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    Please do not PM me about modding stuff. I'm no longer part of the community and am not interested in discussing stuff related to it. Also, I can't give permission to use X thing of mine in Y thing or anything like that. Thank you for your understanding.
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  1. Hello Many, many years ago a hack was made, it ended up being called The Last Promise. A spriter named Ragnarok worked on it, I only have good memories of him, he was nice, did great work, and I'd really like to talk to him. He might've also gone by "Rag"? it's been eons and my memory's not good so I can't really remember 😞 Unfortunately, I don't know how to contact them, because I used to do so via YouTube and don't remember any other way to contact them. I tried searching the members here, but none of them gave any suggestion to me that they were him. He could've changed names, no idea. Ragnarok, if you see this, please contact me! And if anyone knows how to contact him, please tell me. It's been years and it's bothered me for quite a long time that I don't know of any way to reach him now. Thank you.
  2. Just saw this post, gotta laugh at all the literal slander and misinformation in this thread. people just make up whatever stories they want these days, huh... "I'd like to know more about how this hack got its reputation, and also what that reputation exactly is. It gets a lot of trash for bad writing but I've heard a lot of people like it or have respect for it." Sadly, the easiest example would probably be to liken it to Fates, though not as extreme, lol. To most people, it had likeable elements, but they were very subjective. So while most people either ignored it or appreciated it for the free mod it was, others were upset that it was popular since it was arguably rather bad (bad writing, bad gameplay, questionable music, and tons of other things you could critique, just like any game), and people's self-determined sense of righteousness activate when a "bad" thing becomes popular (e.g. SAO as an anime example), so there was a loud/vocal minority that disliked the game in an attempt to "balance out" what ppl felt was undeserved attention/praise. Of course, it's not a secret TLP was only popular because of its timing (being a heavily customized FE romhack before Awakening), but these vocal people enjoyed making fun of the game and its creator under various pretenses regardless, which is just how it goes, so it is what it is. 😃 Another minority of people actually gave helpful, constructive criticisms while understanding that TLP was a free fan mod/hobby and that the creator didn't even want to work on it anymore (and had no obligation to), but entitled people didn't feel the same, and... well, I'll leave it there I guess, since my interpretation of it is biased in its own way. Funny thing is that clearly from this thread some people still aren't over it, lol. Not even going to bother correcting stuff since people believe what they want anyway
  3. "transgressions", lol. that makes it sound way more serious than it is imo, haha. Also, I myself can't remember, but one of the many things I've learned in life is that just because you don't remember hurting or offending someone doesn't mean they don't remember, so that's kind of how I see this. I would guess the worst I've done is call someone some names though, even when I was a kid I wasn't really the type to conflict with anyone unless I thought they were being toxic somehow, though that's of course subjective and two wrongs don't make a right, so lol yeah I'm alive, life moves on. I just haven't had much reason to hang around here or such anymore. still don't have a reason to, but I'm a weird person and felt like making this post for whatever reason... call it a final bit of closure to my time in the FE community. maybe next time I don't show up for 5 years, or maybe there is no next time and I never show up again. who knows~
  4. Hi there, First, an introduction since I figure most people these days probably don't know me: I'm an old/former FE community member who was probably best known as "Blazer", for reference, here are just some of the things I did while part of the community: - I owned one of the biggest English-speaking communities at a point (now extremely small, which is pretty much how I prefer it anyway) - I made a free "forum hack" (the characters/story/other stuff was decided by members of the community) with a very complicated/troubled history, it was eventually called "The Last Promise" and has had hundreds of thousands of downloads/plays and all the attention and hate that one would expect with something that was more popular than its quality deserved. It got attention because it was basically the first big "full-custom" FE mod, and got hate because a lot of assumptions about the hack combined with people being upset that it was well-liked despite not being that good, much like Sword Art Online lol. But I would