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    I like to pretend I'm making insightful, socio-political commentary
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  1. Happy Birthday. I hope you're well and wish you luck with what you do.

  2. Happy birthday! Though idk if you're even gonna be back.

  3. Raven

    BIANCHI. Welcome to club 25. It's all downhill from here, I'm afraid. But enjoy it regardless.

  4. Happy birthday Miss Wingdings!

  5. happy birthday. now rise from your grave.

  6. Happy Birthday Lissa!!!

  7. Happy Birthday. You need to stop disappearing.

  8. Raven

    'Ey Bianchi, it's your birthday today. Happy Birthday Bianchi.

  9. Aleph

    bianchi will you be my friend

  10. Any people you want to be enemies with? I have a few enemies here. Tangy Citrical Fruit, Fiesty Vixen of Desire, Periwinkle Tulip Princess, and Dangerous Horsey Lady are my enemies I declare war with. To make someone your enemy you should do something heinous, like killing their family, causing their misfortune, or kick their puppy. That will help you make enemies with anyone you want. Then you can start the plotting. How will you destroy your enemy before they destroy you? You can hire henchmen to do your dirty deeds if you don't want to get your hands dirty, but maybe you want to make sure the job gets done properly. Then once your enemy is vanquished, you are victorious! You are a full fledged villain! Come to the dark side or something.
  11. Oh hallo freohr! :D I am a lurkin for you! I like everyone mostly, except freohr she's my nemesis because I always misspell her name
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