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  1. hehe thank you all for the birthday wishes! ♥ ok yeah I gathered it must have been a new chat thread but man it sure says something that it's been going on for two whole years and I'd never noticed it which means it really has been a while but anyway, hello all!
  2. whoa wait what what is this thread??? but, um... also, thank you!! I'm a little late!
  3. I'm distracted by all the text, is this thread about missing hikarusa?
  4. oh, wb blazer o/ unless you had just wanted to post the apology to get it off your chest, then just a hello! o/
  5. starbursts! (alternatively, lychee+strawberry superfrucht)
  6. Yup, sometimes posters are just enough for some people I feel like I remember hearing that your body's testosterone levels generally made you more visually inclined in terms of lust (but possibly also translating into what drives you), maybe it means their testosterone levels are huge.......
  7. I've only ever played single player mahjong so idk how competitive mahjong changes how things work \o/
  8. (also for clarity we've already been living here, just the house was owned by their parents and now they've sold it to us because they're moving out the end of august)
  9. I also wanna know if they are supposed to be playable or not because the first dude that came to mind is Levail out of the playable characters I'm unsure who's considered obscure or not maybe Bastian is considered obscure?
  10. whatever chloe ting plays for me (otherwise typically just kpop)
  11. I feel like it should be clarified I was 14 when I joined and now I'm 27 I think a significant portion of the older people here were like me and were into this series years ago and are still into it now 😛 (though I'll admit I was getting bored and was on the verge of dropping interest in FE until FETH dropped)
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