guess the internet got bored by now and stopped being antagonistic about it, though I'm not actually sure as I left the community a while ago. - I started and helped with the FE12 translation project many years ago - I along with various others contributed a lot of finds and other things to the FE modding community that helped get it to... wherever it is now, I guess In the end though I am just an old nobody now, but hopefully that gives some context as to this next thing: I'd like to apologize for anything I may have said that was seen as immature, improper, or otherwise somehow offensive while interacting with other members of the community. I've never been good at explaining my thought process on things, which tends to be rather nuanced and individualistic—i.e. I don't really see things as black and white like many people do, nor am I a fan of "taking sides"—and so it's led to a number of misunderstandings in the past, which aren't really a great thing to have. But also, back when I was a member of the community I was basically like a young teenager (I think I was like 14 or something when I made the mod known as "TLP") so in general I wasn't very mature and didn't know how to effectively deal with people harassing or trolling me, as they often did. While I can't actually think of any specific instances where I said or did anything particularly "wrong" (and "wrong" is subjective anyway), it's likely that I did, either through my own immaturity or being baited into it, or could have handled certain situations better, so I'm just throwing out this apology in case I have. I hope that if anyone I've wronged sees this, they find it in themselves to forgive me for any past offenses, or at least acknowledge that over the many years since I left the FE community, I have been striving to (and sometimes basically forced to) improve myself through the various experiences that life has granted me. Also, I'd like to clarify that I'm not naïve enough to think that I've reached some pinnacle of maturity or enlightenment and am now a 100% socially proper adult who never says or does anything wrong. A lot of people act like this and it annoys me—I'm not really a fan of looking down on other people, and anyone who actually knows me (though almost definitely no one here) would know my community was literally formed around being open, welcoming, and kind to others—so I think it's important to distinguish that my growth as a person is a constant, non-stop journey to broaden my perspective, improve my ability to communicate with people, and become a more empathetic and "balanced" person. To me, that means not clinging to opinions so much that I become toxic when conveying them, controlling my emotions, trying to treat people with respect even if I don't understand them, and not thinking (or acting like) I am just a better person than everyone else. Lastly, I was not asked or forced to give this apology. It's pretty much just me doing some self-reflection and is perhaps nothing more than self-satisfaction, to know that I at least tried to apologize for my previous behavior, even if I could theoretically excuse it by saying "I was just a kid!" or "other people were rude/immature to me first!"—I'd rather be the metaphorical "bigger person" and apologize myself, as it's nothing lost on my end. I'm not a proud person—I've actually had extremely low self-esteem my entire life (and still do)—so it doesn't really "hurt" me to admit I had and still have faults. I'm only human, so that's just how I am. In line with that, I also don't expect anyone to apologize back. The past is in the past, and this post isn't even really necessary—as said, I can't think of any actual incidents where I caused some problem—but I interacted with a lot of people over the years, and definitely got frustrated a couple of times, so in the very unlikely case someone is holding a grudge over things from like 8-14 years ago, know that I'm sorry for that. Thanks and take care, "Blazer" P.S.: Please don't reply/PM me about random hacking stuff (not just TLP but any of my other mods or things I did), as I'm unfortunately rather busy and not really interested in discussing it at this time, which is why I changed my name to something weird and random—I'm just really not a fan of attention these days, life is too busy.
  5. PLEASE DO NOT PM ME ABOUT MODDING STUFF. Simply put, I'm not interested. I pretty much stopped that stuff ages ago, and I'm really tired of people asking me about it, I'm busy. Also, I can't give permission to use X thing of some mod I worked on or such in Y thing of yours or anything like that. Please don't ask, it's been years since I left the community and is a bit frustrating to still have people take my time up asking me about stuff even though I've tried to hide my account and set my "Interests" to a message that said not to ask me about stuff.

    Sorry but people don't seem to get it when I try to say it nicely so I'm being a bit more blunt about it, thank you for your understanding.
