could determine how tough the fight'll be.

  3. I see. So what've you been up to lately?

  4. What's up? Been a while.

  5. So you're back huh?

  6. Hibari

    Maybe. We'll see.

  7. Hibari

    You seem like the type who's impossible to hate. Ah well, you may as well do some drawings before you sleep, if don't have to do anything tomorrow.

  8. Hibari

    Well lucky you.

  9. Hibari

    Cramming. You?

  10. About to head to class.

  11. I can imagine. So what're you up to?

  12. So I guess you have a strategy now.

  13. Who knows...

    Maybe Zero will laugh into submission.

  14. No complaints.

    ...Wow...so Zeph really said it huh?

  15. Hey. What's up Princess?

  16. Hibari

    Same. Especially since I already took two tests back to back and if I get an other mental stimulation that doesn't involve flashing lights or music my brain will jump out of my window.

  17. Hibari

    Studying and a paper.

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