  6. yup, and I think they did carry the game along, thus why I was fine with it. IMO it just comes down to expectations/understanding what the vision of the creator is (i.e. if you're not trying to create some kind of epic masterpiece of a story then I probably shouldn't judge it like you did) I think this would be solvable by having the hint conversations happen before the turn they appear and/or making it a little more obvious where they might appear. Having it so they need to take a turn before they can have any impact on the battle (positioning-wise) also helps. For instance, the warp-in reinforcements just sort of plopped right into the battlefield so those were a bit frustrating because the right units weren't always there to handle them. Likewise, in the chapter where bandits spawn, my units were stuck in the thickets or w/e fighting them and I couldn't really retreat or anything before the sudden wyvern reinforcements came down, so I regretted sending in sword-users there, but the Paladins in the map against Vagnius (sp) spawned at a point where I had a turn or two before they actually fought me, and so I didn't feel like I was immediately being pressured by the unexpected, so that was fine. In the end it's your game though and I was playing on the default difficulty (Hard, I believe) so I managed despite the surprises, haha. Mhm, I get this and I think that knowing I couldn't turtle did help the game by not letting me circumvent the challenge through defensive play, but since unexpected things can happen to the player, I'd just (hypothetically, I know you're not really actively working on this much anymore) have a slightly larger gap (even just 1 turn more) between the final non-void curse reinforcements and the void curse reinforcements, at least in a couple of maps where it felt like I was dealing with both at the same time. (I guess I might've just been playing badly myself, but I'd liiiike to think I'm pretty decent, haha) Anyway, thanks again, was fun playing and chatting both.
  7. Main Crash 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'update_tile' Traceback (most recent call last): File "main.py", line 117, in <module> File "main.py", line 45, in main File "main.py", line 63, in run File "Code\StateMachine.py", line 201, in update update_output = self.state[-1].update(gameStateObj, metaDataObj) File "Code\Transitions.py", line 291, in update self.continue_suspend(gameStateObj, metaDataObj) File "Code\Transitions.py", line 298, in continue_suspend SaveLoad.loadGame(gameStateObj, metaDataObj, suspend) File "Code\SaveLoad.py", line 700, in loadGame gameStateObj.load(to_save) File "Code\GameStateObj.py", line 150, in load self.map.replay_commands(map_info['command_list'], self.game_constants['level']) File "Code\TileObject.py", line 354, in replay_commands self.mass_replace_tile(line) File "Code\TileObject.py", line 523, in mass_replace_tile width, height = self.area_replace(coord, image_fp, grid_manager) File "Code\TileObject.py", line 95, in area_replace self.update_grid_manager(coord, width, height, grid_manager) File "Code\TileObject.py", line 102, in update_grid_manager grid_manager.update_tile(self.tiles[(x, y)]) AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'update_tile' === === === === === === Damn. Another bug :( Quick! Copy this error log and send it to rainlash! Or send the file "Saves/debug.log.1" to rainlash! Thank you! === === === === === === The game cursor glitched by going down automatically. This happened before and I fix it by suspending the game, moving the cursor in the menu, and then continuing. Doing so caused the game to crash. With the game seemingly randomly crashing at other points (such as at around turn 19 or 20 on chapter 9 when some reinforcements were spawning and when using the master axe as mentioned above) I've noticed continuing sometimes just crashes in general, and now I'm literally unable to start the chapter. can't figure out why so for now I thought I'd post this... EDIT: Restarted the chapter and just finished it since I had a feeling I was close to the ending. Turns out I was right lol. Though you didn't ask for them and are free to ignore them, I felt like writing my thoughts out and figure someone might be curious for a little more insight on what to expect from the game, so here are some of my thoughts on its different elements: Gameplay: (Potential gameplay spoiler warning for those who haven't beaten the game yet) I thought it was mostly good, my main issue is that reinforcements are not hinted at, both in terms of location and time spawning, and it's really annoying to just have them pop up on you without warning. The changes to certain core elements of the "Fire Emblem" experience, such as not being able to shoot magic and bows through walls, the reworking of bows to make them really feel like competent sniping tools/great for the player phase, skills that are predictable and not luck-based, etc., were great IMO, and I quite enjoyed the challenge of the game (besides the reinforcements... that felt like artificial difficulty). Overall it was pretty fun to play or I probably wouldn't have finished it, so yeah. The chapters sure were long though T_T Story: It served its purpose decently enough and I didn't particularly like or dislike it... though some grammatical mistakes kind of irked me because I have a lame, over-attentive personality, lol. But I can't really fault the story overall, not like I paid money for some epic adventure written by a team of professional writers, haha. Music: Wasn't really my preference of music, it felt mostly slow and atmospheric, but it was alright and did its job IMO. The awkward looping and lack of battle themes were a little meh, but I'm guessing the latter is because animations were added after the initial version. Also, the battle preps theme was super lame lol. Graphics: Just like the story/music, I felt like the custom sprites and such served their purpose and that was about all I expected from a fangame, so yeah. Not particularly good but nothing terrible either, IMO. Was neat seeing a certain new bow animation. Miscellaneous: The engine sometimes crashed/bugged on me as mentioned and I found that when pressing the "select" button ("Z" on my setup) and then immediately moving, it would sometimes move the cursor first and then "select" the new tile it moved to (i.e. either select the unit on it or open up the menu), which was a little annoying (I wanted it to select the unit and immediately start moving it within its movement range), but I think I just trained myself to press on my keyboard slower and mostly got over it, lol. FWIW, changing the options didn't seem to help it, seems like a weird input buffer issue, but I dunno. That aside, it's pretty good for a fan-game made by one person so I don't really feel like nitpicking any of the other small polish things since it'd feel kind of ungrateful and none of it really hurts the experience that much. Overall: Gotta just give props overall, there was clearly a ton of effort put into it and I'm glad I chanced upon this and played it, was my first FE fangame in a while and it genuinely felt really fun and rewarding at times to learn and make use of the various changes to the FE formula. And I just sort of see it for what it is, a fan game made by one person that honestly feels somewhat like an "example work" of what the engine can do, and I think in that sense it succeeds and so that's why despite some frustrating moments and some things I wish were a little more polished, I enjoyed it overall and think it could be fun for some hardcore FE fans that wanna scratch that itch for a challenging/unique FE experience and have reasonable expectations for a one-man fan-project. Anyway, thanks for making this and sharing it with us, and best of luck with your future endeavors. =)
  8. ahh, dang, well. good luck finishing it. I'll look forward to playing it if it does =)
  9. One very important question: Is it finished? (If not polish-wise then at least like, is there a final boss/final chapter and such or does the game just sort of end mid-way)
  10. LOL @ the name good luck yo
  11. Assuming it's finished by the time you get to it, haha I disagree on the balance element of those games (namely Ao) but, to each their own opinion. I guess it's better than Sen III, at least As for Crossbell not getting love... well, that's what happens when they aren't officially in English, lol. (Most people aren't so into legally shady and typically unpolished methods of playing them, and I can't blame them. The alternative of learning Japanese and importing them is quite a pain...) Anyway, good luck on your playthroughs
  12. oooh, the rare Trails fan does "all the games" include the Crossbell and unlocalized Erebonian games? just curious
  13. This seems really cool, a little disappointed I've only just heard of it, haha. Seems like you did some great work and it's even open-source, I'm kind of impressed lol. I'm curious about your next project, anywhere I can follow you for updates on that when you're ready to reveal it?
  14. It's not like they have 60 unique frames per second Skeletal animation isn't really the best for fighting games or fighting-esque games but it's possible if there's enough time and care put into it (not FEH-esque basic animation) and as for 3D animation, it's easier in some ways sure but 2D is also easier in some ways, it really depends on the project's wants/needs anyway, a little kid once made a crappy little collection of FE characters for Mugen, but it was just that. crappy (awful by modern non-fan-work standards) and it used the GBAFE pixel art (with some edits), an actual fighting game with full sprites (like with BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle or such) would be cool but given that it'd almost definitely focus on just Marth and Awakening/Fates characters ala Warriors if it was made or supervised by IS, I'm personally not too excited by the idea (that's just me though, I like to see variety in my games, I'd be upset if it were all FE8 characters, all sword-users, etc. too)
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